Charizard vs Bowser

Bowser is a tough Mario opponent and he has Giga Bowser form, which can cause a lot of damage. That being said, Charizard is simply the more powerful fighter here. He has a decent amount of resistance to fire attacks and Bowser will have a tough time landing any physical attacks due to Charizard’s speed. The Pokemon can afford to stay from afar and throw out his long range attacks for a while. A few hyper beams should do the trick here! Charizard wins.

45 thoughts on “Charizard vs Bowser

    • Don’t forget that due to composite, Charizard does have access to both of his Mega forms though, which does help his attack power.

      He can basically burn down large forests with one good attack!

  1. Wow you sure have a lot things of Bowser here but I am afraid to say to you that Charizard may take Bowser’s fire breath Bowser’s physical attacks would hurt Charizard very much and Giga Bowser, Giant Bowser, and Dreamy Bowser takes down Mega Charizard.

    • I just think Mega Charizard is too much of a bump for the Pokemon. His speed and power increase at an exceptional rate to the point where it’s hard to see anyone really getting close to stop him. How do you defeat such an awesome Pokemon? I do agree that the physical hits from Bowser would deal a lot of damage though

      • Charizard is a very cool pokemon but he wouldn’t be able to handle Bowser’s forms.

      • In general it’s just that I place a whole lot of importance on speed. With it you can overcome big differences in power or defense. The key is that you still need enough power to injure the opponent though

  2. Bowser has survived many things that Charizard wouldn´t survive and since Giga Bowser is more stronger and durable than the normal Bowser I can´t even describe what things he could survive and when Giga Bowser hits Mega Charizard it would damage him very much and he would stomp him or crush him.

    • Giga Bowser is very strong but Charizard is so much faster than it hurts. Additionally in his Mega form he can just keep on speedblitzing and blasting away at Bowser. Bowser’s health would continue to fade and fade until Charizard finally let him go. The speed difference here is massive

      • Charizard can´t keep up dodging Giga Bowser attacks forever its just a matter a time that Giga Bowser hits Charizard, gets him badly damage and finish him by stomping him. Don´t forget that Giga Bowser is more durable and stronger than normal Bowser and since we saw him do incredible feats of durability and strength it will take Charizard a long time to bring Giga Bowser to the ground and by that time Giga Bowser will give a single powerful punch to Charizard and finish him.

      • True, but Charizard won’t need to dodge forever. His attacks deal enough damage where a few high speed attacks should finish things off. He just needs to keep flying in while getting up close and personal to deliver the wins. Bowser won’t be able to land a hit in time to stop him. I’m sure he would land a hit at some point of course, but it would be long after he would have already lost the round

  3. Giga Bowser would finish Charizard in just a two or three punches. Since we saw the incredible damage that Bowser´s attacks do I don´t even imagine how strong Giga Bowser´s attacks would be and if he would do a flying slam or bowser bomb it would leave so badly damage and finish him. Charizard would take him a long time to finish Giga Bowser, don´t forget that Giga Bowser increases Bowser´s durability and in that time Giga Bowser will finally hit Charizard, leave him badly damage, and give him the final blow. There is no escape.

    • I’d say Charizard can definitely avoid the hits though. I can’t stress enough just how fast the guy is especially in his Mega form. What is Bowser really going to be able to do against him? It’s true that his durability went higher but keep in mind that Charizard took out a whole forest in an instant. His punishing blows would take Bowser right out of the match almost immediately. It wouldn’t take a lot of hits to beat Bowser and due to the massive speed difference it’s just hard to see Bowser doing much of anything.

  4. I admit that Charizard´s attacks would make Giga Bowser feel hurt but if he gets to hit him it would leave him more badly damage. Charizard may be fat in air but still its just a matter of time that he gets hit, and Charizard hasn´t show any durability feat. believe me it would take him a while to take Giga Bowser down while Giga Bowser would finish him in three hits or maybe four and if he does a flying slam or Bowser bomb that would leave Charizard in so much trouble that he wouldn´t be able to fight anymore. Giga bowser´s attacks are just super effective against Charizard.

    • Trust me on this, Charizard’s attacks are still quite powerful. It’s hard to picture Giga Bowser lasting more than a few shots against him. As for the speed, it can’t be stated enough. Charizard would just keep flying rings around Bowser all day. I don’t think there’s a whole lot the King of the Koopas could do to keep up with him and the repeated hits would really take their toll. Before it’s all over Charizard would have proven why he is one of the strongest Pokemon

      • Charizard won´t go on like this, its just a matter of time Giga Bowser gives a fatal blow to Charizard and if he does a flying slam of Bowser bomb, Charizard won´t be able to go on. Then Bowser will finish him by eating him or stomp him. Giga Bowser is just so strong and durable for Charizard to handle.

