Thor vs Akaza

Suggested by Jean Thor is a powerful warrior and one of Marvel’s best but that won’t be quite enough for this round. Akaza is one of the strongest Upper Moons. You could even make the case that perhaps he is stronger than his rank. His instant regeneration mixed in with his lightning speed makes this a very difficult opponent to get past. While Thor has super speed of his own, he will have a very difficult time trying to land a blow here. Even when he does eventually score some blows they will not be enough to deal significant damage to Akaza. Akaza will keep on regenerating and his attacks will be too much for Thor to overcome. Akaza wins.

Bass vs Akaza

Akaza is the kind of fighter who will enjoy fighting against Bass initially but after the first few hits he will be rethinking that very quickly. Bass is not someone you want to fight and it seems like most fighters learn this the hard way. Akaza can regenerate but this will only delay the inevitable. Bass’ attacks will still break him down in the end. Akaza is not fast enough to dodge nor is he durable enough to resist Bass’ power. That’s why he will have to concede this match. Bass wins.

Luke fon Fabre vs Akaza

Akaza has regeneration, super speed, and super strength. The odds of Luke being able to do just about anything against him are slim to none. Akaza will always be one step ahead. Luke has a lot of different magics at his disposal and also some good close quarter combat skills but the difference in speed is what will really make the difference here. He just won’t be fast enough to land any solid blows. Akaza wins.

Akaza vs Leona

Leona is a powerful hand to hand fighter. She also has her strength amped up by Orochi. That said, she will not be able to match Akaza. He is a pure demon so his abilities are not limited by mortal constraints. Leona would barely even be able to track his movements during this fight and that’s what will put her at a disadvantage. Akaza can also heal from any attacks she can throw out which really puts her in an unwinnable situation. Akaza wins.