Nathan Algren vs Stannis Baratheon

Suggested by JHG195 It looks like it is time for Stannis to return to the battlefield. He is a tough fighter so this won’t be an easy win for Nathan. Still, few can match Nathan in terms of pure sword skills and the guy did train an entire army. I just don’t think Stannis has the speed or stamina to keep up with Nathan and that will be his downfall. He simply doesn’t have the skills to win this fight. Nathan Algren wins.

6 thoughts on “Nathan Algren vs Stannis Baratheon

  1. Good points but do remember that Algren hasn’t had much experience with using a katana whereas Stannis has used the longsword since childhood. Plus, katanas aren’t very effective against armor. I’m torn on the winner.

    • Stannis is definitely more used to the blade which is important but Nathan has a lot of combat experience in general and is just a great fighter. While the Katana may not hurt the armor much, a quick stab to the head will still take Stannis out. Granted, one decisive hit is all that either opponent will need to claim victory so the fight could go either way

  2. True points. Samurai had good quality armor so they definitely had ways of countering armor. Although I would like to stress the European Knight and Samurai wielded polearms(eg spears, halberds, etc.) as primary weapons while swords were sidearms.

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