Euron Greyjoy vs Fingolfin

Suggested by iKnowledge Euron Greyjoy is a tough guy who can fight well with a sword. His savage fight style makes him rather unpredictable as well. Still, he won’t be able to handle Fingolfin. Fingolfin was able to fight on par with the mighty Morgoth who is as large as a mountain. Fin may have lost, but I don’t think Euron would do nearly as well. The difference in their physical abilities is quite drastic and so that would be game over for Euron. Fingolfin wins.

Euron Greyjoy vs Asta

Asta may be known for his constant yelling, but he is also a very powerful fighter whose skills can not be ignored. His raw power is at a high level and his speed is on point as well. Euron may be able to block out pain, but it won’t matter since Asta can finish this with a single slice. Euron isn’t fast enough to dodge or counter the blow so it will be curtains for him. Asta wins.

Euron Greyjoy vs Stannis Baratheon

Suggested by iKnowledge Euron is a master hand to hand combatant who also has a high resistance to pain. As he can laugh off normal stab wounds it is safe to say that he is almost super human. It’s unlikely that Stannis would be able to defeat him. Euron would die to a full stab of course, but since glancing blows won’t work too well Stannis will just be overwhelmed. He simply won’t be able to last against such an opponent. Euron Greyjoy wins.