Robin (Damian) vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Justice League vs Teen Titans. Robin got a lot of development here and still managed to kick everyone around the whole time. That’s a win-win situation in my book. It’s kind of sad to have to drop the One Above All again, but he’s just the perfect target for these tribute battles. What’s he gonna do to try and stop Robin? He just has no attacks at his disposal that will present a threat to the Boy Wonder and that’s why he is doomed here. He’s just out of his league. Robin (Damian) wins.

6 thoughts on “Robin (Damian) vs One Above All

    • Well, he represents Stan Lee and is treated as the god above all other gods in Marvel. That being said, he’s never actually proven himself in a fight so I feel as if he’s featless at the moment. He’s basically just an old man who can fly when it comes to combat potential

      • Well, Damian did get godlike abilities at one point in the comic and even became almost Superman level. Of course if OAA actually is all powerful, then it definitely would get rough for Damian

      • Me either. I’m waiting for my library to get the trade paperback, but they seem to have just skipped that era. Still a bunch of comics for me to check out once I have some free time though so maybe the story is in one of the trades that I haven’t read yet

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