Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Stats and Records

Stats time!

Play Time 14h 11m
PS4 Trophies 30/45
Total Points 50184
Songs Played 241
Songs Unlocked 150
Full Chains 146
A+++ Ranks 150
Full Excellent Bars 14
Collector’s Cards 586
Total Successful Actions 39079
World Tour Missions Completed 287
Vs Battles 15-2
Tricks Used 81
Highest Rank Platinum 3
Feats 36/80
Items Synthesized 585
Usable Items Synthesized 283
Materials Used 3857
Enemies Defeated 24033
Total Amount healed 280
Jumps 2817
Items Used 209
King Mickey SUmmons 29
Guest Summons 28
Items Obtained 5100
Treasure Chests Found 42
Team Classic Level Max
Team Days Level 33
Team 3D Level 17
Team BBS Level 32
Moogle Level Max


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