Ms Marvel vs Deadpool

Well Deadpool warned her. Ms Marvel has no shot of dealing with someone with the power of Deadpool. Deadpool is too deadly. Deadpool has a gun that can take anyone down. Deadpool wins.

Well, Ms Marvel’s power is pretty topnotch so in the end she takes a win. Ms Marvel wins.


18 thoughts on “Ms Marvel vs Deadpool

  1. She’s bullet proof. She’s probably sword proof too. And she basically broke Deadpool’s neck in one punch. By ‘this means war’, Deadpool is most likely going to annoy her to death. But this is a fight to the death. Deadpool is quite unmatched.

    I find it ironic that this is a blog about the ‘Fairest fights’, yet you pit things like a computer program with great power… but only in the internet against a girl from a music anime. Is that what you consider fair?

    • In some comics the author’s don’t know his power, so he looks bad. Like in hulk vs, he didn’t look that good. In a real fight she would die pretty easily. Also why keep bringing up how Bass pwns everyone.

      • …I keep bringing that up? you’re definitive argument is ‘Bass Pwns’. YOu brought that up in a situation where he had absolutely no importance and, therefore, no significance. I’m merely pointing out you pit characters with a lot of battle experience against characters that have never picked up a wepon, much less fought in an actual battle.

        You still haven’t negated the argument that she is swordproof and bullet proof. Deadpool cannot always pull powers out of his butt. That’s where he stashes all his weapons, there’s no more room. The only powers Deadpool has is a healing factor and the ability to break the fourth wall. That’s it. Other than that, he’s an ordinary human with ordinary weapons.

      • Not really. Bass always has significance because he’s so cool. He pwns. Whether his opponent is Galactus or DW the result is the same. They stand no chance.

        As for Mrs Marvel. She can try to destroy Deadpool, but that’s like trying to destroy Elder Toguru or Hidan. They just don’t die. Deadpool is pretty much immortal and will never die, because he can defy reality whenever he wants too.

      • Bass is not cool. He’s a 1-dimensional character. His interests involve getting stronger and ‘RARGH, KILL HUMANS’. Here’s a better character: Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. Look the game up sometime3, if a rating of T is in your age range, which I kinda doubt given your poor matchup skills. Lloyd gets character development not far into the game. He’s courageous and strong but very boneheaded as well. GAmeplay wise, he’s a balanced character in the melee class. Not too heavy, not too strong, but balanced in all aspects and able to string together high-length combos. He gets more than enough things to make him a well developed character and, thus, superior in every way to Bass, who is stuck in the internet, something that would not exist in the game’s world and even if Bass COULD be there, he’s still not going to be able to beat Lloyd that easilly.

        Also, the only reason Deadpool lives so much is A) because someone put a curse on him to make sure he never died and B) because of his crazy healing factor. But just because he can’t be killed, that doesn’t mean he can’t be put out of a fight. Mrs. Marvel could probably reduce him to a head and leave him unable to fight while he regenerates… for a few months. Thus, putting Deadpool out of the fight by virtue of being unable to continue.

        Outright killing Deadpool, yes, is like saying Ryoma or Iron Man could beat Thor. This isn’t a death match though. All Mrs. Marvel has to do is make sure Deadpool can’t fight. That’s it. And I believe I’ve pointed out a way for that to happen.

      • Lloyd seems like a good character. I looked him up, but to compare him to Bass. No way. Bass is so cool, that he beats everyone with his coolness. Also Deadpool could just teleport away from Mrs Marvel’s attacks and knock her out. She just can’t compete with him.

      • Yes, use the teleporter that could easilly trap him in a wall. I see no reason this can’t go wro- YOU IDIOT. Deadpool’s teleporter is hardly infallible. It’s prone to malfunction at the worse possible moment. And given Deadpool’s attitude, he’ll keep doing it over and over until something horrible happens or it blowsu p. That throws that advantage out the window. That’s not ‘can’t compete with’. THat’s ‘momentary advantage’.

        Lloyd is far cooler than Bass ever will be. Simply on account of being a more developed character. Bass is overrated.

