Jean Grey vs Deadpool

Jean Grey has psychic powers but she can’t take down Deadpool. Deadpool is just too powerful to be taken down by Jean Grey. Jean Grey is just not at his level. Deadpool wins.

But now with Phoenix Force and stuff I think she pulls out a win. Jean Grey wins.


40 thoughts on “Jean Grey vs Deadpool

  1. Jean grey has the power to control anyone. Her power source is infinite. The lady has the will to destroy planets….PLANETS she wins.

    • Which is defniitely tough. Don’t get me wrong, Jean Grey will always be a tough fighter, but Deadpool is unbeatable. He has fought with guys like Rulk and Thor. He just can’t lose!

      • Jean defeated Apocalypse…beyond Hulk, Thor, and Deadpool. Hell a less powerful Rachel Grey defeated Thor in AVX. XD
        Jean invaded Hulk’s mind before. Jean had complete telekinetic control of Hulk and Thor when she had them at the palm of her hands. You aren’t that bright, or at least you can’t substantiate your argument solidly. That’s why no one keeps agreeing with you and polls show a much different result from what you say.

      • I’m going to assume that I fall into the latter category. That being said, I did end up overturning the match and giving Jean Grey the official win…

  2. It’s not like you choose whose more powerful. Your win/lose arbitration is of no relevance, when we take it to comic vine (group of comic book fans) and democratically debate who are the strong characters, etc. Even if you “left the win” for Deadpool, you’d still be wrong either way. In other words, your opinion doesn’t eclipse a fact.

    • Really? I do decide who wins and loses here..or I thought I did! Comicvine is epic, but I’m The Master when it comes to all things Marvel/DC! I realized that Jean Grey would win and was so…

      • You are not the master, you do not know anything about comics. Only you take your opinion into consideration, because the majority dismiss you, after all your opinions are wrong and aren’t substantiated by any concrete fact. It’s based only on your fanboy ism and you don’t know anything about comics.

      • I have to deny these allegations sir. I’m a fan, but I’m not sure about the term “fanboy” I’ve never really cared for it. I am the master and my knowledge of comics is extraordinary. I do think that Jean Grey can win, but she is still not at Superman level. Think of it from Gary’s point of view or even from mine. Why should Jean Grey win this match when she already won it? I take all facts into consideration and look at other opinions as well, but my opinions are basically facts.

  3. You do not know anything about comics ma’am. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had to provide scans and the issue number of comics in which it’s mentioned that Jean and he Phoenix force ultimately merged to be the same entity, after you claimed their were always and still are different. Which has been refuted in Classic X-men, New x-men, and Phoenix Endsong. And you just deleted those comments as of they never happened. But you were wrong when you said Jean and the Phoenix force were different and I proved you wrong. You are a fanboy and no, superman is way below Jean she has by far better feats than superman. I agree with all comic viners when we say Jean is leagues above superman. Jean. An just telekinetically manipulate reality millenniums before Superman ever existed. So how could he win if she can go to the past present, and future and change events with her raw power? Your opinions are not backed by any comic, nor by any feats. Only you think your opinions are fact which in reality they aren’t and more to say they’re wrong which is why no polls agree with your views.

    • *sir* I’m actually a guy btw. It’s hard to tell online of course so that’s okay. What are you talking about? The comments are still there? They may have looked like they vanished, but that’s just because the comment went to moderation because of the links. It’s a safety feature that I have on the blog because of all the new spam comments. I made sure to approve yours when I had the chance and I even replied to it. I still say that the Phoenix and Jean Grey are separate entities. They temporarily merged in the White Crown arc, but the writing was very ambiguous. I would say that they are different. I’m a fan, but I’m not sure about the term “fanboy” I’ve never really cared for it since it’s always used in such a negative light. Superman easily wins this round. Time travelling on the blog isn’t effective since you can’t go back to before the match started and Superman’s got this with his limitless speed and power.

      Jean Grey may be winning in the polls, but it’s decently close. Superman’s making a comeback and soon everyone will vote for him! My opinions are basically fact and the polls will back this up someday. Superman is still stronger than Jean Grey. He’s a better fighter and he has the overwhelming edge in speed and power.

      • Um no, Jean did not temporarily merge with the Phoenix force. Didn’t you read the scan that I posted? She and the phoenix mention that they’re always the same being. They’re not separate there is no argument around this. And actually even the Phoenix force handbook mentions this, maybe you should buy it and read it so you can fill yourself with some knowledge about Jean Grey and her being the same as the Phoenix force. Oh and there is no such thing as “The White Crown arc” what are you talking about? You see this proves to me that you do not read the comics. Phoenix can even remove powers from people, and she has virtual omnipotence and speed too. She went into the white hot room in a matter of seconds. No your opinion is not a fact, sorry. Jean grey is winning the polls, it’s not a close call, and everyone knows that it’s a fact that Jean will destroy Superman, by far. She’s superior in every way, perhaps not Hand to hand, but she’s superior in power and in existence itself. Oh and let me bring the scans once again that show that Jean and the Phoenix are the same entity and they’re always the same entity. To prove you wrong once again…