      • While I understand the idea that Bowser could just endure the hits until he lands a lucky blow, that only works when his defense is absolute next to Charizard’s power. That isn’t the case here because Charizard actually is super powerful. His punishing fire attacks will quickly overwhelm Bowser and Giga’s size will work against him here

  5. Giga Bowser´s durability will resist Charizard´s attacks for a long time and believe me when I say that Giga Bowser´s attacks will make him more damage than Charizard´s attacks. If Giga Bowser lands a hit it will leave Charizard very damaged and he will be finished in just a few hits and his flying salm and Bowser bomb will finish him quickly. Bowser gots the Dream stone that would make him a god and wish that Charizard´s dies. End of the game.

    • Trust me, you’re thinking a little too highly of Giga Bowser’s durability next to Charizard. Mega Charizard took out a whole forest with a single attack. That is absolutely bonkers. What can Bowser hope to do against such an attack? I fear that he would be taken down for the count real quick. We could go into the whole wishing thing but that wouldn’t end well for Bowser just like in the other matches because Charizard has will power

      • Bowser was able to destroy a whole universe by a single hit. Bowser was able to survive: a supernova, the sun, a star, lava, a black hole, and the Big Bang and since Giga Bowser increases Bowser´s durability and strength just imagine how imense Giga Bowser´s durability would be. He would resist such a punishment fro Charizard and then Bowser will be able to land a hit on Charizard and will finish him in 4 punches and his flying slam and Bowser Bomb does the trick here. What in the world would the will power do anything against Bowser’s wishes?

      • Bowser’s speed still isn’t good enough to do anything here. He would quickly get overwhelmed and that’s the problem for his character. Try as he might, Bowser wouldn’t be able to land a hit. As for his wishes, those won’t do anything here. Put it this way, whatever he wishes will work on objects and such but not on characters with a good degree of willpower. It’s like how Gambit can blow up objects but not people in most continuities

  6. Charizard won´t finish him fast it will take him very longer. He can´t avoid all the attacks forever its just a matter of time he gets hit. Believe me, charizard´s speed is impressive but it would not make him dodge all the attacks on time. Charizard was hiten even in the air! For example he was hiten by Blastoise´s blast of watre while he was in the air so that means he can´t dodge everything, its just a matter of time he gets hit and when he does he would be badly damaged by Giga Bowser´s powerful fists and he will finish him with his flying slam or bowser bomb. Then Charizard won´t be able to continue. And now the wishes…Charizard. Doesn´t. Have. Willpower! I mean seriously since when we saw Charizard using any willpower or anything? He would be finished by Bowser´s wishes and the wishes can affect people too! For example: Zamasu wished Shenlong that he exchange bodies with Goku and it worked…What difference would this do here?

    • Charizard’s speed can’t be overstated though. Everything Bowser tries would be promptly shut down. That’s the thing about taking on an opponent as fast as Charizard. There’s no way Bowser could ever hit him. Bowser has enough of a time trying to land hits on Mario who isn’t even close to Charizard in speed. Then when you factor in Mega mode and it’s all over.

      So that’s really it for Bowser. The wishes aren’t going to be able to do anything. Remember that even Ash wasn’t able to command Charizard. The Pokemon was literally disobeying his own trainer which takes a tremendous amount of will power and skill. Not just anyone could do that. In fact, very few have ever been able to match such a feat. It’s part of what makes Charizard so impressive

  7. Charizard was hitted even when he is flying. He was hitted by blastoise´s blast of water and a powerful headbutt of Blastoise while in the air so that means he can´t dodge forever. Bowser will be able to hit Charizard. Its just a matter of time he hits him. Charizard faster that Mario? Bull. Mario has used the Star Driver that can travel through galaxies in just seconds! Would Charizard be able to compete with something like that? I really doubt that.
    Charizard sure has will to disobey Ash but that doesn´t means he has willpower. He hasn´t use anything of willpower in the Pokemon series or games so that means he can´t avoid Bowser´s wishes. Then he would be finish with just one single wish of Bowser.
    Bowser wins.

