Bullseye vs Katniss

Suggested by Sonic Katniss is skilled with a bow and arrow to the point where she can usually land a bullseye no matter how far the target is. That won’t be enough to defeat Bullseye though who is an expert with any and all weapons that he chooses to wield. That will prove to be a very difficult challenge for Katniss to overcome. Her own abilities are quite impressive but they are not quite ready for this hurdle. He’s also a better fighter in close quarters combat which gives him another advantage. Bullseye wins.

2 thoughts on “Bullseye vs Katniss

  1. Bullseye should win this. He’s much more ruthless than Katniss, who after her adventure of a lifetime, is too much a PTSD-sufferer to be effectively violent, from what I know of the books.

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