Talking Tina vs Chucky

Suggested by Jean Talking Tina is a classic character to be sure. She puts the fear into anyone who approaches her. As a doll she’s taken fewer losses than Chucky as well. That being said, he does still have his human form from before he was turned into a doll which will be a little too much for her. She may have the spookier approach, but won’t be able to overpower him physically. Chucky wins.

Talking Tina vs Willie

Suggested by Jean It’s time for a battle of the dummies here. Talking Tina is definitely the most iconic dummy around with her episode getting quite famous. She seems to have some regeneration at the ready as well as limited movement. In their dummy forms I would give her the edge over Willie. However, what will be the deciding factor here is that at the end of the episode Willie was able to transfer bodies with his human partner. As a human I would say Willie has the edge here. Tina can keep on regenerating for a bit but he would just have her beat in raw ability. Willie wins.

Talking Tina vs Bass

Talking Tina makes her blog debut. She has some good defense, but in the end nothing can protect her from an Earth Breaker. Bass is just far too powerful for her and could take her down fast. Bass has reached his 110th win. A pretty impressive feat. Talking Tina may be back someday. Bass wins.