Talking Tina vs Willie

Suggested by Jean It’s time for a battle of the dummies here. Talking Tina is definitely the most iconic dummy around with her episode getting quite famous. She seems to have some regeneration at the ready as well as limited movement. In their dummy forms I would give her the edge over Willie. However, what will be the deciding factor here is that at the end of the episode Willie was able to transfer bodies with his human partner. As a human I would say Willie has the edge here. Tina can keep on regenerating for a bit but he would just have her beat in raw ability. Willie wins.

3 thoughts on “Talking Tina vs Willie

  1. This is an excellent match. I do think that Talking Tina would win, as even though Willie was somehow able to turn human, she proved that she could take down a person – after all she took out the character played by Teddy Savales. I do think it would be a close battle 🙂

    • Tina definitely did cause a lot of havok for sure. She wouldn’t back down here from taking on a full sized opponent so it should be a good battle. Neither opponent would go down easy

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