Asriel vs Tatsumi

Suggested by Random Asriel may be one of those fighters who puts the fear in you, but he won’t be able to handle someone like Tatsumi. Tatsumi is a whole lot faster and stronger as well. A few good hits would definitely be enough to decide the match and Asriel certainly couldn’t hope to dodge. He will just be another one of Tatsumi’s victims in the end. If only he had gotten a power up. Tatsumi wins.

4 thoughts on “Asriel vs Tatsumi

  1. While i actually do want tatsumi to win this, sadly asriel could actually kill him and pretty easily,

    at best tatsumi is like continent level while asriel can erase timelines.
    while asriel’s feats are VERY unknown, its safe to say he wont be struggling agiants tatsumi anytime soon

    If you check asriel’s stats in the game his attack and defense are fucking infinite, not to mention that you cant even hurt asriel. while its most likely that tatsumi is faster, i dont know how speed is gonna be a factor when your opponent has infinite defense and is invisinsible, sure tatsumi has invisibility too but it has a time limit while asriel is legit invisible forever. and then theirs the hyper goner which can erase the timeline all together or legit any attack tatsumi attempts to inflict.

    Not to mention asriel’s second form which is even stronger.

    Now i know this sounds outlandish and lazy and you think im underestimating tatsumi,
    but im fr being serious that this was how powerful asriel was in the final boss fight, he only lost cause the protagonist frisk has shit amounts of determination to keep frisk alive. hell you have to actually break asriel mentally to even stop him from attacking and killing you.

    So overall sadly asriel legit beats the shit out of tatsumi with barely any difficulty, which brings me the question why pit someone who is not even planetary level agiants a god?

    • I get what you’re saying but you’re overestimating the Undertale verse. It’s quite low tier with no fighter being even city level there. Infinite attack and defense within the gameplay mechanics is nothing to sneeze at but it’s also nothing for Tatsumi to fear here. Asriel has some interesting attacks and ends up being a surprisingly fun boss but has no speed or attack feats to suggest that he could handle Tatsumi.

      Tatsumi has better speed and strength feats at his disposal. This is one god whose feats don’t end up matching up to the overall rank of a god. It would be a one sided fight but in Tatsumi’s favor.

      • well yes the undertale universe is low tier, but really the only characters that are op are omega flowey, asriel and i guess chara.
        Chara cause chara’s save files can legit drag out a fight until he wins.

        omega flowey is the same but to a bigger scale

        and asriel is both of them but even a bigger scale.

        First off why should asriel care about not being faster then tatsumi when tatsumi has no way of hurting asriel at all, cause legit asriel really cant take damage. even if he is stronger and faster, whats the point if your opponent legit cant get hurt and can erase a timeline instantly.

      • Asriel can be hurt though and doesn’t have any powerful attacks to stop Tatsumi. The whole save file thing is an interesting 4th wall break but it won’t really help in a fight. Flowey has some good energy blasts but for the most part their combat feats are low. Tatsumi should just be able to go in and land a solid gut punch on Asriel. There’s not a whole lot that Asriel would be able to do against that. Asriel isn’t fast enough to dodge or land any counter blows. This would just be a punching combo to the end

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