Kiva vs Pikachu

Kiva had such a strong start on the blog, but things have been getting very tough for him lately. He’s a strong fighter who can engage in long range or close quarters combat, but you could say the same for Pikachu. Pikachu has super speed and you can’t forget that he also has a lot of power in his Volt Tackle. One good charge and it’s game over for Kiva. Kiva is not yet ready for this level of power. Pikachu wins.

6 thoughts on “Kiva vs Pikachu

  1. how could Pikachu win? yes, he has super speed, but Kiva has more strength, and durability. He could take the Volt Tackle easily. and what about Kiva’s final form? i’m sorry, but there is no way Pikachu can win. i agree Pikachu is powerful… but He can’t defeat Kiva. nice battle by the way.

    • I consider Pikachu’s super speed to just be too much for Kiva here. It’s not just a small speed advantage, but a really large one and I feel like Pika Power will be enough to get through Kiva’s defenses. Kiva is durable, but a few Volt Tackles should be able to take the warrior down for the count.

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