Mr Mxyzptlk vs Goku

Suggested by iKnowledge Mr. Mxy may have a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but I wouldn’t count on him lasting very long against Goku. A single punch would be enough to take the guy out for the count but Goku could probably just power up to get the same effect. The Saiyan wouldn’t even need any of his Super Saiyan abilities to win here. All Mr. Mxy can do is cause a lot of chaos to at least try and buy some time. That’s his only viable tactic here. Goku wins.


8 thoughts on “Mr Mxyzptlk vs Goku

  1. I agree with you here. Superman’s intelligence is underrated, but he’s beaten Mxyzptlk more times than can be counted on one hand. If something like that can happen, then Goku has a chance of defeating him.

  2. Mr mxyzptlk is a 5th dimensional imp who can destroy the universe while playing a game with his friend, Batmite unintentionally
    Mr mxy is a reality warper so strong even the grand priest wont be able to mentally grasp it

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