Thor vs Ryoma

This is a tribute to the Thor movie. Thor is the god of thunder and because of this wields a lot of power. Sadly for the human part of the movie he didn’t look so good. Ryoma has tennis skills. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020. After all these years, this controversial match has been overturned. Ryoma won’t be able to win with his protection nullified. Thor wins.

76 thoughts on “Thor vs Ryoma

  1. I’m sorry, but tennis will never be a substitute for godhood and Mjolnir. Get this Coolness off my internet, you tool.

  2. Ooh, it awaits moderation. That means you HAVE to see what I say.

    How bout you pick some fair fights instead of throwing strong characters against weak, and how bout you consider more than just raw strength like some sort of kindergartener? Geez. This is pitiful.

    • I know it is a blow out, except your on the wrong side. It’s okay, unless you’ve read POT (Prince of Tennis) if you have then you might want to rethink this

      • Uh, no. Using your own logic, Ryoma is a mere mundane human. At best, he has extraordinary skills at tennis. Tell me, then, how this compares to godlike strength, speed, regeneration, immortality, weather control, and a cool hammer, among other things Thor has. I can tell you: IT DOESN’T. Thor’s one of the strongest Marvel heroes for a reason – it takes more than some uppity anime/manga twit to beat him. I cannot think of any possible way Ryoma could do any permanent damage to Thor. Tell me how instead of “WELL GEE YOU SHOULD READ THE MANGA”. Go on. I’m waiting.

        Oh, and hands off my posts. Editing my posts is just a sign you can’t win any logical argument.

      • Fine I won’t edit what you say in the comments, but I do have to take out all curse words and words that are like curse words. Now as to how Ryoma could do damage. I’ll just name 6 ways.

        1. Ryoma can stop time for as long as the ball is in the air. And Ryoma can hit it pretty high. Also while time is stopped it shows his opponents weak spot

        2. Ryoma can make fire tornados, which won’t do much but it was worth mentioning

        3. Ryoma could just knock the hammer out of Thor’s hand with a well placed shot. And then stop time so Thor can’t get it

        4. Ryoma has the pinnicle of Perfection which means he’s perfect and can’t be beat

        5. He has the legendary Cool Drive (Yes that’s what it’s called)

        6. His reflexes are at god level and can go toe to toe with Thor.

        i hope this cleared it up for you and I still think you should read the anime or at least look it up on Youtube and see his true power

  3. ahahahahahaha

    At least you’re civilized enough not to make a mess of my posts. Kudos for that.

    Now I’ve noticed that every single one of your fights tends to boil down to “X is just too strong. X can never lose. Y has no chance.” I find this utterly disgusting, yet I’m curious as to why this isn’t taking place right now. I notice that you totally disregard the strengths of Thor when you declare Ryoma the winner, focusing only on Ryoma’s abilities. Before I go into why Thor is superior, let me debunk your points.

    1. That’s nice and all, but this isn’t a tennis match. What weak points? When you’re dealing with someone like Thor, any possible weak point isn’t a weakness so much as it is a slight lack of strength. Stopping time isn’t terribly useful if you can’t DO ANYTHING TO FIGHT.

    2. So if it can’t do much, why is it relevant? Rule Of Cool does not win fights.

    3. >Implying that Ryoma can hit a tennis ball so hard as to knock Mjolnir out of the hand of Thor, the strongest god in the Marvel version of the Norse pantheon and possibly one of the strongest beings in the Marvel universe. It’ll be a cold day in hell when anyone short of godhood themselves (or a DC comics character) can overpower Thor. Even if Ryoma did have the raw strength to hit the ball hard enough, a tennis ball is not the best projectile to use. Chances are something, be it the ball or the tennis racket, will snap in the process, and even then, a tennis ball simply cannot transmit enough force to knock Mjolnir away. Even IF Mjolnir was lost, this does not preclude Thor from being able to beat the tar out of the opponent; Mjolnir does not necessarily grant Thor any power in and of itself, meaning Thor’s strength and speed are unchanged.

    4. Man what. That’s fine, but this is not a tennis match. This is a life-or-death brawl we are talking about. You’ve used a similar argument for other characters, which is equally disgusting.

