Mr Mxyzptlk vs Goku

Suggested by iKnowledge Mr. Mxy may have a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but I wouldn’t count on him lasting very long against Goku. A single punch would be enough to take the guy out for the count but Goku could probably just power up to get the same effect. The Saiyan wouldn’t even need any of his Super Saiyan abilities to win here. All Mr. Mxy can do is cause a lot of chaos to at least try and buy some time. That’s his only viable tactic here. Goku wins.

32 thoughts on “Mr Mxyzptlk vs Goku

  1. I agree with you here. Superman’s intelligence is underrated, but he’s beaten Mxyzptlk more times than can be counted on one hand. If something like that can happen, then Goku has a chance of defeating him.

  2. Mr mxyzptlk is a 5th dimensional imp who can destroy the universe while playing a game with his friend, Batmite unintentionally
    Mr mxy is a reality warper so strong even the grand priest wont be able to mentally grasp it

  3. Mr. Mxy can turn Goku into chocolate just for giggles.He exist in the 5D and the rest of his race are at weakest, multiversal characters.

  4. Goku easily. Superman easily overpowered Mr. Mxyzptlk and Goku is way more powerful than Superman. If Superman could do it, then Goku could do it much easier than he can. Goku stomps.

      • The only way to beat Mr. Mxyzptlk is to trick him to say his name backwards. Goku wouldn’t think to try that and just charge in ki blazing. Against other opponents it might work but not on Mr. Mxyzptlk, who’s practically unkillable.

      • His regen has its limits though. I think a few ki blasts would put an end to him. There’d be nothing left to regenerate like how Goku took care of Buu

  5. Lol Mr Mxyzptlk wins if he wants too. Superman has never really beaten him he’s just exploited the weakness he has (primarily by having him spell his name backwards which sends him back to the dimension). The only reason he has such a huge restraint is because imps of the 5th dimension can do anything to 3 dimensions.
    Goku could punch or blast him with enough force to destroy a solar system and Mxyzptlk doesn’t care. He doesn’t feel pain and it’s not killing him. He can make Goku become a human and lose all his saiyan powers. He could make ki not exist anymore. If Goku tricks him to spell his name then yes he’s sent back home, but if not then he can do whatever he wants in DBZ. Heck he can even make DBZ become MLP LOL.

    • The whole reality changing thing gets a little interesting. I don’t believe he would be able to openly influence Goku like that, certainly not to such an extent. He just wouldn’t be able to take away Goku’s abilities so easily and that’s what is going to hold him back here. Goku’s raw power just can’t be suppressed or stopped without an incredible fight. Once it comes down to a fight, I’ve also just got to give Goku the edge there. His abilities are just on a completely different level

      • It doesn’t matter how strong Goku is. Goku follows the rules of any 3d being while Mr. M does not. Mr. M can make the DBZ/DBS universe…nah the multiverse disappear. Mr. M doesn’t fight because he’s just on a different level. Imagine Zeno who doesn’t fight either, but is leagues above Goku now imagine something much higher than Zenos. Then go up another dimension. That’s Mr. M.

        He doesn’t follow the rules. It doesn’t matter how strong Goku is. I’ll give you an example. You can draw someone that gets strong forever and ever and ever with a pencil. But someone can come in and erase him or write over him no matter how strong he gets. That’s the level of difference there is.

        Mr. M can just change everything he doesn’t follow rules of strength because he’s above them. Goku can ounch him but it doesn’t matter. It woukd be like a drawing punching you or me. That’s why Mr. M is only truly defeatsd by people on his plane of existence or higher.

      • I can’t buy into that though. All characters have their limits and Mr Mxy’s vague abilities are no different. He can’t rewrite the logic around a character like Goku who is just stronger than him. It simply doesn’t work and at the end of the day that’s going to be his problem here. Mxy just won’t be able to keep up for very long so eventually that means game over. Goku can power through anything he tries

      • I’m not sure you listened to me. Dr. M is outside of the scope for Goku. Let’s do this. You have a fighter a strong fighter a human. He can punch lots of people even if someone is stronger he can punch them even if he loses. Now let’s say he has to fight a ghost….How is he going to fight a ghost? He can’t interact with a ghost.

