Littlefoot vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman Unlimited. Batman looked tough and as experienced as he should be. He is the Dark Knight after all and Batman’s been fighting a large variety of different villains for decades now. Littlefoot’s a tough little dinosaur, but he doesn’t have any way to defend himself against Batman’s many long range options. A few good explosive discs will be enough to end the match as soon as it has begun. Prep Time is huge here, but Batman wins without it as well. Batman wins.

74 thoughts on “Littlefoot vs Batman

  1. wait… tribute to batman beyond? he’s a different batman all together. his name is terrie mcguinus. he’s like, batman’s heir in the future. batman is his mentor also.

    • Whoops, that was an error. It should be a tribute to Batman Unlimited, I’ll fix that now. I do have a review coming for the Batman Beyond show in the next few weeks though. It was an excellent show, that’s for sure!

    • Yeah, I’ll be on here for another 20 minutes or so before checking out a movie and watching some classic Justice League. Yeah, it’s neat to sort of have a live chat!

    • I think that’s probably it for now, but if you have any fight requests I’ll add them into the vault and I can assure you that at least 1-2 will be up this week if you had some in mind.

    • I don’t think I’ve seen it yet so I’ve really got to get around to viewing it. Looks like fun although I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of talking dinosaurs most of the time.

      • Do you think that the new film by Pixar will be any good then? I’ll probably check it out on DVD, but I can’t say that it’s very high on the priority list at the moment

    • i don’t mean to bother you, but where are the Kiva fights i requested? i don’t want to sound rude, but please do post them soon if that’s ok.

      • No worries, they’re coming up. Right now, here are the fights that you’ve submitted and are in the queue.

        kiva vs light (death note) and kiva vs L (death note) and kiva vs wario and kiva vs zero suit samus and kiva vs meta knight and kiva vs pacman and kiva vs pikachu and kiva vs ness (earthbound) and kiva vs mario and kiva vs batman and kiva vs Lucario and kiva vs the doctor (doctor who) and kiva vs wii fit trainer, Charizard, Clefairy, Kendoman Akame vs Sentry
        Akame vs Raditz
        Tatsumi vs Gohan

        I’ll definitely have at least 2 of them up this week. Do you have any preferences for which Kiva battles you’d like to see first? I’ll make sure that the two are Kiva battles of course. Right now you’re showing up as Anon, but when you requested the fights you had the name of Someone. Have you considered making an account with WordPress? It’ll make it easier for you to post and then you can also have your own official name. Not necessary though and I still make sure to keep your requests together.

    • Definitely, I gotta keep on churning them out! It’s been a little more inconsistent lately so I’m trying to normalize it back to like 2 fights a day give or take 1. Once things have settled down more on this end, then I should have enough time to schedule them all.

    • I can agree as far as comics go. He’s my second favorite comic book character of all time behind Superman. He’s truly an incredible character and I loved his portrayal in the DCAU!

      • Sure thing! I’ve already got 3 Kiva matches scheduled to be uploaded in the next 3 days. It’s part of a new schedule that I’m trying out so we’ll see how it goes. Ideally, you’ll have one fight popping up just about every day.

  2. i want a account with word press but i don’t have an email account. so until i get an email account, i can’t get a word press account. those fights you mentioned, like Tatsumi vs Gohan, i didn’t request that. that was someone else.

    • Yeah, that’s the tricky thing with the anon accounts, sometimes it seems like they’re from the same person. Okay, aside from the Tatsumi fight, can you point out the others that are yours. That’s to make sure that they don’t take up your timeslot since with the current system, I’m trying to do 2 fights per person each batch so I don’t want it to come at the expense of one of your fights. Right now I just finished the Wii Fit fight and am scheduling it to pop up tomorrow morning. (Depending on your timezone) You can also just make a random email so that you have access to WordPress even if you never use it again, but it’s fine if you don’t get one right now. We’ve still got this!

  3. nah, i don’t think the good little dinosaur will be that good. im not gonna see it because money is tight for me right now. i might see it in the future, but im not making any promises.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely not worth checking out in theater for me either. The money adds up if you see too many in theaters so now I’m just going to wait for Star Wars. Now that’s going to be hype!

