Vilius vs One Above All

The One Above All returns to face one of the most fearsome opponents in the galaxy. Vilius has the Tenkai Energy flowing through him and this allows the villain to pull off some truly intense feats. A single energy blast could probably take the One Above All down for the count and we’re just getting started here. Vilius never goes down without a fight and his defenses are too much for the cosmic being. Vilius wins.

8 thoughts on “Vilius vs One Above All

  1. Is there any contest? You are fighting someone who can’t get damaged, killed, and has every ability of every superhero created in his multiversal reign, which involves, reality manipulation, time manipulation, self-ressurection, infinite strands of durability, and strength that none in the many multiverses can rival, he is the god and creator of the marvel multiverse my dude, and only needs to think to end it.

  2. Why would he need to? He is the God of Marvel; no one can challenge his might, or even come close to it. The One Above All is ranked as a Tier 0 character, and in their respective settings Tier 0 characters are at the top of the hierarchy; they are unaffected by existence and non-existence, life and death, cause and effect, etc. Their power and authority is beyond absolute. The entirety of the Cthulhu Mythos (a multiverse as large as Marvel) is merely the sleeping Azathoth’s dream, and should he ever wake up, all of it will be destroyed. Bill Denbrough spoke to Maturin, and he saw the idea/concept of Gan, the creator of the Turtle and It, a power beyond all other power, the author of everything.

    Meanwhile, Vilius can be defeated by those who are weaker than him.

    • Tier 0 sounds about right if you’re talking about how weak he is. Otherwise I think you’re buying into the hype here. The One Above All has yet to prove himself as a powerful fighter. Until he does I am forced to believe that he isn’t really a big deal

      • Take your ignorance elsewhere. Tier 0 characters are acknowledged by all the wikis that they are practically the authors of their of respective settings; they are under no obligation to prove to someone as brainless as you that they would win in a fight if they had to. The simple fact that they exist automatically means they already win without even doing anything.

        Of course, judging by your previous posts and the comments within them, you’re just going to dismiss what I just said due to TOAA’s lack of feats. Yes, I am making it ad hominem, because you deserve no respect or decency due to your blatant and willful ignorance of provided undeniable evidence by so many people why you are wrong.

        *edited for intensity -DReager1

  3. TOAA is featless, while Vilius isn’t. Nothing is there to state that he is “Omnipotent”, besides, he got wrecked by Thanos in Infinity Conflict, Vilius is not. Even if he was Omnipotent, they can even be wrecked by anyone in the Suggsverse universe, which all have power >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Omnipotent. No matter how powerful TOAA is, Vilius stomps.

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