Saitama vs Goku

Suggested by Son Goruto Uzumaki Saitama is a very powerful fighter who can destroy most opponents with a single attack. That is indeed impressive but I don’t think it will be enough to defeat Goku. Goku is on a whole other level. Once he activates Super Saiyan Blue then the match is all over. Saitama isn’t nearly as fast as Goku nor is his destructive power as high. Goku has got a serious advantage here and his superior martial arts will help as well. Goku wins.

8 thoughts on “Saitama vs Goku

  1. This fight is very unclear on a winner

    But lets work our way up

    In terms of strength If we are counting JUST feats then goku has saitama outmatched, Goku has been capable of destroying universes while saitama has destroyed planets.

    In terms of speed Goku is FTL but so is saitama

    In terms of durability goku has tanked universal attacks while saitama is rather unknown but we do know he can survive planet destroying blasts.

    An edge goku does have however is training and experience. He has had way more intense training and experience then saitama.

    But here’s the problem.
    The thing with saitama is that he has never struggled in a fight before, while goku has.
    And we don’t know saitama’s full power.
    Thats the problem with using characters that we know are much stronger then what they are but never see it.

    Thats why I say the fight has no clear winner.
    Because until we figure out saitamas full power, I cant confirm a solid win for goku.
    Will be rooting for him but again, cant confirm

    • I’d still go with Goku low diff here. He was able to nearly break all of reality while punching with Beerus and that was back in base mode. Scale him up over a million times for all of his transformations and that’s game over. Saitama has no formal training in hand to hand which hurts and I just don’t see him being able to stay in the game. Saitama’s lack of struggle does always keep him in the convo though and I don’t think he’ll ever have a big challenge so that helps him a lot

      • Yes but like i said
        We dont know
        Yes goku was able to send shockwaves fast enough to travel all across universe 7 and has been capable of destroying such universes. But like I said, we cant assume goku wins based on these feats alone. If we are just taking into account that saitama’s max power was when he fought with garou in space then yes goku wins,

        We don’t even know how much of his power he was using in that fight with garou.
        if he was using something like 20% of his power in that fight that’s gonna raise some questions.
        But If he used like say 70 or 80% of his power in that fight then goku’s odds of winning increase.

        Agian declaring a winner for this matchup can be hard without knowing saitama’s full power.
        But what we do know is that saitama does have a limit to his power.
        He said so himself.

        Though what is unlimited is saitama’s potential.
        But so is goku’s.

        But goku has always been able to fight others to push him to get stronger while saitama does not have that.

        But saitama being the one punch man that he is has taken down planetary foes without bleeding or showing any fatigue.
        While goku did suffer a scratch or two or hell a whole ass beating before winning.

        Agian the fight is very unclear on a winner.

        If goku had some attack that 100% beats out any of saitama’s pure stats then he wins, but he does not have one currently

        You may think hakai would work but here’s why I’m sceptical about it

        While yes hakai is a move that erases a person or object from existence.
        Its still a ki attack, it just requires god ki to use.

        Hakai does have a weakness and that is if the opponent can match the user in power, they can resist being erased.

        Both golden frieza and vegeta blue evolved matched or at least scaled close to toppo’s power, they could resist it, vegeta resisting it much more better thanks to blue evolved being stronger then golden frieza.

        Which then just brings up the question again if saitama could resist hakai. And to do that we would need to know his full power. something we don’t know yet again.

        So yeah so far goku does not have any actual ability’s or moves that can guarantee him a win.

      • Yeah we can’t guarantee Goku’s win yet but I’d say the burden of proof will be on Saitama to show us more. So we have to presume him as the loser of the fight until he can show us moves that are more powerful than what Goku does. It’s like we’re proving Goku innocent of being defeated until we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Saitama is stronger.

        As strong as Saitama looked during his fight against Garou, I didn’t see anything that would suggest he could beat mastered UI Goku for now. I think just like how Garou’s martial arts helped him land some counter blows, Goku would be dealing a ton of damage on an even higher level and Saitama’s accelerated growth wouldn’t be able to comp the difference. Not yet at least.

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