Nathan Algren vs Stannis Baratheon

Suggested by JHG195 It looks like it is time for Stannis to return to the battlefield. He is a tough fighter so this won’t be an easy win for Nathan. Still, few can match Nathan in terms of pure sword skills and the guy did train an entire army. I just don’t think Stannis has the speed or stamina to keep up with Nathan and that will be his downfall. He simply doesn’t have the skills to win this fight. Nathan Algren wins.

Euron Greyjoy vs Stannis Baratheon

Suggested by iKnowledge Euron is a master hand to hand combatant who also has a high resistance to pain. As he can laugh off normal stab wounds it is safe to say that he is almost super human. It’s unlikely that Stannis would be able to defeat him. Euron would die to a full stab of course, but since glancing blows won’t work too well Stannis will just be overwhelmed. He simply won’t be able to last against such an opponent. Euron Greyjoy wins.

Randyll Tarly vs Stannis Baratheon

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of two Game of Throne characters. Randyll is a capable commander who knows how to lead his troops around, but in combat I don’t think he would have the speed or stamina needed to defeat Stannis. Stannis has seen his share of battlegrounds and knows how to fight as well as lead. Randyll could probably give him a good run for his money and in a battle of mortals one stab is all that either side needs to win. I think Stannis would get the critical blow though. Stannis Baratheon wins.

al’Lan Mandragoran vs Stannis Baratheon

This is a battle between two sword wielding fighters who are making their blog debut today. Stannis Baratheon is a Game of Thrones character who has a classic “You’re with me or against me” motto. He is a decently skilled swordsman. al’Lan Mandragoran really has the edge here because he also has healing abilities and a very powerful sword. He could likely just slice through all of Baratheon’s defenses and the blows will wear him down over time. al’Lan Mandragoran wins.