Peach vs Rosalina

Rosalina is a peach ripoff. They both look really similar which is probably why she’ll never appear in a cannon game again. Rosalina has a barrier that appears if you try to jump on her in Galaxy. Aside form that she has some magic powers. Peach has her super Peach Bomb. Peach wins.

10 thoughts on “Peach vs Rosalina

    • Trust me, I’ve heard the stories! :O It’s also one of those places that can suck you up for hours so I usually keep my visits few and far between, but it can be a nice place. Depends on the section of course

  1. If anyone thinks peach will win in this battle there not thinking, rosalina is way more powerful and has way more magic. And I just need 2 ask u this how many times has rosalina been captured? Exactly she is too bad*ss for any bad guy 2 come near her!

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