    • Right but Blastoise is a lot faster than Bowser. Just take a look at how fast he was moving in the first Pokemon film. Charizard’s also way faster than Mario. You’re talking about him using a ship, Charizard has actually been flying around on his own. Bowser’s wishes won’t be able to do anything against Charizard. Charizard will quickly show him what real strength is

      • It still counts that Mario is faster than Charizard even if he is using a ship. He used the Star driver that can travel through galaxies in just seconds. No way Charizard will be able to compete with that. Still Charizard can´t avoid all the attacks of Bowser. Its just a matter of time he gets hit, he doesn´t have the speed to be able to dodge everything. So when Bowser hits him Charizard will be very damaged and if Bowser does a drop kick, flying slam, or Bowser bomb then Charizard won´t be able to keep up. bowser will be the one to show him what true strength is.

      • No that doesn’t count for beans. That would be like saying that I’m faster than Tom Brady because my wheelchair goes up to 7 gears. You have to be able to move on your own speed. Bowser isn’t nearly fast enough to keep up with Charizard and that’s what will doom him here. Try as he might, Bowser will never be able to catch up to a Pokemon like that

  8. It counts, we have to put all of Mario best feats including the Star Driver so it means that Mario is way, way, and way faster than Charizard. Charizard may be fast but he can´t avoid all things forever its just a matter of time he gets hit by Bowser and when he does Bowser will begin to do his strong attacks and it will end Charizard. charizard can´t compete with someone like Bowser.

    • Star Driver isn’t speed though. I could pilot a spaceship but it wouldn’t make me FTL. Charizard can actually move at those speeds though so he would end up crushing Bowser real quick. He’d show us all what true speed/power is and then act upon it. It’s what makes Charizard such a dangerous opponent

  9. The Star Driver travel through galaxies in just seconds! So that means he is FTL speed. Charizard is nowhere near FTL speed so that means he isn´t faster than Mario. Even though Charizard is fast in air he is still going to be hit by Bowser he can´t escape everything. Bowser´s attacks will do more damage than Charizard´s attacks, plus Bowser will sure be able to dodge some attacks too or even block it too since we saw him do reaction feats like he was able to block Mario´s attacks and dodge Pit´s arrows. Charizard can´t handle Bowser´s power and durability. Bowser is the dangerous opponent here.

    • Nah, Star Driver doesn’t matter here. It’s too slow and not the actual character. Charizard is way faster than Mario no matter how you slice it. The guy’s a total beast in combat and so Mario or Bowser wouldn’t stand a chance here. Don’t forget the will power as well and that Bowser has gotten clowned by Mario before. He wouldn’t be able to keep up here

      • Mario was able to dodge attacks while driving the star driver and like I say that the Star Driver is FTL speed then that means Mario´s reaction speeds are in the same level of Sonic´s reaction so Mario is faster than Charizard. Charizard is good in combat but Bowser is just impressive in combat. Mario beats Bowser because he has more impressive feats than Bowser and have fought many powerful foes than Charizard will ever do, for example: Antasma, Culex, Dimentio, The Dark Star, Zeekeeper, Dreamy Bowser, and Grand Star Bowser. lets not forget that Charizard got humiliated by Blastoise who isn´t even close to Bowser´s strength. Bowser will bloody up Charizard and Charizard hasn´t have anything of willpower so he would be defeated by Dreamy Bowser. Charizard can´t keep up with Bowser´s superior strength, durability, and speed (because he escaped a black hole)

      • Charizard could easily take those guys out. I also wouldn’t call a narrow loss to Blastoise being a humiliation. Also don’t forget that Charizard absolutely obliterated him when they fought in the manga. Mario would not be able to keep up even slightly or Bowser. Both of them have proven time and time again that they aren’t ready to deal with these kinds of threats

  10. Blastoise beated Alain´s Charizard that is like one of the strongest Charizards in pokemon. Mario has dealt with opponents more tougher and powerful than Charizard like: Antasma, Dimentio, Zeekeeper, Dreamy Bowser, Grand Star Bowser, The Dark Star, and Culex. Bowser foughted too opponents better than Charizard like: Dark Bowser, Culex, and Mario. Bowser will crush Charizard, he won´t be able to resist Bowser´s attacks for very long while Bowser can take a punishment from the pokemon dragon. Charizard can´t handle Bowser´s superior strength and durability, also lets not forget that Bowser has many forms that can finish Charizard very quickly like: Giga Bowser, Giant Bowser, Grand Star Bowser, and Dreamy Bowser