    5. Irrelevant. This is not a tennis match. Doubly irrelevant as you failed to mention what it does (a quick check on Wikipedia reveals it simply makes the ball defy physics and roll on the ground instead of bounce, which is immensely useless in combat save for distractions).

    6. By definition, it is impossible to have reflexes at god level unless you ARE a god. Failing that, Thor deflects bullets with Mjolnir. When Ryoma can deflect bullets with a tennis racket, you can argue this point.

    Now why should Thor win? Not too hard to figure this one out. Namely,

    1. If there is any natural weather in the area, Thor scores a Stage Fatality by dropping a lightning bolt on Ryoma through use of Mjolnir. Heck, even if there isn’t any natural weather, Thor can still pull it off, being the god of thunder. Humans surviving being struck by lightning is possible, but highly improbable. Surviving a lightning bolt sent by a god with the intent to kill is impossible without special precautions.

    2. Any hit from Thor will shatter every bone in Ryoma’s body. Unless Thor decides to mess around, he will inevitably fight at full power. One shot anywhere means Ryoma is too busy either being dead or in agony from having a sizable fraction of his bones being broken in one blow, which means death follows soon after.

    3. Thor can throw Mjolnir. This is fine, but Thor can throw Mjolnir at supersonic speeds. Reflexes are irrelevant; unless Thor massively broadcasts the attack several seconds in advance (and even then it’s unlikely), there is simply not enough time to dodge Mjolnir. The human body cannot possibly move fast enough to evade it; it’s like dodging a bullet. Ryoma literally cannot hear it until after it makes impact; supersonic speed is confusing like that. A hit from Mjolnir will probably go THROUGH Ryoma, leaving a nice giant hole in his body that, if it doesn’t kill him outright, will kill him through massive blood loss.

    4. Just in case Ryoma DOES mount an offensive, Thor’s senses are such that he can track objects traveling faster than light. Given his aforementioned reflexes letting him block bullets, any attack from Ryoma will likely be parried.

    5. Thor REGENERATES. As if it wasn’t bad enough he’s nigh-invulnerable, he REGENERATES the damage Ryoma could dream of doing to him. Thor can win by attrition alone.

    6. In the impossible event that Ryoma comes close to victory, Thor can literally go berserk, cranking his strength and stamina up tenfold. The result is basically “pound ground, everything in a mile-wide radius dies”.

    You need to do WAY more research into characters before you go and claim one character is superior.

    • Cool you looked him up. Pretty cool huh. Ryoma has powers that are just too great. Now one thing I need to point out. Thor is tough, but he does have a tendancy to get his hammer knocked out of his hands. I mean Cyclops knocked it out of his hands. As for his reflexes and power Gladiater knocked him out in one punch. One Punch, and this is from the guy that lost to a Power Crazy Dictator. Also Superman beat Thor, and Superman loses to Lex Luther. Sure he has kryptonite, but it’s still pretty sad. As for Ryoma watch these two videos to see his true power. If you only have time for one watch this one

      • Did…did you just disregard not only my six counterpoints to your points but also my six points as to why Thor would win with a simple “Ryoma has powers that are too great”?

        Let’s get this straight. In an argument worth a damn, “too great” is a subjective thought that means anything. What matters are objective facts, not subjective opinions. “Thor has super strength” is an objective fact. “Ryoma is the best character ever” is a subjective opinion. One of these cannot be disputed; the other is inherently useless in a debate by its subjectivity.

        Now, you’ve got this wonderful problem where you’re comparing Thor to other Marvel characters. That’s nice. That’s also irrelevant. This is about Thor VS Ryoma. Ryoma is not Cyclops, Gladiator, or Superman. Thor’s loss to any of those characters does not negatively impact his fighting abilities in any way, shape, or form. Thor is still super-strong, still has super-reflexes, still has Mjolnir, the hammer of “kill every mortal it touches”, still has his weather control powers…you get the point yet?

        I watched the videos. What true power? The twit is playing a GAME OF TENNIS. This doesn’t give him any edge over Thor since they are not playing a tennis match. They are fighting to the death. Special serves and hits during a tennis match would do nothing to stop an angry Norse god.