        Alright now let’s look at Goku. Goku is a strong character can grow and become stronger. But despite this he hasn’t fought anything outside of his dimension. He hasn’t hit higher powers he’s still where he is. And the truth is no matter how much stronger he gets he will always be in the same area. We BARELY got into reality and time warpers with Zeno and his angels. Even so they’re BARELY doing anything outside of 3d and they’re MUCH MUCH higher than Goku. Even if Goku reaches that level he’s still inside 3 dimension power. He’s not even in full 4 or 5.

        Mr. M could just THINK away everything to do with Dragon Ball and they’re all gone. Goku, his family, etc etc. Zeno can do that with one universe at a TIME. Mr. M is 5d that means he can erase whole multiverses without caring. You’re saying Goku can overpower, but no he can’t
        Mr. M can make it everytime Goku powers up he gets weaker. He could make Goku have a disease. He could make Goku human. Goku doesn’t stand in single change against him. It doesn’t matter how much power Goku has Mr. M doesn’t work on power. He doesn’t need too. You can’t overpower him if you’re not even his kind. Again it’s like us with drawings. You can make a drawing super strong and buff of a powerful warrior. And so what? It’s just a drawing it’ll never hit us even if stronger in drawing than us.
        Now imagine 2 dimensions difference in that. Goku is like a line. A very bulky drawn line but just a line to Mr. M.

      • The whole dimensions thing just doesn’t work though. Being outside of the realms won’t protect you from Goku’s attacks. That’s the big weakness for 5D beings and things like that. At the end of the day they still don’t have the physical abilities needed to stop someone like Goku. His physical abilities will always be enough to overcome the hax. It’s part of what makes Goku so impressive. I understand what you’re saying but what happens here is that at some point Mr. M has to go on the offensive to try and attack Goku and there’s nothing he could do to stop him. Willing someone out of existence just won’t work

      • Bro again he doesn’t fight. He doesn’t need too which is why he never fights superman. And with the dimension things idk if you’re looking at it as being from another dimension which is not what I mean. 5D means he has all of 3d and 4d. So goku fits into his dimension as a very very very billion times very small piece. It’s not that he’s FROM another dimension it’s that he’s in 5d. Which is all of 2-4D plus another layer.

        So again I used the example of us who are 3d fighting something 2d. Alright you can draw a fighter and fighter that is super strong, buff, can power up infinity times, can eats stars idk do whatever to him. It doesn’t matter how strong that 2d character gets because at the end of the day we can erase him, draw over him, trash the paper, make him weak, etc etc.

        That’s what I need you to realize. To Mr. M Goku is like a line. It doesn’t matter how strong it geta or powers up or etc. He can erase that line or alter it any which way. He could make goku a girl, a squirrel, anything. Literally no 3d creature can beat him and the ONLY reason he doesn’t kill superman is because other 5d creatures tell him he can’t do permanent damage. Mr. M has been sucked into a blackhole and had FUN doing it because our physics don’t work on him. Goku could blast him with so much Ki and he’d use it to heat up his dinner. Goku can’t even beat Zenos who is barely going into 4d and you want him to go against someone many many million times stronger.

        Like Zeno isn’t even a fighter he isn’t strong he doesn’t have rae strength. But we saw what happened. He erases universes just because. He erased the universe Jiren was on even though Jiren has stronger fighting ability then Zenos and was fighting on Par with Goku at Mastered Ultra Instinct. Zenos could erase Goku without thought he doesn’t need a fight. Mr. M is like that, but much much much more broken.

      • Well, Zeno’s a good example because I’d take Piccolo over him. Zeno’s the definition of a glass cannon. He’s got a lot of power at his disposal but ultimately he would be absolutely crushed in a fight. I see Mr Mxy as the same way. I get what you’re saying about the 5D part but it just doesn’t work. All of the characters are basically figures in a page but when you go into the media they’re real. On that premise there is no way to get out of it. 5D is just a fancy term in universe for the characters to operate on different rules but at the end of the day they follow the same logic. The reality warping abilities won’t work on Goku due to strength of will and once it becomes a fist fight that’s game over for him

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