    • None of those guys are stronger than Charizard though. Blastoise is also a really powerful opponent and while the loss is valid it doesn’t mean that Charizard is weak. Keep in mind that Bowser would have been absolutely crushed by Blastoise at any time. His speed just isn’t at nearly a high enough level to handle someone like that

      • Charizard can´ beat any of those guys he isn´t even close to their power. No way Blastoise can beat Bowser, he would be finished by Bowser´s strongest attacks and Bowser can even be fast too in his shell just like Blastoise. Blastoise doesn´t stand a chance against Bowser´s strength. Charizard can´t beat Bowser too he will still be finished by just a few punches of Bowser and his flying slams, Bowser bombs, and dropkicks will leave Charizard very damaged that it would finish him. Bowser has his Giga from, Giant form, Grand star form, and Dreamy form that it would easily finish both Charizard and Blastoise. I think it wouldn´t be necessary for Bowser to turn Dreamy Bowser because with his Giga form it will be enough to finish Blastoise and Charizard.

      • Blastoise would win with a quick Hydro Pump. Bowser’s not good against the water and he’s also far too slow to do anything about this Pokemon’s attacks. When you really get to the heart of the matter, Bowser’s issue here is just that he isn’t quite capable enough to take these guys on. He puts up a good effort but at the end of the day he just doesn’t stand a chance. That’s his main problem here and it’s a big one. Dreamy Bowser wouldn’t help because Blastoise can block the wishes too

  11. You are underestimating Bowser. The Hydro Pump won´t finish him quickly. Blastoise will have to do more than that to take Bowser down he is a tough rock that can´t be beaten very quickly. Why you say Bowser isn´t good against water? We have never seen Bowser being weak against water. Bowser´s attacks will do more damage to Blastoise. 3 flying slams or 4 will beat Blastoise easily. Bowser may be slow but he can still dodge the attacks he was able to block Mario´s attacks and dodge Pit´s arrows so that means he can dodge Blastoise attacks. Bowser´ attacks will be super effective against Blastoise. Bowser´s flames can even do great damage to Blastoise and with his Giga form he will finish Blastoise in just a few punches. Bowser can even be fast in his shell too like Blastoise and Blastoise can´t block Bowser´s wishes, he may block attacks but not some kind of posses that can kill him. Bowser will crush Blastoise.

    • Bowser is slow, I agree with you on that. The problem is that there’s no way around this when you’re in a serious fight. Knuckles will be taking advantage of this and won’t be slowing down for anything. Blastoise can move really quick while he travels in his shell which means even more bad news for Bowser. Bowser will be kept on the defensive the whole time. He can try his flying slams but they wouldn’t have enough speed or impact to make a difference

  12. Bowser is fast too in his shell like Blastoise too and his flying slams would do very amount of damage to Blastoise and with his Giga form Blastoise won´t be able to resist 5 min.

    • Yeah but Bowser’s shell isn’t in the same ballpark as Blastoise’s. Blastoise can really move like it’s nobody’s business and in his Mega form Blastoise’s abilities all skyrocket as well. No matter how you slice it I don’t see Bowser being able to do much of anything here. He just lacks the speed

  13. But still Bowser can go running around circles on Blastoise with his shell and has his Giga form that would finish Mega Blastoise in just a few attacks.

      • Bowser still can be fast in his shell. Bowser will crush Blastoise, his attacks will do more damage than Blastoise and he has his super forms that would end Blastoise quickly.

      • Bowser’s not fast enough though. Blastoise is faster and stronger than Bowser. Just look at his fight with Charizard. Both of those guys are on a whole different level

  14. Blastoise is not stronger than Bowser and he will never be. We have saw Bowser be able to: Pull an island, pull out a giant carrot, pull a giant statue even when there are a lot of people pulling it too, stop a train with his bare hands, lift and throw a giant cannon ball, and lift a castle and throw it. Blastoise hasn´t even shown to be able to lift a giant rock so Bowser is more, more, and more stronger than Blastoise also Bowser escaped a black hole 4 times. You need to be FTL speed to escape a black hole so Bowser is faster than light. No way Blastoise can compete with something like that! He would be finished by Bowser´s attacks and his forms will end him quickly. The same goes to Charizard he will be too be finished by Bowser´s strongest attacks and if both of them turn into their Mega form thern Bowser will do that too he will turn Giga or Giant and will finish them very quickly. Bowser is in a whole different level than Charizard and Blastoise.

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