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Joker vs Bass Armstrong

Suggested by iKnowledge Bass Armstrong is a pretty strong guy. It’s hard to even lift him since he weighs so much, but fortunately for the Crown Prince of Crime he has other methods at his disposal. Bass isn’t exactly bullet proof so the machine gun will come in handy here. Bass also can’t handle acid. He may be the better hand to hand fighter, but Joker isn’t known for playing fair and his large array of weapons and gadgets will ensure victory in this match. Joker wins.


2 thoughts on “Joker vs Bass Armstrong”

  1. A variation of this appears in all the Major newspapers in Texas in the DOA Universe: “Wrestling Champion found laughing to death in Houston Alleyway”. “He Leaves Behind a Daughter, Tina, all his property and assets, valued at $17 million Dollars. Donations encouraged to the Bass Armstrong Memorial Scholarship Fund in lieu of Flowers. His funeral is next Tuesday”.

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