Lucifer (Supernatural) vs Bass

Lucifer has a lot of powers at his disposal and he’s a very skilled fighter. That being said, he’s used to effortlessly defeating his opponents with telekinesis and his other abilities so he’s not prepared for a knockdown fight with Bass. Bass has the edge since his speed is superior and his hand to hand skills are just about perfect. Lucifer’s telekinesis is not strong enough to stop Bass and his durability can only hold out for so long. I’m afraid that he is ultimately doomed to lose in this round. Bass wins.

14 thoughts on “Lucifer (Supernatural) vs Bass

  1. Dreager has made a lot of threads and he’s a bad debater. That being said, he’s used to failing against other opponents who simply outmatch him with better logic, feats and knowledge. Dreager cannot get it out of his head that Bass is not even remotely a mid-tier character. That being said Dreager’s argument is ultimately bound to lose as always and Lucifer takes the true victory here. You have no proof that Bass has any magical resistances. Also in the Bass vs Death thread, your stupidity shone even more. You cannot destroy a part of life. There is life and at the end of life people DIE. That being said, you cannot destroy death. Nice try but Bass loses and should go back to being cannon fodder.

    • >better logic
      >better knowledge

      Pick one, but not both. I always have the edge in some categories and my debating skills have never been better. Bass is the highest tiered character of all time. How could he not be mid-tier if he’s FTL? Bass doesn’t need resistance to anything since he just blows everyone away with his Darkness Overload. Bass was never cannon fodder and I think you’re mixing him up with Bass from the classic Rockman show.

    • Darkness Overload is weak as hell and if you think it can kill someone like Lucifer then you are mistaken. Btw this is Lucifer. The guy you have up there is Sam Winchester.

      • Wasn’t this the scene where he possessed Sam? I guess I’ll still switch the pics to make it clearer though. Darkness Overload is all powerful though so I don’t see the problem…

      • I can picture it hitting Lucifer and doing nothing. Bass has nothing on the divine scale that affects Lucifer. Its like “must hurt evil with good things” sort of thing hence why only a few things can kill Lucifer. Death, Michael, archangel blade and God.

      • I just don’t see it. Lucifer is practically mortal and that’s the tricky part about being so powerful in a live action show. There’s just not much that can be done to make the villain seem like a legitimate threat. Bass will defeat the darkness with darkness just to show what a Boss he is.

      • Bass is a mortal.
        Lucifer is immortal.
        Darkness overload will have no effect on Lucifer.
        Nebula Grey falls short of Lucifer as does slur.

      • Being immortal is cool, but it ultimately won’t help all that much here. Bass still has the overwhelming edge in speed and power, which gives him the distinct advantage in this fight. Lucifer has never tanked any attacks of the same level as the Darkness Overload so it’s safe to say that he is doomed here.

      • Lucifer laughed off a shot from a gun that killed demons left to right as well as the more powerful demons. That good enough for you? Also click fingers and gg Bass. When Lucifer snapped his fingers at Castiel, he also destroyed Castiel’s true form.

      • Bass never surrenders so the clicking wouldn’t work on him. He would not be destroyed by such a gesture because Bass is simply too good for such a technique. This is Bass the invincible warrior after all. Back on topic…those feats don’t sound very impressive. He’s certainly more durable than the average demon and his durability can’t be denied, but none of that is on par with Darkness Overload or an Earthbreaker. I seriously don’t see him lasting for very long against Bass.

      • Doesn’t matter. Castiel certainly wasn’t surrendering when he holy-fired bombed MICHAEL the archangel and Lucifer still destroyed him with a click. Its still midget cyborg (Bass) vs Satan (Lucifer).

      • True, but Castiel is no Bass. Eliminating someone from existence with a click or a wink is something that I never quite bought during my experiences across media. As long as you are a sentient being, you have the right to fight back! I’d say that the fight is cool Navi (Bass) vs Live Action fighter (Lucifer)

  2. Again with another thread of this, you can compare a character of bass to a charchter who is also ominopotent but not really since he is below god. No feats such as physical speed strengths would put him on lucifers feat. I’m also wondering now if this is a troll thread. XD

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