        In a fight between Lloyd Irving and Bass, I’d consider it a balanced matchup. Lloyd has Guardian to shield against bass’ strongest attacks and Bass has a good amount of ranged attacks to keep Lloyd at bay and keep those swords away from him. If Lloyd decided to use the Eternal Sword though, which I might add can do anything (and I mean anything), he could probably win the fight right there and kill Bass before he could lift a finger. But taking that aside, I’d think that such a match would be nice and well-rounded.

        Anyway, Mrs. Marvel still has an advantage.

      • Lloyd is good, but Bass has his Darkness Overload which would just take him down in one good blast. Also in the movie Bass absorbed Megaman’s Ultimate Program. Deadpool has big combos in MVC3. With those he also could take down Mrs Marvel.

      • Lloyd has Guardian. In game, that reduces damage down to 20%. He just needs to use that and Darkness Overload is shut down. Lloyd has is own finishing attack as well, Falcon’s Crest. An attack that Lloyd has to be at low HP for. So even if Bass knocks him down a lot of health, Lloyd can just do that to return the pain. Not to mention that I’ve never seen Bass stock any Recover chips. Unlike Lloyd, who can just use some Gels to heal himself.

        Combos don’t mean anything if one can block them. Or if each hit deals minimal damage. I’m not saying Deadpool isn’t strong. He’s stronger than the average human, for sure, but Mrs. Marvel is a lot tougher than an average human. Minus the healing factor, Deadpool would not have survived that punch that snapped his neck.

        Seriously, stop ignoring someone else’s points in favor of your own. It makes you look like an idiot. I have a harsher word in mind but tact keeps me from saying it.

      • I’m glad you have tact. Also Bass can regenerate, so that’s really the same thing, if not better. Lloyd may be good, but Bass has the double Beast Cannon. With that he pwns pretty easily.

        Also in MVC3 Deadpool’s combos are intense. Mrs Marvel can fly, but Deadpool could just beat her. remember he got the powers of Thor once. With those he pwns

      • He needs to absorb bugs to do that though. Something he can’t do in the real world. Unlike Deadpool, who regenerates without outside assistance. And Bass is a game where the base max HP is 1000 and his best attacks deal 400 damage. Lloyd comes from a series where the main characters can have 9999 HP. Going by each game’s respective stats, Bass is at a sheer disadvantage.

        Once. Doesn’t mean he’d have it in the fight. He sure didn’t have it in the comic. And I don’t think Deadpool can fly either. All Mrs. Marvel has to do is get some large things to drop on Deadpool, cut off his excape routes, and go from there.

      • Fine, Let’s pretend for a sec that Lloyd can beat Bass in regular form. Let’s even say he beats Bass in his SP form. Let’s even get a bit crazier and say he can beat Bass in Omega Form. Then Bass in hubstyle would beat him. Also you’re forgetting about the Get Ability. If Lloyd destroys Bass Bass will come back to life instantly with Lloyd’s powers.

        Also large objects wouldn’t defeat deadpool. In MVC3 Deadpool is shown to be able to survive dozens of bullets and not even get hurt.

  2. OH yeah, look at the voting results. People favor Mrs Marvel. Obviously, they have a reason for doing this.

      • …Yes, I see how the bullets plink off of her body and how his yellow boxes immediately remind him that she’s bullet proof and calls him out on his bad move. And how Mrs. Marvel lays out Deadpool with a blow that would be instantly fatal to a normal human.

      • But Deadpool is no ordinary mortal. Also he was pwning in that comic. He was just letting her get her hits in before he takes her out. Just the author didn’t do a good job there

  3. dude there was already a comic which shows deadpool killing everyone. everyone else killed them self because they knew that if they kill him he would just keep coming back. also if he can’t regenerate because of his curse he spawns somewhere else/

    • True, but that comic was a bit of a stretch don’t you think? I am a big Deadpool fan so it’s fun to see him beat everyone up, but I can’t say that I thought it was very realistic. Deadpool is skilled…but not quite That skilled.

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