Black Clover

This series got quite a lot of buzz. For the most part anyone I’ve met irl who reads the manga likes it a lot while online you see a lot of mockery. For better or worse I am getting a lot of Fairy Tail vibes from it. If it sticks to the early days of Fairy Tail then we’re fine though. In a way, it’s about guilds and magic quite a bit, but also dips into Naruto and Bleach kind of story beats as well. It’s really a mesh of a bunch of Shonen Tropes and that’s why it could end up being amazing or very forgettable. The supporting cast doesn’t seem to have too much potential, but the main character is pretty good and I’m liking the rival. Ideally that’s all you need. There’s a lot of potential here, but it can be used for good or bad. We’ll just have to see and I’ll have a review for the series when it finishes.

Overall 6/10


2 thoughts on “Black Clover

  1. Eh, for me it was a little TOO similar in base plot premise to a couple ofother Shonen series . It was enjoyable enough, but there was nothing in that first volume I hadn’t already seen done better in Naruto or My Hero Academia or such. I guess I’d have to wait and see more to really judge

    Also, early Fairy Tail didn’t grab me but people say it gets better later on, are you saying the opposite?

    • Yeah, Naruto and MHA were definitely handled way better from the get go. This one’s certainly more ordinary in comparison and not the next big thing just yet. It does have a lot of room to grow though.

      Absolutely, I don’t know how anyone could say it gets better later on. It goes from being a decent action adventure to a downright terrible abomination of a manga. It becomes pure fanservice for the second half of the series and I dropped it from around a 7 to a 0-1 score. It’s barely readable with all of the bad writing, suicidal villains, and fanservice throughout. The good thing is that you can finish a chapter in seconds when you skip the iffy scenes

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