      • I read it, but the dialogue was pretty iffy. If the library get sit, I would definitely rent that handbook. The White Crown Phoenix arc or something. You know, the name of the ark with the sketchy arc and her white costume. I thought it was called something like that anyway. I know it looks like I just #Exposed myself, but I did say that I never personally read the arc. I actually have a comics section on this site so you can use that to see which comics I have read. Getting proven wrong is never the greatest feeling in the world, but I may not have to experience it this time since I think that I’ve still got a chance here. They may have become the same entity at some point, but they didn’t start out that way. The Phoenix has always been around while Jean was not even born yet. Just look at the sketchy guys in the background of one of the links you sent me. They were likely previous hosts or something. Jean is winning the polls and I suppose that it’s for the best. My opinions may not be total facts, but they are practically facts so they may as well be facts. Her speed is great, but Superman’s is just better.

      • Um no, again you’re spewing inaccurate information. There is no such thing as a “White Phoenix arc” and what I showed you is something called “Here Comes Tomorrow” story arc. And within that arc, if you ever read it. It explains how Jean knows all of those Phoenixes because a piece of her has always lived within them, in the past present and future.

        Here’s the deal let me make this simple because you are so dumb about the phoenix force:

        Originally there was no Phoenix force, the Phoenix was just Jean Grey fully realized in power. However because she went on a rampage the writers wanted to kill her off. But some other writer later wanted to bring her back, but he had to do so in a way in which Jean didn’t commit such crimes, so he did so by creating an entity called the phoenix force, and creating a whole background story for it. Since then however, Jean has fully merged with the phoenix force. Merge means when two separate things come together to become one and the same entity. Therefore everything Jean is now everything Phoenix, and everything Phoenix is everything Jean. She had to die many times to understand it, and the Phoenix lived a human life to understand Jean and they became one and the same entity by merging, which is why in the scan I posted Jean also mentions how she feels like she knows all the other hosts of the phoenix force, because a piece of her (616 Jean Grey), since she merged with the force, lived/lives/will live within them.

      • I said something like it. I’ve never read it so I wouldn’t know. The Phoenix was already known as the protector of the Mkrann Crystal right and that was way before Jean Grey lived so I think they’re separate unless I’m missing something.

    • Superman is not better in anyway. Jean lives on as a cosmic entity. Superman is dead….He’s not as powerful as Phoenix, sorry mate. Wether you admit it or not, jean is leagues above superman which is why no one votes for superman.

      • Superman’s a tough cookie. Sure, he’s died in the past, but he always gets back up and that’s the true mark of a hero imo. Think about it…who can really hope to match up to Superman when the chips are down? Superman recently went up against Wraith and he outclasses Jean in defense feats as well as in speed. This is why Superman wins the round.

  4. Here you go:

    This last one is of Scott in the white hot room experiencing Jean Grey. The White Hot Room is the heart of the phoenix and it’s base of operations, and the nexus of all realities she is the phoenix conscience, which also explains why Hope Summers, who’s a creation of the Phoenix, looks so much like Jean Grey…because Jean is the Phoenix.

    There are more comics that mention this, but I’m not about to go through all of them just to fill you with knowledge about Jean and the force.

    • I dunno, I still find it a little iffy. She got the Phoenix Force and tapped into its power, which may have fused them, but I don’t think that was the case prior to their first meeting.

      • It is the case. You’re an idiot you don’t know anything about the marvel universe I can tell…that or you just don’t want to admit you’re wrong. I mean it’s written in the Phoenix force handbook which I posted scans of mentioning that Jean and the Phoenix force are one and the same.

        Also originally, the Phoenix force was just an extension of Jean Grey’s power but Marvel wanted to bring back Jean without being guilty of her actions as Dark Phoenix, so they performed something that is called a “retcon” and created a whole background story for the Phoenix, and began calling it the Phoenix force, etc. Later on to fix this, Grant Morrison, created New X-Men in which Jean merges with the Phoenix force, and as mentioned in the Phoenix handbook, which you should buy so you can understand it better, are one and the same entity now that Jean has evolved to understand it and vice versa.

      • I understand that they are now the same entity. What I’m saying is that they weren’t always that way. The retcon is now established as canon and Grant may have done his best to change this, but the composite rule is what makes things a little dicey. I’m still pretty advanced in Marvel knowledge and I even watch the current Ultimate Spiderman show!

      • Again, yes they were together since the very beginning. It wasn’t until later that a retcon was established, and Grant undid that without ignoring the whole backstory invented for the Phoenix. Nothing about Grant’s retcon of the retcon, is dicey or as you vacuously put it “shady”. It’s simple and straight forward, Jean evolved to become the force itself, and the force did the same for Jean, which is why they’re merged. Which is why Hope Summers, a creation of the Phoenix looks like Jean Grey. Which is why Jean always appears along with the Phoenix, which is why the Phoenix always listens to her. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, if you don’t get it, then I’m starting to doubt your intelligence. And watching a show doesn’t refine your marvel knowledge; because it isn’t canon.

