Peach vs Daisy

The 2 Princess’s are finally here to fight. This is Daisy’s debut. Lucky for her Peach isn’t much of a veteran either. She hasn’t fought almost at all but she almost beat Mario. Daisy has magic powers but uses them less than Zelda. It doesn’t help that she’s never appeared in a cannon game for any big console. I guess Daisy still wins. Daisy wins. Not anymore. Peach has shadow form. Peach wins.



44 thoughts on “Peach vs Daisy

      • The poll says Daisy, and she has over 1,000 more votes. That’s what I like. Even though you said Peach has shadow, they still picked Daisy. Let me explain: She doesn’t have Shadow Peach. She was just possessed my the Shadow Queen. When you’re possessed and when you break out of it, you don’t have the power of the person who possessed you. Just take a look when Vegeta got possessed by Babidi. And no, it’s NOT a power-up. We’ve never seen her use it as one before. If she did, MAYBE she’ll win. But on the other hand, never. Like Rosalina could beat Peach by lifting her away.
        I think you should be fair to to Daisy, too. Because remember, she got kidnapped only ONCE; by Tatanga. And now Daisy is way too bad*ss to get kidnapped again. Bowser doesn’t even dare to kidnap her. Don’t believe me? Look at this: Daisy can beat Peach with about one hit if you see what she did to Bowser. People need to use their heads and think through this. Peach never was bad*ss like Daisy was. If you’re going to say Super Princess Peach, don’t say it, please. Using an umbrella isn’t badass. Too Ladylike. If Daisy ever came out with her own game she wouldn’t need a weapon (probably). She’d used those what you call Punching and kicking.
        The video says it all.

      • Daisy does have a lot more votes and if not for Shadow Queen form, then I would probably agree as well. (I had to take away the link because it did not work.) Possession is a legitimate power up on the blog. It may sound like a bit of an iffy rule, but it does help some fighters. Daisy is a very good character and it will be good to see her fight again on the blog someday

  1. Am I the only one putting into view that Princess Peach ALWAYS gets captured while Daisy is off playing sports and NOT getting captured 😐

    • Well, it is true that she gets kidnapped more often, but arguably she lets Bowser. Because she knows he won’t actually hurt her. Plus, thanks to Super Smash and Paper Mario, she has a more fighting skills and super powers that may help her

  2. Daisy’s doesn’t need rescuing all the time like Peach she has a sport outfit and biking whereas peach only has a biking this proves Daisy is good and agile she wears orange which is not a girly colour like pink so she must be pretty tough she is good at hand 2 hand combat and my name is Daisy so that is all I need 2 say.😏 But if this is a fight between peach daisy and rosalina I would vote 4 Daisy but realisticly Rosaline would win😭

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