Bass vs Eru Iluvatar

When your two biggest abilities are love and omnipotence on your official wiki page…you know that things are getting a little dicey. Bass is much faster than Eru could ever hope to be and his Darkness Overload is the kind of energy blast that Eru simply can’t counter. Bass’ fighting experience cannot be replaced so easily and his attacks all deal massive damage. Eru may have great knowledge and wisdom, but knowing what Bass is going to do is not going to help Eru prevent those actions. Bass wins.

41 thoughts on “Bass vs Eru Iluvatar

      • Right, but omnipotence really doesn’t help in a fight. He’s everywhere, but he can still be punched out of the area by Bass.

      • A powerful enough nuke ‘s aftershock effects can shake the whole world in an earthquake yet the planet is barely being scratched isn’t it? Same thing with Bass.

      • Right, but that’s aftershock effects, Bass is shaking the planet merely by standing up and focusing. Imagine how much damage a focused energy blast or a simple punch would do to the planet. It wouldn’t live through such an event.

      • Sorry but Bass’s energy attacks have not been shown to destroy planets let alone continents so that counts more than a simple power-up. Bass loses.

      • Ever heard of Tom Bombadil from LOTR? This guy is omnipotent in his land and region. Basically the ring of Sauron did not affect him despite having corrupted tje nine kings of men and many other people, and he could make the ring VANISH and make it re-appear again.Swords, axes and explosives could not destroy the ring but Tom was like “Cool trinket” and poof the ring vanished from existence. Eru could do the same to Bass.

      • Can’t say I’m familiar with him, but it’s good to hear that someone finally resisted the ring. It was always pretty annoying to see Frodo and Bilbo fall for it so easily. Tom did good, but he couldn’t do that to Bass and likewise for Eru. Bass is a sentient being so his will to live is strong enough to not only ensure his safety, but to ensure his survival. It’s why Bass won’t/can’t lose to the average foe or to anyone. He can’t be dematerialized just like that.

      • The ring of Sauron is also sentient hence why its always corrupting and trying to trick its wielder into returning it back to its own master. Besides the sheer sight of Tom’s beard would kill Bass :3. Now add Eru’s omnipotent beard and Bass is deader than dead.

      • Beards should definitely be feared so I definitely wouldn’t deny that..this time. That being said, he’ll need more than that if he really wants to take down Bass. Bass has the Get Ability after all so maybe he would grow a beard of his own..maybe.

    • Yes, but intentions don’t equal reality. God is real so he can never be equaled and fictional characters who try to be his equal cannot match him. Eru is tough, but he is a little too meta physical to defeat Bass.

      • Durability: Eru is incapable of being harmed by the Valar or other beings. Eru takes this.
        Knowledge: Eru obviously
        Power: Eru shaped the world, created it, created the universe and only used a tiny bit of his power to sink a continent. Bass struggles to destroy a city in a second.
        Speed: Eru takes it with omnipresence.
        Overall winner: Eru Iluvatar
        DEAL WITH IT.

      • Bass could still damage Eru. Eru may be smarter than Bass, but it won’t be enough to give him the edge. I will admit that Eru is formidable, but Bass just speedblitzes him for a few hours. Omnipresence isn’t a true feat.

      • Bass would get vaporised by Eru Iluvatar upon will. Eru made beings like the Valar and Melkor just by thinking about it. Eru wants Bass dead, Bass gets vaporised on the spot with no attack. SIMPLE.

      • Thought KOs don’t work on Bass. Did I not mention that he is basically invincible and completely indestructible as well as being the fastest fighter ever? Eru is simply outmatched here.

      • ………..What…I don’t even…..That amount of lying, bullsh*t and wankery….What…..Yep Bass is invincible, precisely why Megaman was able to defeat an ‘invincible being’ making it, NON-invincible.

      • I still don’t think Bass can even find Eru in the first place and Bass has shown nothing on even continental level.