        And of course Thor can win simply by dropping a lightning bolt on Ryoma from far away. You forgot – or chose to ignore – that point, which is probably the biggest reason Ryoma would lose. Even WITHOUT Mjolnir (not “the hammer” – MJOLNIR), Thor still retains his physical powers, and can just punch the hell out of Ryoma.

        And you forgot the part where Thor regenerates, therefore shutting down any possible offense Ryoma could mount.

        Now, before you make a counterargument, go back to my last post, read it thoroughly, and at least attempt to answer everything. Just because you adore Ryoma does not mean he automatically beats Thor.

      • I don’t know when Ryoma his the ball he hits it. In the videos he was so epic. Well I don’t know how to convince you anymore, but here’s another try. Thor can’t knock Ryoma out because Ryoma would just dodge the punch, or block it with his tennis racket. In Perfect Form Ryoma can’t be defeated. No thunder would penetrate his tornados. He can also slide pretty fast to dodge. Ryoma just can’t lose. Also It is relavant that Cyclops knocked the hammer out, because Ryoma can hit a tennis ball much harder than Cyclop’s beam. After that Ryoma can pin Thor to the wall with tennis balls until he turns back into his human form

      • Quit ignoring my points and throwing up abilities that, while somewhat impressive, pale in comparison to Thor. Get your head out and look at Thor’s abilities.

        Ryoma doesn’t HAVE an offense; tennis balls don’t transmit enough force to do any real harm. Ever get hit by one of those machines that shoot tennis balls? It shoots harder than Ryoma could possibly hit a tennis ball. No way is Thor being hit by that.

        You forget that Cyclops’s optic blast is instantaneous; wherever he looks, there it is. Unlike what you want to believe, it also hits harder than a stupid tennis ball, no matter who hits it. A tennis ball is not instantaneous – it has travel time and needs to put up with annoying things like wind resistance. If Thor can deflect supersonic bullets with his hammer, he can deflect subsonic tennis balls with his hammer. The entire notion of being able to disarm Thor with a tennis ball is absurd.

        Blocking a superpowerful god’s punch with a tennis racket is the best way ever to wreck a tennis racket. The next hit will be fatal. Dodging a punch is nothing impressive if the next hit lands anyways – which it will, Ryoma isn’t a ninja that can perpetually stay away from a god in hand-to-hand combat. Also, you simply cannot dodge a hammer moving at supersonic speeds. Dodging does not work that way for humans.

        Tornadoes are cool at blocking projectiles. Tornadoes are also part of the weather. As the god of thunder, Thor controls weather. This is a problem for Ryoma. Even if Thor can’t dispel the tornado instantly, lightning strikes from above, not from the sides. Last I checked, tornadoes don’t cover attacks from above. It wouldn’t save Ryoma from getting hit, and only inhuman precognition could predict getting hit by lightning half a mile away. Even IF the tornado could block the lightning, it’ll eventually peter out. The thunderstorm spewing lightning, however, is under Thor’s control, and is only going away when Ryoma’s been turned into a lightning rod.

        Simply put, any hit from Thor is instantly fatal to Ryoma. Ryoma has no offense – tennis balls do not transfer enough force to do serious harm to even a regular human, let alone a nigh-invulnerable god. There isn’t a possible way Ryoma could win this fight – Thor doesn’t have a timer on his god form according to the comics, which take precedence over the movie. To continue to argue Ryoma’s point is to ignore all of Thor’s powers and abilities that would render your argument futile.

      • What you’re forgetting is Ryoma is no ordinary human. He’s an anime human, which shouldn’t mean anything, but in anime humans are a lot tougher than usual. I didn’t want to mention it, but in DBZ Krillin is human but take spunches form people at Cell level and lives. ryoma is like that. While humans and rackets shouldn’t stand up to Thor’s hits they do here. Ryoma can stop time so the lightning doesn’t hit him and knock Thor’s hammer out with a V Drive hit. After this Ryoma just goes Super Saiyan (Perfect Form) and then hits Thor with a tennis ball so hard Thor loses. Ryoma hits the ball so hard it dissapears. Now that’s a hard ball that probably breaks the speed of thought and takes down Thor. Ryoma’s tennis ball is just as fast or faster than Cyclop’s blast

