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Vegeta vs Jiren

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Suggested by Random Jiren is one of the strongest foes we’ve seen in all of Dragon Ball. His skills should not be underestimated. That being said, Vegeta is a proud Saiyan warrior and he would wipe away Jiren’s confident smirk in an instant. Jiren will have to get serious to fight Vegeta and even then I don’t think it will be enough to win. Vegeta does have the power of a Super Saiyan at his disposal after all. He will keep transforming until he wins and will accelerate past his limits! Vegeta wins.


4 thoughts on “Vegeta vs Jiren”

  1. I don’t think so. Vegeta himself was mad that Goku has ultra instinct while he didn’t, meaning that he doesn’t have the form to handle Jiren.

  2. Welp, given how the tournament is now over, will you admit that Vegeta can’t beat Jiren? Even with the Android 17 and Goku tagteam, Vegeta was unable to do much to this warrior. Let’s not forget that Jiren also had a hidden limit breaker state to fight against MUI Goku while not even fully powered up, he easily defeated Vegeta.

    Another thing to note about Jiren’s power. In Heroes manga and anime, MUI Goku beat Cumber both times, and in the manga, Cumber was in SSJ3. Limit breaker Jiren was able to overpower MUI at the start with sheer power but Goku’s power rose again combined with the skill MUI gives. That puts Jiren above Cumber who Vegito was unable to defeat and therefore should put Jiren above Vegito.

    I don’t think Vegeta should be a high above any more given his track record, including the fight against Broly in Super, where both Saiyans had to resort to fusing to defeat him.

    1. Well, I can relent that Jiren is stronger than Vegeta. However, fusions count as part of the composite rule so with SSJ4 Gogeta Vegeta still wins this. Also, the High Aboves rule was never really about power. It’s just a group of characters who have won the right to never lose. It’s certainly not balanced and I’ve taken away many fighters from that list over the years, but for now I don’t think Vegeta should leave quite yet. Otherwise I can definitely agree that he is certainly not one of the top 5 strongest fighters or anything like that.

      Jiren and Cumber is definitely an interesting debate though. MUI does kind of change things here since he beat Cumber pretty quick, but I’d also argue that he had the complete edge against Jiren from the start. Goku just wasn’t aggressive enough about ending the fight as soon as he could have

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