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Sonic vs Fiona Fox

Suggested by Anonymous Fiona Fox is a pretty tricky character who used to like to mess with Sonic and Tails. When it comes to combat ability though she is nowhere near Sonic’s level. His speed is far too great for her to hope to land a hit on him. Then you can throw in his raw power like his Super and Hyper forms. The match becomes a blowout at this point and there are very few characters who can realistically give Sonic a good match. Sonic wins.

9 thoughts on “Sonic vs Fiona Fox”

  1. I agree. Sonic would win in a fight against her. It’s been a long time since I read the Sonic Archie comics but I heard Fiona was with Tails years ago before she later changed to SOnic and then also turned against them.

    1. Definitely was a fascinating turn of events in those comics. It’s rare to see Sonic and Tails turned against each other so she was definitely very clever

      1. I think I remembered that moment. I think Fiona was one of the reasons why Tails went against Sonic. I want to read the comic. You don’t see this in the games.

      2. Yeah I wish I had the comics where they fight. From videos I seen, Fiona did had a hand to the situation and made Tails and Sonic go against each other. I really like the Archie comics. It had some intense drama moments you don’t see much in the games.

  2. @Matthew, I’d highly suggest reading the Archie Sonic comics when you have enough time. I’ve been reading the series myself and have just made to the “Worlds Collide” crossover event, and I’m sad that I’m almost at the end because the Archie cannon is by far my favorite Sonic series, even more so than the video games.

    @DReager1, thank you very much for covering this match of mine.

    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

  3. And yes, the reason why Tails went after Sonic was because he was in love with Fiona, but she was not in love with Tails as he was much younger than her. But, she was for a time Sonic’s girlfriend, and this made Tails jealous. Of course for the sake of drama, Tails never told Sonic he had feelings for Fiona until after they fought.

    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

    1. It was really something seeing those two get at it. I was glad that after the fight both of them realized that Fiona wasn’t important enough to cause a rift between them forever. Ultimately she was just using them

      1. She most certainly was using both of them to accomplish her goals. Not too much time after the battle between Tails and Sonic, it’s revealed what her true motive is.

        Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

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