      • Shaking a planet by powering up means jack sh*t when you haven’t even shown proof of being able to destroy it.

  1. I think Eru should be banned from the blog. He has been confirmed as omnipotent by Tolkien, his fans, and Google. Comic vine did the same thing by banning all omnipotent characters from fight discussions.

    I’m just say’n.

    • Just, if I banned Eru from the blog, I’d have to do the same to Bass as well since he’s even more powerful. I think it’s fine to have Eru in since there will always be a character who’s a cut above the rest. The others can and have been surpassed in the past so at least they have limitations

      • But Eru is irrefutably Omnipotent.
        His power knows no bounds as he is a reflection of God. Omnipotence means you are, by definition, limitless. Unlike other characters like MOM, the Beyonder, and the Presence, Eru’s power is not limited in anyway. However, like God, he chooses to strengthen his children by letting them face their own problems.

      • Remember, being omnipotent isn’t all that great though. We still need combat feats. It’s good to be limitless, but it’s even better to have a few good energy blasts at the ready. Eru isn’t all that bad, but he/she/it isn’t on the same level as someone like Bass.

      • Actually, omnipotence IS great.
        God is classified as infinite in every possible aspect because that is what omnipotence and absolute immortality give you, the power to surpass all without any superior. Are you trying to imply that Bass could kill God if he were brought into the real world?

        You need to remember that, unlike other media, Tolkien’s works were not as inconsistent when making an all-powerful character. He properly assessed Eru’s power by illustrating him in a manner similar to how it is written in the bible. As a result, Eru’s power is utterly unfathomable.

        However, I’m not going to shout “OOOOOOI YA STOOPID WAKNA!” or “F*** YOO, ERU TEH BEEEEEEEEEES” like an illiterate prepubescent ginger with anger management issues. I can see why you don’t think omnipotence is a great power.
        Frankly, I can’t blame you :/
        There are very few fictional stories that can properly illustrate how great of a power it really is. Most characters classified as omnipotent by the fan community look over the fact that those characters are also placed in perilous situations. A TRULY omnipotent character could end the battle without a single problem. Tolkien, on the other hand, managed this in an almost flawless manner by reflecting the attributes of God into a fictional primordial entity of immeasurable power. His descriptions of Eru and the Ainur properly assess their fast supremacy over the universe and those who dwell in it. He was very consistent in making them powerful, while also using conflicts among each other to create a compelling story without downplaying the characters.

        Truly, his books are works of art. You should read the Silmarillion at some point. There is some awesome lore that can give you insight on its vast universe. You should also look at the art illustrated by Ted Nasmith and John Howe (the official artists of Tolkien’s work).
        They are beautiful 🙂

      • Omnipotence is fun, I gotta admit that much. Still, you’re really overhyping it when it comes down to a fight. We need physical feats, abstract and meta stuff just don’t pay the bills. All they do is guarantee that you will get status in the universe. Also, God is a different story since he’s real. We’re just talking fiction here and there’s no point to hypotheticals about fictional characters turning real. They can’t and won’t. Fictional interpretations of God will never actually be all powerful the way that he is. They can try, but they end up losing to guys like Goku and Superman.

        Keep in mind that Tolkien let Sauron lose to a guy with a sword. I’ll never forget that moment. Hawkeye could have put up a better fight. I do plan on reading the Silmarillion and the whole LOTR series at some point. I don’t really have enough spare time between school, work, and this blog. That being said, once I graduate the floodgates will be open and I’ll be reading a ton of books. Eragon, The Circle, LOTR franchise, Halo novels, etc. I have a long stack of books that I can’t wait to read!

      • That is where you are wrong yet again.