      • Okay, fine, anime humans are more durable than the average human. I will grant this. However, you are making irrelevant comparisons to characters not involved in this fight. This is not Dragon Ball Z; Ryoma is not Krillin, has not gone through Training From Hell specifically to fight battles against aliens, and will not survive any hit from Thor. Every anime is different. Prince of Tennis may have some pretty ridiculous shots, but you won’t see any of that in DBZ, nor will you see anyone launch a Kamehameha or a flurry of ki blasts in PoT. If you’re done mixing anime worlds, you’ll realize that one blow will kill Ryoma instantly, and no wooden tennis racket is going to save him.

        I’m only going to say this one last time, so GET THIS THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL. TENNIS BALLS ARE A POOR WEAPON BECAUSE THEY CANNOT TRANSFER ENOUGH FORCE TO KILL OR EVEN SERIOUSLY INJURE, NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY ARE HIT. It would be more effective just to use the racket as a weapon as the racket isn’t hollow like the tennis ball and can transfer a lot more force. That’s why corked bats aren’t as effective in baseball as actual bats; the hollowed out bat means less of the kinetic energy stays with the baseball. Continuing to insist that a tennis ball can do ANYTHING to Thor beyond annoy him is a perfect case of You Fail Physics Forever (and I took AP Physics, so I know what I’m talking about here).

        Lightning travels faster than sound. You are making the assumption that it is possible to act on something that travels faster than sound. This is a poor assumption.

        Also, breaks the speed of thought? Maybe the speed of YOUR thoughts. The rest of us intelligent people already see the idiocy of that comment. Unless the tennis ball is moving at the speed of light, it’s slower than Cyclops’s optic blast. That’s kinda how optic blasts work, being, y’know, based on sight. Take a physics class when you get the chance, it just might do you some good (or make a mess of your GPA, one of the two).

        Thor is nigh-INVULNERABLE. Nothing short of another superpowered individual is going to stand a chance against him (unless it’s Batman). You keep ignoring this point and treating Thor as if a single blow, properly timed, would knock him out. That is not the case. Quit acting as if losing the hammer is equal to instant defeat – Thor can wield other weapons easily, and still has superstrength and speed to contend with. Ryoma loses.

        Also, if time’s stopped, you can’t knock Thor’s hammer out of his hands, because time’s frozen

      • I don’t know, when Shadow stopped time he was still able to kick Silver into the dirt So when Ryoma stops time he can still knock the hammer out of Thor’s hand. After that Ryoma is strong enough to just take him out with a well placed Tennis Ball. Because Ryoma hits them so hard it dissapears. Ryoma just won’t fall. Also Thor is fast, but Ryoma is faster.

      • At this point I don’t consider you as having any real intelligence. You’ve constantly ignored the vast majority of my arguments and intend on failing physics forever with your repeated insistence that a tennis ball can transfer enough force to do any damage. In a formal debate, your defeat would be inevitable at this point.

        I’m tired of addressing the tennis ball thing over and over. [b]Tennis balls, no matter how hard they are hit, are too hollow and cannot transfer enough kinetic energy to do any serious injury, let alone kill someone.[/b] You lose this point in the argument, now and forever, with your continued persistence in arguing that just because Ryoma can hit a tennis ball hard enough to make it disappear, that it can cause any real damage to a nigh-invulnerable god. Got it? Good.

        If time is stopped, then Thor logically cannot feel pain because for him, time is stopped. Funny how you confuse moving/thinking at incredibly fast speeds to be the same as stopping time, but I should have expected such idiotic logic from a fanboy such as yourself. If Thor could feel pain and get Mjolnir knocked out of his hands, then time isn’t stopped, Thor can act, and Thor can block the attack with Mjolnir. Considering that Thor can track objects moving faster than light, a tennis ball disappearing is well within Thor’s abilities to track and deflect.

        Ryoma will never be strong enough to KO any superhuman with a mere tennis ball, let alone a GOD. Anime human or not, that’s just not humanly possible. Quit ignoring Thor’s invulnerability – the god deflects bullets, takes massive laser shots to the chest, and can still beat the hell out of his foes. A simple tennis ball won’t do anything to him.

