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Bowser vs Godzilla

Godzilla - Mar 2014
This could be a little controversial, but I’m going with Bowser all the way here. His Giga Bowser form greatly amps up his attack power and he has enough projectiles to hit and run against Godzilla. Bowser definitely has the edge in speed here and his Clown Car can safely let him travel through the air. Godzilla will have an incredibly difficult time landing any good hits in this round while Bowser will be sniping him the entire time. The hits will add up and then it’s game over for the big G! Bowser wins.

12 thoughts on “Bowser vs Godzilla”

      1. Happens to me with the phone as well. I wish I could trust the auto correct and just leave it on, but sometimes that just makes it worse! If only the A.I.’s could evolve just a bit further. Not Ultron level, but enough to sorta tap into our minds and correctly write things down. I do think that 20 years from now, we will be able to send some thought impulses which will let computers write for us. I think it’s feasible

    1. No worries, it happens and its more coincidental than anything else. It mostly shows that we may differ on how strong we see Godzilla to be, which happens to me a lot since I consider him to be less impressive overall than most. I do agree that the size advantage is huge, but remember that in Mario Party 5, Bowser grew to a great height and was so big that he couldn’t even stand without breaking the ground. That should help to even up the size part and then Bowser also has magical abilities like teleportation and transfiguration from the old games.

  1. I’m just going to say that Godzilla’s presence itself should terrify any human or creature. ūüėÄ Although Bowser’s powers could give him an upper hand.. Hopefully.. Godzilla squashes him before anything happens!

    – Lashaan

    1. Godzilla’s size is certainly a factor and he could deal some massive damage to Bowser with a single good hit, but Bowser does have some crazy durability and magical abilities on his side so he’ll make this fight interesting with his magical bolts.

  2. Bowser tanked the sun and a black hole in Super Mario Galaxy and was stated to be galaxy level in his composite form on vs battles. He stomps and wins.

    1. Yeah, Bowser’s crazy strong and a lot more impressive than you would think based on his appearances in the Mario games. It’s only when you really dig into the cutscenes that you see his terrifying strength.

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