Thor vs Akaza

Suggested by Jean Thor is a powerful warrior and one of Marvel’s best but that won’t be quite enough for this round. Akaza is one of the strongest Upper Moons. You could even make the case that perhaps he is stronger than his rank. His instant regeneration mixed in with his lightning speed makes this a very difficult opponent to get past. While Thor has super speed of his own, he will have a very difficult time trying to land a blow here. Even when he does eventually score some blows they will not be enough to deal significant damage to Akaza. Akaza will keep on regenerating and his attacks will be too much for Thor to overcome. Akaza wins.

2 thoughts on “Thor vs Akaza

  1. I wonder if Thor used God Blast in this match if that could turn the tide given that this is supposed one of the most powerful attacks in Marvel history? Thanks for doing the battle.

    • That attack would definitely deal a lot of damage. While it will be tough to tag Akaza the range might be enough to land but with Akaza’s regeneration I don’t think it would be a finishing blow and it would also use up most of Thor’s stamina. Definitely his best shot though

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