        Unless Ryoma moves at supersonic speeds (impossible; what do you think he is, a hedgehog?) there’s no real way to dodge Mjolnir once it’s thrown no matter how fast he moves, which is entirely bullcrap as you are arguing an anime tennis player is somehow able to move and run faster overall than a god.

        [b]Give up already.[/b] I’ve thoroughly crushed your arguments time and time again with reasons far more comprehensive than the one sentence dismissals you spew at me. I leave no point of yours unaddressed, noting why such and such an ability is not only negated, but why it would be useless even IF it worked as you would think it would. The blatant disregard of anything I say would have lost you any formal debate by virtue of not answering my all-too-valid objections.

        This video sums up my thoughts perfectly.

      • The video was interesting. What you fail to understand is that Ryoma’s balls do hurt. Once a character got pinned to the fence and got pretty hurt because someone hit him hard with a tennis ball. Ryoma is just too powerful for words, which might be why it’s hard to accept that he’s the best.

        Thor’s hammer is pretty tough, but there’s one more flaw to it. If someone’s worthy they can lift it. So if Thor throws it at Ryoma. Ryoma will probably just catch it and knock Thor out with it. Also Ryoma knows how to hit a ball so cool that it turns in the air. Pretty Impresive huh

  4. Okay. For EVERYONE ELSE WITH A BRAIN, Thor wins. I have had it with trying to argue with a 14 year old anime guy that cannot apply common sense and ignores every truck-sized hole in his argument. Anyone else want to give it a shot, be my guest. Just keep in mind this is a tool who

    -Assumes merely being in an anime gives enough power to go toe-to-toe with a god
    -Pretends your arguments do not exist
    -Is unwilling to accept that his favorite characters have flaws
    -Is hilariously hypocritical by favoring some of the most popular characters
    -Fails physics and debate forever
    -Thinks Rule Of Cool is a viable combat technique
    -Will not even entertain the notion that his favorite characters could lose by refusing to pair them against each other

    I’m through dealing with this guy. Thor wins; if you disagree, read everything else I’ve said, compare Thor’s abilities with everyone else in the Marvel universe, then compare Ryoma’s abilities to everyone else in his universe, then apply some common sense to the two of them and think about it.

    Least I can take solace in that Dreager1 will never pass a physics course.

      • You know how the match would go if Ryoma were to win? Here.

        -Thor vs Ryoma-

        Thor: …

        Ryoma: …

        Thor: No. Just no. I’m not doing this. *walks off*

        -Ryoma Wins!-

        Ryoma: What kind of moron designs these matches? I could have gotten killed?


        Also, I think I know how the whole ‘time stop’ thing works for Ryoma. He’s just surpassing normal human limitations and moving faster than the human eye can fully comprehend. He’s not ‘stopping’ time, he’s merely moving too fast for normal eyes to register. That’s how it worked in Air Gear, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works here. Thor is a GOD and isn’t bound by simple human limitations. Shadow, on the other hand, would have a slightly better chance because of a few reasons.

        1. He was genetically created to harness the energy of the Chaos Emeralds to use Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, Chaos Spear, all sorts of stuff.
        2. He’s incredibly fast to begin with, rivaling Sonic. Probably not enough to dodge lightning without Chaos Control but still.
        3. He’s able to survive re-entry into Earth’s Atmosphere. Granted, he probably still had some energy from the Chaos Emeralds but he still had to survive a bone crushing drop and if Eggman didn’t find him, he’d die but even so.

        Onto Ryoma again, the tennis ball comment… Oh God, this has been done to death. Let me put it to you this way. A normal tennis ball would just break apart long before it got enough momentum, was able to keep enough by the time it reached Thor and impacted against him. Even if they were made of metal, you still have to give Ryoma a strong enough tennis racket. And then you need to have him get strong enough to do that. And I don’t see him being that powerful.

        Bottom line: The only way Ryoma stands a chance is if he goes to the world of Dragonball Z and trains like hell. Or splices Sayian DNA and prays that lets him go Super Saiyan (It won’t. Genetics don’t work like that). Or hope for the above situation. Actually, you know what? You’re right. Ryoma would win because I don’t think Thor would have it in him to kill a mortal being. He’d just walk off, disgusted.

