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Bumblebee vs Kurama

This is a tribute to the Bumblebee film. While the movie was actually pretty good, I can’t say that the lead was quite as solid. After losing his memory he also lost a lot of his composure and nerve which ended up hurting him quite a lot in the climax. He wasn’t even really fighting back throughout the battles which was a little iffy. While he eventually found his footing it was too late. Just as it will be here since Kurama has the massive sped advantage and will easily be able to ensnare the Autobot with his whip. Bumblebee will fall to pieces. Kurama wins.


6 thoughts on “Bumblebee vs Kurama”

  1. Normally, I’d go with the robot of living metal for battles like this, but considering the power levels in Yu Yu Hakusho; if Kurama’s Rose Whip can wrap itself around Bumblebee’s legs or trip him, Bumblebee will tumble like London Bridge.

      1. And after this battle:
        Yusuke: (off-key, and loudly to the tune of “London Bridge is falling down”)
        Bumblebee has fallen down, Bumblebee has fallen down,
        on the ground, and all the Autobots, Decepticons, and Aliens couldn’t put him back together again!
        Hiei: (covering his ears, to make up for Yusuke’s singing)You’re mangling nursery rhymes, Urameshi!

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