Mal (Descendants) vs Oblivion

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Mal is a pretty good sorcerer. She can fire off fairly powerful fire blasts and can even turn into a dragon. Ultimately these skills will not be enough to take Oblivion down for the count though. Oblivion has cosmic level abilities that are in a class of their own. None of Mal’s attacks would be able to breach through Oblivion’s defenses while Mal doesn’t have any barriers strong enough to protect her. The difference in abilities are simply too vast this time. Oblivion wins.

2 thoughts on “Mal (Descendants) vs Oblivion

  1. Either the requester hates Mal and Disney’s Descendants, or something else, for while I wouldn’t make her mad out of meanness and underestimate her power, against a cosmic entity that even the Fair Folk must kneel too, according to most of the lore I’ve heard.

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