        If it was a tennis match… Yeah, Ryoma still loses. Thor: God. This hasn’t been stated enough, apparently.

      • The thing is in this manga/anime Tennis Balls are a bit unbelieveable. One guy shoots one so hard it turns into a laser blast. A normal ball would have broken, but this one didn’t. Also they hit the ball at possibly light speed and the ball doesn’t break. Ryoma is just too powerful. I do think Thor is really tough, just not tough enough to win this match.

      • You still have yet to answer the problem of how Ryoma can get strong enough to perform such a trick. And the question is ‘Is Thor strong enoguh to beat Ryoma’. It’s ‘Can Ryoma stand a chance against a god?

        Want to know how tough he is? Just ask Iron Man about his ‘fight’ with Thor.

      • Ryoma doesn’t need to get stronger, because he’s reached the Pinnicle of Perfection. Watch the last fight and you’ll see why he’s known as the best. Of course he can stand up to gods. They won’t stand a chance against him.

      • Oh yeah, his last fight, a human opponent. And humanity cannot reach perfection. That’s just not possible. By saying Ryoma is perfect, you sare saying he cannot get stronger. Therefore, he cannot defeat Thor. He can’t advance to a tennis god or anything. He is mortal. He will get killed by a flick of Thor’s finger.

      • I don’t know, since he’s perfect he doesn’t need to improve. He just pwns everyone. There’s no way anyone can stand up to the power.

  5. well both you guys have good arguments but I think I know real results.

    Well, ryoma is an anime hero and is therfore more powerful than humans and has cool powers. However, he is lacking a katana, which most anime heroes have. without a katana he just can’t cut that 3 foot thick steel hammer in half, and thor can shoot lightning.

    thor wins.

      • yeah but you see that lightning isnt just any lightning, its marvel lightning which gives it epicness and a 90% crit rate, and tennis rackets aren’t katanas so they can’t deflect lightning

      • I mean not even the mastersword can deflect lightning and link was in several animes

      • Yeah, but Ryoma’s Racket is stronger than Link’s master sword. The Master Sword is mostly best against evil, while Ryoma’s racket does heavy duty damage to anyone.

      • 1.
        100%KO ratio means OHKO, and ryoma cant OHKO 24/7.

        2. epicness>>>>coolness

        3. But you see thats the thing, in some cases the lightning WAS evil. I mean, it was purple. What kind of good guy uses purple lightning? Nobody, thats who, and I can guarantee you that anime mastersword is better than an anime racket, though it does partially depend on the weilder. Even still, if a msater sword cant deflect purple lightning then I dont think that rackets can deflect yellow lightning, no matter who is using it, because yellow is good and good>evil, as seen in megaman vs bass

      • Purple trumps yellow. Megaman just got a lucky shot against Bass because of cheesiness.

        Ryoma will always be able to win this fight. His racket is just too powerful. It would beat anything.

      • There’s so many to choose from. Also I’m not online all the time. I also play Video Games a lot and watch tv and read comic and etc. I have to find out about as many characters as I can so I can put them in the blog.

    • Megaman beat bass every single time, and by cheesiness you mean by anime rules. And Japan is always right, so yellow>purple.

      • Megaman can’t land a hit on Bass when the going gets tough. And Anime does rule. They just don’t always get it right. Also Purple>Yellow and Red>Purple

  6. I…what……how….

    Who taught you physics? Who taught you science? have you learned how to read the basic laws of nature?

    I…just…wow….so much ignorantness in one person. :l

      • Hmmmmmmmmm, I hope not. Also name calling doesn’t help your argument. I mean you’ve practiclly admitted you can’t think of a reason why Thor would win

      • …I don’t need a reason. THor is the viking god of thunder. He just needs to FLICK Ryoma with his finger and he’d be killed. He could call lightning down before the fight even started. And I don’t need to tell you that lightning moves pretty fast.

        You have yet to come up with a good reason why your ideas would even work. Or even give an accurate assessment of each side’s abilities.

      • Thor’s good, but Ryoma is faster and stronger. With those two reasons alone I think the fight is ended there. There’s just no way Thor can win with those conditions.

