Scooby Doo vs Elecman

Suggested by Blake Scooby Doo is a pretty neat dog. He may not be the bravest guy out there, but he can really shock the villains with his determination. That being said, it is simply not going to be enough this time around. Elecman is simply too fast to get hit by any of Scooby’s attacks and one good zap will end the match. At least Scooby will be able to use his sleuthing skills to prove that he was defeated by Elecman. Elecman wins.

4 thoughts on “Scooby Doo vs Elecman

  1. Can you make these VS battles please?:

    Gate (Megaman X6) Vs Lumine (Megaman X8)

    Gate (Megaman X6) Vs Bass.EXE

    Gate (Megaman X6) Vs Elecman.EXE

    Gate (Megaman X6) Vs Elecman

    Gate (Megaman X6) Vs Gutsman

    Gate (Megaman X6) Vs Gutsman.EXE

    Gate (Megaman X6) Vs Scooby Doo

    Gate (Megaman X6) Vs Shaggy (Scoody Doo series)

    Gate (Megaman X6) Vs Mickey Mouse

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