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Silver Surfer vs Deadpool

Well I’m afraid that Silver Surfer just doesn’t have the skills needed to take down Deadpool. Deadpool is just too strong and has guns that defy reality. He will never lose. Deadpool wins.

Don’t mess with the Surfer. In the end his cosmic powers turn the tide. Silver Surfer wins.


32 thoughts on “Silver Surfer vs Deadpool”

  1. The only thing about Deadpool that defies reality is the ability to see beyond the Fourth Wall. Other than that, he has regeneration, some guns and swords, and… whatever else he can find. Silver Surfer, on the other hand, has incredible power far beyond most mortals… including Deadpool. If it was a snarking competition, no contest. In an actual fight? The Silver Surfer seems maybe a bit too much for Deadpool to handle.

    Now, if it were Squirel Girl, on the other hand…

    1. No, In one issue Deadpool was stuck in a freezer for many, many years and it did nothing. Also once he believed he had super powers and he just got them, because he believed. Deadpool could take on Silver Surfer easy. Also Silver Surfer gets pwned by everybody. Deadpool just teleports on his board, knocks him off and takes him down

      1. Deadpool has a healing factor. Plus, people get frozen all the time in anime, cartoons, ect. It barely does anything. There’s even a trope for it called ‘Harmless Freezing’. On the topic of ‘gets pwned by everyone’, was he getting pwned in the second Fantastic Four movie? To me, it looks like he knocked the FF around quite well.

      2. He started out good, but then the Goverment beat him thanks to some devices and stuff. If you lose to the goverment, no matter what the circumstances, you cannot call yourself a cosmic entity. Silver Surfer is just not at Deadpool’s level.

  2. not a bit too much Silver Surfer had a boss who ate Worlds, even that guy saw how powerfull he is, Silver Surfer wins no contest, teams have to be deployed to beat Silver Surfer! so no 1 man will take him down!

    1. The Surfer is good, but this is Deadpool. He’s gone toe to toe with Thor and Red Hulk. He can take down nearly any opponent if he wants too. They just don’t have the power that Deadpool has, and that power is the power to believe

  3. Oh, dear lord… This IS a joke, right? The herald of galactus gets beaten by deadpool? HAHAHAno. Deadpool’s tough and all, but he’s nothing compared to an ANT with the power cosmic, much less an already highly intelligent being.
    Surfer ROTFLOLUMADBRORANDOMLETTERSstomps Deadpool. In the crotch.

    1. Of course not! Deadpool had enough power to fight Thor to a standstill! He could definitely take down Sliver Surfer eventually. Let’s not forget that Deadpool is pretty much immortal. It’s extremely hard to destroy him. He’d also get Silver Surfer’s Board pretty easily

      1. Deadpool uses teleporter to get on SS’s board and kick him off, then does something that nobody expected like pulling out a rocket launcher and shooting SS in the face.

  4. SILVER SURFER NO CHALLENGE! He would kill dead pool. I mean he could take him into space and just super speed around him… Dead Pool can not breathe in outer space so he could just leave him out there… Silver Surfer would figure out how to kill him some how.

    1. Yes, I now believe Silver Surfer would win thanks to his cosmic power and super speed. Of course Deadpool does have Thor’s flight, super speed, and power. So that could help make the fight closer. Still, the Surfer takes the win ūüėÄ

      1. Deadpool cuts off his own head, then continues by throwing it at silver surfer, Silver surfer would be to freaked out to do anything to him.

      2. I no longer need to argue, since deadpool would simply blow silver surfer’s mind, rendering him unable to do anything for a couple seconds, in which deadpool would teleport onto his board and kick him off of it. So bye.

    1. Originally Deadpool won the fight so when I overturned the match, I decided not to delete the original reasoning and just post the new one under it. It’s a way to see how my thinking has changed over the years I suppose.

      1. Trust me, he definitely doesn’t win anymore. At one point he was protected under the blog’s “High Above” rule but that was rescinded so the match was quickly overturned.

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