      • Right, now we’re on the same page. They originally were separate and due to the composite rule they can stay separate. Grant’s retcon of the retcon isn’t completely valid. They are now together, but they were separate back in the day so I think of them as two different entities. It’s like Goku and Vegeta merging into Vegito. If they really hadn’t switched back, I would still think of them as two different people.

        Watching a show does help to reinforce your knowledge though since non canon material is basically the same as canon. It’s just on a different universe.

      • No we’re not on the same page because unlike you I know that phoenix and Jean we’re not originally separate entities. They were originally the same entity, later on they separated them and after that Grant put them back together as the were originally were. So based on your argument about seeing things as they originally are, you should see Jean as one with the phoenix because originally they were the same. It wa just an extension of Jean’s power. It wasn’t until later that a recton was put created to separate them. Then another recton was made to put them back together. I don’t see that as had to understand, but for some reason you keep struggling with the concept. And either way however you view them, as the were originally or how they are now, she was still and is still one with the phoenix force. So yeah, they’re the and despite your perception of it.

        Also no, you can’t use cartoons in arguments because sometimes they do not follow the correct story lines, and or display ridiculous fears by characters that wouldn’t happen otherwise in the comics and psychologically speaking the characters are different from the comics.

      • Thanks to the different continuities at play though, they have definitely been separate. Remember that in the TV show, they were also different characters and that counts as per the composite rule. The retcons grow less and less powerful as the years go on by so the first retcon would be stronger than the second. Ignoring that though, they still seemed to be the same in the comic that came out. I don’t know what was happening behind the scenes, but to the average comic goer (Or Average Comic Reader in my case!) they still seemed to be different.

        True, but they definitely still count as per composite. Even without composite, the animated versions have a lot more freedom and they can translate a little better than in the comics, which is why the feats may seem to be a bit much at times. TV show versions are always stronger than in the comics.

      • Again, jean and the phoenix force were NOT originally separate entities. The original story was that phoenix was just an extension of Jean’s power. A recton later established that they were different. And a later recton put them back together. So based on your logic that you see things as they originally were you should see that. Phoenix and jean are the same Because that’s how they were originally written.

      • Nope, during “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and the preceding “Phoenix Saga” Uncanny X-Men #100-138 The Phoenix is just an extension of Jean’s power. No one ever stated otherwise because the idea of them being separate entities wasn’t coined until about a decade later when marvel wanted to bring Jean back without her being guilty of the actions of Dark Phoenix. You should really refine yourself about comic book history. What I’m telling you can be found from many documentaries to even Wikipedia itself. So yeah…

      • Right, but going purely from the TV show, they were seen to be different beings. I dunno about the Phoenix being an extension of her power. Of course, it’s been a while since I’ve read those comics. I will work on refining my knowledge of Jean Grey!

      • Yeah I know that you don’t know about Jean and Phoenix originally being the same. It’s obvious. I’ve been telling you this whole time and providing sources and you still didn’t get it. You’re dumber than Brittany Spears boobies. It can be found everywhere even by reading the original uncanny x-men 100-138, but of course you don’t read comics so you wouldn’t. And again the cartoons aren’t canon so it can’t be used to try to back up anything. And no the Phoenix saga in the cartoons aren’t similar enough to be considered canon get that through your prick head.

      • I think you’re overestimating me at this point if you think that I don’t read comics. “Your insults are not necessary” is probably what I would say if I wasn’t so busy countering your points. I read plenty of comics and the cartoon is good enough to show us that the Phoenix can be taken out by the Shiar. Just saiyan….

      • Even in the cartoons phoenix didn’t loose to the shi’ar. And of course what counts the most, the comics, don’t agree with your statement. And also you haven’t countered anything concretely.

      • Well, that energy blast did take her down for the count. She’s the one who fired it, but they did make the gun. Maybe I’ve lost track, but what points are you referring too? I thought I already countered all of your points.

  5. Oh my god how many scans does he have to show you of the Phoenix blowing up Shiar ships? Really, I won’t say you haven’t read comics because there is some chance that you AREN’T lying and actually do read comics. Though you really haven’t read a lot of the P comics, have you? I mean, I’m not here to join this debate. Well, probably not. What I really posted this is for you guys to take this to another thread. Maybe an abandoned one or one on a movie review or something. Or DReager can make one. Because when I see more than 30 comments on a thread that says P wins against DP, it gets confusing. This argument has gotten so off topic, so could you please take this somewhere else Alan/Anonymus and DReager1? 😐

    • The scans are really interesting though. If you want to see the comics that I have read, just check out my comics section………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

      On another note, I have read the original Phoenix Sagas, but I haven’t checked out most of the newers ones where they decided to retcon a lot of stuff. Hey, I just reply to the comments! I don’t mind moving it somewhere else, but if anything, this is actually a pretty appropriate thread since it’s about Jean Grey and it was pretty abandoned so it made for the perfect living quarters. Which other post would you suggest we hypothetically move it too?

    • True, I do agree with that now and I switched the match result a while back. Or do you mean non Phoenix Jean Grey against Deadpool? In that case, I still agree with you, composite or not, Jean Grey definitely wins this round.

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