Superman vs Manwe

Suggested by iKnowledge Manwe is going to have to back it up a bit now that Superman is here. Let’s put it this way, Superman is the strongest comic book character out there. At this point that is probably barely debatable. Manwe is strong as well but he simply doesn’t have the speed to keep up with Superman. Superman can land thousands of shots in an instant. There are few opponents who can stand up to such a barrage and Superman’s defense is no less impressive. Superman wins.


4 thoughts on “Superman vs Manwe

  1. I still disagree. Even if there is the matter of Superman One Million and others to consider, and Superman’s slight weakness to magic, Manwe could still come out on top. He’s Eru Illuvatar’s right-hand man, and the third-most powerful being in Middle-Earth. I’ll admit, Superman has beaten Krypton’s gods before. But Manwe was said, in a non-canon account of the end of Middle-Earth, to fight Morgoth. That would possibly put him at a level similar to his brother, if not more.

    • Manwe just wouldn’t have the speed to land a hit here. He may have a lot of raw power, but ultimately it will all prove to be rather moot against an opponent as well rounded as Superman.

      • That could be the case, but if Manwe gets all his helpers and others, The Eagles could help. One of them, Thorondor was described as having a wingspan of thirty fathoms (180 Feet and 55 Meters). Thorondor scratched Morgoth after he fought Fingolfin, scarring the former. It would be easy for Thorondor to do that to Superman should Manwe wish it.

      • With some allies Manwe could certainly put up a better fight. Bringing in some of the other heavy weights from the LOTR franchise would definitely help to balance the scales. Then Superman would really have to make each movement count or it could be all over for him.

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