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Yuya vs Yuma

maxresdefault (6)
Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of Yugioh protagonists. Naturally being the main character of a series with over 100 episodes always ensures that you will have a very formidable roster of monsters in the end. Yuma collected most of the 100 Number Cards which are mostly fierce some in their own right although only around 10 of them are serious threats. Then he has his ensemble of normal monsters at the ready. Yuya’s normal monsters aren’t quite as numerous and his normal Performa Pals tend to be weaker than Yuma’s standard creatures, but what really sets him up to tip the scales is his array of dragons. In the last episode Yuya was able to fuse his main 4 dragons into 4 new ones, adding on to the normal 4 base ones, the original 6+ fusion ones, and the dark forms that he obtained. Additionally he has some pretty high level monsters that aren’t dragons and physically his dark form showed more impressive amounts of strength than Yuma’s Super Saiyan mode. Yuma ultimately won’t be able to keep up with Yuya. Yuya wins.


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