Ferus Olin vs Lumiya

Suggested by iKnowledge This should be a pretty good fight. Ferus trained at the same time as Anakin Skywalker and was said to be close in ability. Ultimately the gap between them grew though and Vader took him out pretty quick. Meanwhile Lumiya is a character who kept growing stronger and even stalemated Grand Master Luke Skywalker. I remember reading a comic with her and her betrayal was handled really well. As a secret agent she just makes for a fantastic character and it’s nice to hear that she ended up being such a powerful villain. Her whip would be too much for Ferus to deal with on an initial encounter. Lumiya wins.

2 thoughts on “Ferus Olin vs Lumiya

    • Yeah Ferus is definitely a tough fighter for sure so it wouldn’t be crazy one sided or anything. That said, Lumiya’s just had a lot of great moments on her side as well

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