Vegeta vs Jiren

maxresdefault (5)
Suggested by Random Jiren is one of the strongest foes we’ve seen in all of Dragon Ball. His skills should not be underestimated. That being said, Vegeta is a proud Saiyan warrior and he would wipe away Jiren’s confident smirk in an instant. Jiren will have to get serious to fight Vegeta and even then I don’t think it will be enough to win. Vegeta does have the power of a Super Saiyan at his disposal after all. He will keep transforming until he wins and will accelerate past his limits! Vegeta wins.


2 thoughts on “Vegeta vs Jiren

  1. I don’t think so. Vegeta himself was mad that Goku has ultra instinct while he didn’t, meaning that he doesn’t have the form to handle Jiren.

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