Beerus vs Sailor Moon

Bills may be known as Beerus nowadays, but I’m still more used to the classic name. Perhaps I’ll switch it at some point, but for now I’ll go with the classic title. Sailor Moon is said to be about as strong as Goku if not stronger so this should theoretically be a good match, but I just don’t see how she can keep up with him here. Bills has the massive edge in speed as well as in his destructive power. It’ll be tough for Sailor Moon to even land a single hit! Bills wins.

11 thoughts on “Beerus vs Sailor Moon

    • The main tricky thing here would be Sailor Moon even being able to react to Beerus suddenly blowing up the galaxy in an instant. I think what Sailor Moon needs is a Shonen sequel series to bump up the power levels a bit

  1. Too lazy to make an analysis but all I will say is this

    The only way I can see beerus winning is if he immediently goes for hakai at the start of the fight.
    If he does not then, well sailor moon fucking destroys him, with her new highly advanced forms, beerus ain’t doing shit.

      • Not speedblitz, just straight up use hakai at the start of the fight, if he fails to do this he loses, there is a chance he could take on super sailormoon but that’s by chance, once she goes beyond super sailor moon beerus has no good chance

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