Game Records

Super Mario Maker 2 Stats and Records

Stats time!

Play Time 15h
Maker Points 107
Versus Rating 1878 C
Endless Challenge
Easy High Score 7
Normal High Score 2
Expert High Score 0
Super Expert High Score 0
Multiplayer Versus Wins 19
Multiplayer Versus Plays 73
Courses Played 56
Courses Cleared 39
Attempts 741
Lives Lost 699
Courses Uploaded 5/32
2 World Time Records

Uploaded Stats

First Stage 1 Like 40 Plays 12.29% Completion Rate
Hypefromstrengthwithspeedforfree 1 Like 19 Plays 4.76% Completion Rate
The Trials 1 Like 14 Plays 0.30% Completion Rate
Quick Stroll 1 Like 9 Plays 33.33% Completion Rate
Something ain’t right here! 1 Like 7 Plays 1.94% Completion Rate

2 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker 2 Stats and Records”

  1. Did you enjoy the game? For me this falls into the Little Big Planet category of I would rather play levels, rather than make them. Not sure I would get 15 hours of mileage, as I don’t want to pay an online subscription to download stuff created by other players.

    1. I definitely enjoyed it, but I do admit that I also prefer playing levels. I’d say I’ve spent about 13 hours on playing with only 2 for making or roughly in that range. I typically just slap levels together, but I never get tired of playing the other levels. I already have the online subscription for Super Smash, but otherwise I wouldn’t get it just for Mario. If you don’t plan on getting the online subscription then this game definitely isn’t worth it since you’ll beat the story pretty quick

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