      • i don’t think i’ll see star wars either. i want to see it, but only if i have enough money by then.

      • Yeah that makes sense, you definitely want to have your priorities straight! I’m going to see a movie right now myself, but the cheap way…watching it on regular TV πŸ˜› It’s a great way to save money.

  4. thank you for putting the kiva fights up. kamen rider is my favorite franchise of all time! im really enjoying kamen rider ghost right now. it’s getting really great! kamen rider kiva is my favorite kamen rider of all time! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • It’s definitely a franchise that’ll be fun to get into someday. I have Power Rangers on the list as well, but there are so many franchises out there that I’ll probably never get to experience some epic titles. Still, the video games for Kamen Rider are awesome and I got to buy the Wii one, which was a blast

    • I’ll give you a hint, it’s a space epic! I can’t say much more until I have the review up for spoiler reasons though, but I’ll try to hurry with that. It was a lot of fun!

      • Awesome, looks pretty hype right? Whose side are you going to be on? I’m probably on team Cap like in the comics, but I’m not positive if it will stay that way for the film.

      • im not sure whose side i’ll be on. probably captain america’s side… but i don’t know. i really love iron man a lot, but i think i’ll stick to captain america’s side. black panther looks amazing!

      • Black Panther’s definitely going to be hype! Iron Man has been a likable hero for the most part in this continuity so who knows, maybe he’ll be in the right this time. I’m hoping that both sides make compelling arguments here. In the comics, Cap was definitely portrayed to be in the right.

    • i wonder if the hulk will be in it. bruce banner will be in it as a cameo or something, but i think it would be awesome to see him fight in it. he would probably be on captain america’s side, that’s what im guessing. it’s cool to see thaddeus `thunder bolt` ross too! i hope he becomes red hulk in the future.

      • I think Hulk and Thor are not supposed to be in it, but I could certainly see a cameo happening. We’ll probably have to wait til Thor 3 for the epic fights though. Ross looks like he’ll have an important role and that’ll definitely be something to keep an eye on as we get closer to the film. He’s a cool character so it’ll be neat to see him.

    • im so excited to play Lego Marvel’s Avengers! that looks like it’s gonna be a great game! Also, im a huge fan of the lego video games. i really loved lego marvel super heros. that, was an awesome game.

      • Yeah, I’ll probably be getting that one myself. I have Lego Marvel already though so it’s not a huge priority buy at the moment, but it looks like a fun game and will definitely have a bunch of characters!

    • Yeah, it’d definitely be awesome to watch that one. If the opportunity doesn’t come soon, I’ll at least settle for the video games and I’ll check out some of the fights.

  5. a lot of people told me age of ultron wasn’t that good, and it was kind of a disappointment. im not sure about that, but i’ll still see it.

  6. i really want to see jessica jones, but i might pass that one up unfortunately. i don’t have a net flix subscription, so i probably won’t see it any time soon.

    • I’m definitely passing on that one! I don’t like Marvel’s Netflix shows so I’m taking a pass as far as they’re concerned. They’re simply making them too graphically intense.

  7. im thinking about getting mad max fury road on blue ray, but at the same time i heard that the original movie was better, so i may get that instead.

    • I haven’t checked that film out yet, but I’ll probably see it someday. It’s not really my kind of film, but still worth reviewing someday I suppose. I wouldn’t mind passing on it though.

  8. i don’t know what i think about marvel doing shows on net flix. it seems kinda weird. i’ve heard good things about dare devil and jessica jones, but they seem to R rated for my taste. what do you think about it?

    • Yeah, the shows are definitely too inappropriate if you ask me. They are TV-MA and the content really proves this. You’re better off sticking to Agents of SHIELD or the animated films.

      • It’s definitely gotten pretty intense. The war between Coulson and Ward is really reaching its climax now. I’ve enjoyed it as well and it’s the only live action show that I’m watching at the moment although I also keep up with Agent Carter.

  9. it’s been nice to chat with you, but i have to go back to making my dinner, so i’ll talk with you later ok? as always, thanks for this great blog, and keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

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