        Unlike other powers, omnipotence is a power where you dictate how powerful you are. You become irrefutably infinite. There’s no hype involved in it at all. Omnipotence is the same as it is described in real life. Your strength in unrivaled, your speed is incalculable, you are invincible, and your knowledge is infinite. In fact, all powers are reflections of the possible supernatural nature of life. The only difference is how inconsistently it is portrayed in most media. The Beyonder, and the Presence are refereed to as omnipotent, yet there have been instances where they were struggling by other forces. A real being with omnipotent powers couldn’t be matched by anyone even if they were able to beat them with a struggle.
        Like I said, your interpretation of omnipotence is based on beings that proved their power is NOT omnipotent.
        Eru is as he was the one who helped preserve the universe during the first, second, and third age. You may not realize it, but Eru has far more credit in the affairs of Arda than you realize. In fact, if Eru hadn’t interfered, Middle Earth would have been plunged into another state of chaos. Good was always destined to prevail because that is what he wanted. He has never faced such inconsistent instances where his power was conquered by anyone. You don’t always need physical force in order to best an opponent. Tolkien decided that wanted to capture God’s power and personality by creating a character that reflects his omnipotence and his omnibenevolence in a supernatural medieval world with powerful races and immortal beings.

        I know the difference from reality and fiction. I only made that instance because you think a truly omnipotent character can be defeated by universal threat. I’m aware it can’t and won’t happen, but there is no harm creating hypothetical instances that revolve on what cannot happen in reality. Why else do you think supernatural fiction was created? It delves into the impossible in a manner no human can achieve, thus making it interesting. It’s a yes or no question and I’d appreciate it if didn’t try evading it.
        Last time I checked, there is no rule book or list of laws that make it impossible to make a character all-powerful. The writers have a right to make a character as powerful as they want if they use the right circumstances to preserve the story’s quality. Based on the accolades and reputation Tolkien has, it seem clear that he did quite well.

        Also, that sword was Narsil, one of the only weapons in Arda that can harm beings with vast magical power. Constructed by Telchar, one of the greatest divine smiths in LOTR history (the greatest being Aule), the sword was created with great power that could give its user the strength to thwart evil and command an army of the dead. However, because of its great power, only the heir to the thrown of Gondor may wield it.
        What you call a mere sword is a powerful item that was enchanted during Eä equivalent to the magical renaissance. Plus, when Sauron was separated from the Ring, a vast portion of his power stored in it left him as well. While it enhanced his power immensely, it was a massive portion of his entire being. Without, Sauron could not maintain a physical form and can only roam the lands as a specter.
        If you don’t know enough about LOTR to know that, I don’t think you are in any position to make assumptions about characters from the franchise.

        If there are any other question on Lord of the Rings that leave you confused with the franchise, I can probably answer them.

      • Y’know…., if you have some questions concerning anything else you’re not as familiar with in a fictional franchise, I’m all ears (or in this case, “all eyes”).

      • Well, I understand what you meant with omnipotence. It seems like another variation of reality warping.
        However, it’s so much more than that. It’s a power that makes your word and your idea of existence reality. Essentially, your word is truth. Your will is the foundation of all. Anything you desire comes into being so long as it abides by your nature. You are the master of life and death. You are infinite in every conceivable or inconceivable way. Your mind and reality are one. You are the incarnation of power.
        When you’re omnipotent, you are utterly invincible and immortal.

        I know you have strong opinions (some of which I find less than legitimate), but take my word for it. What I am saying IS true. I know about the First, Second, and Third age of Arda. I know about the Valar and the things they created.They are immortal and universal by nature. I know of Eru’s power over the Flame Imperishable. I may not be an expert on Lord of the Rings, but I know it doesn’t take an expert to know Eru would win.

        Anyway, I still want to address what I said in my earlier comment. I feel as though we should still address it as I feel as though there is a misunderstanding. Like I said, I know the difference between reality and fiction.

      • Yeah, I consider Omnipotence to essentially be reality warping. We can call it a better form of reality warping, but it’s still pretty much the same thing. You’re invincible, but that still won’t help you in a fight. You need close combat feats or some long range options.

        I like to think we all know the difference between reality and fiction. At least, hopefully at any rate. It is a good trait to have

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