Wizards of Brandel Stats and Records

Stats time!

Play Time 14h 19m
PS4 Trophies 33/33
Money 14,335,863
Diamonds 90
Purple Coins 277
Challenges Completed 15/20
Flowers Gained 679
Side Jobs Completed 10/20
Story Quests Completed -All
Sub Quests Completed 15/15
Treasure Chests collected 208/357
Familiar Spirits 24/38
Deca Demons defeated 149
Bomb Demons defeated 130
Union Magics launched 0
Synergic Spells learned 5
Max consecutive hits 160
Max damage 28162180
Overkills 45
Weapon Max amalgamation level 166
Weapons Crafted 210
Paces walked 262734
Enemies Suppressed 3733
Physical Skills used 1486
Magic Skills Used 3018
Limit Burst Gauge used 16

Darius Level 669
Erica Level 629
Phelia Level 617

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