  7. come now wubbles, we are having an educated debate about fights and sometimes it takes people a bit to think of a counterpoint.

      • Maybe that’s why your descriptions and arguments fail so horribly.

      • Apparently, everyone who voted disagrees. Thor has a 100% vote count. Everyone who voted on this believes Thor can beat Ryoma. And what use is a tennis racket against a god? It hurts humans, sure. So does a good sized rock. A rock also hurts a good deal more than a tennis ball. Sure they sting if they hit you but most objects too. If it’s a rock, it’s more than certainly going to break some bones.

      • But Ryoma is a special case. I guess I have to bring in my ultimate argument clincher. Ryoma can hit a ball so hard that those anime beam backgrounds go in. Thor never got one of those. Also Ryoma has never been blasted through a building. That’s because of his immense power.

      • Thor’s in a comic book. Of course he wouldn’t have one of those. You’re saying that just because Ash had that anime beam background when he threw in his pokemon sometimes that it makes it uber powerful? No, it’s just to look cool. that’s it.

        Ryoma never got blasted througha building as well because he’s playing tennis. Granted, Anime Laws require this to be taken to insane heights that throw physics into question but it’s still tennis. Thor gets blasted through buildings becasue he’s fighting foes taht are strong enough to do that.

      • Anime backgrounds do increase the power in whatever it shows. Without it they do worse. Also Ryoma doesn’t get blasted through buildings because he’s too powerful. And in perfect form he’s too fast for anyone to get him. Also Ryoma defies physics, like when he hit a ball so cool that it multiplies into 16 balls. Of course then his opponent multiplies to hit it.

      • You don’t know what Sarcasm means, do you.

        I have to ask. ARe you trolling? Or are you serious? Because if you’re just trolling everyone, I must applaud. If you’re serious… god help you because you are the worst kind of moron out there.

  8. If you guys just saw the Avengers episode, now there’s no way to say Ryoma loses. Malekith pwned Thor in one hit. Come on Ryoma wouldn’t have gotten hit by that ice box. He would have dodged at super speed. This episode reminded me why Ryoma cna beat the whole Avengers team

  9. Prince of tennis ryoma? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    ryoma echizen can’t wint win thor, except if he ryoma changes his echizen surname to nagare.

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Ryoma Nagare! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Ryoma’s the best. He can take on Thor. I’m guessing Nagare is an anime character from somewhere, but I’m not sure who you mean. Ryoma can stop time and take down Thor

  10. In the anime, two ryomas are very popular.

    One is ryoma echizen,other is ryoma nagare.
    one is a tennis player, other is a karateka and pilot.

    they have insane fathers(nanjirou echizen and ichigan nagare)

    • Yeah I just checked out the other Ryoma. I haven’t watched or read Getter Robo so I had never heard of him. He looks like a good character.

      So Ryoma wins this match against Thor thank to his supreme tennis moves mixed with supernatural talents.

    • Unless you request more Ryoma matches I’m not sure about the tournament, but as for this request fight consider it accepted. Expect it up by Jan 3rd at the latest

  11. Ah, back here again. And your arguments still make no sense and you are an obvious troll.

    I must state again that there is no way Ryoma can beat THor. But that’s not where I”m going to go with this. I’m instead going to point out that this is not a ‘fight’ or a ‘comparison. Take a look at the Death Battle series on Screw Attack for how you really do a comparison/fight thing. And I’m still waiting on you to grow a brain. Unless you did while I didn’t see you. THat would be awesome

    • Well, those were good times. I’m not a troll though. Also remember, Ryoma is a “High Above” on the blog so he technically can’t lose. High Aboves are granted the right to win all battles on the blog.

      Deathbattle? Not the best example *coughsupermanwoulddieagianstgokucough* Anyway, I do mention their abilities and stuff a bit sometimes, but that’s more for the comments. I just show who would win in a fair composite fight.

      No worries, I’m even smarter than before. You should have seen some of those new matches, heh heh. I’m happy to say that the blog has cracked 10000 posts 😎


  12. Google Gemini saga vs bass.exe and you’ll find a thread on mvc that was created by Dreager. It shows how much of a fool he is. Several points were brought up and he was even humiliated, but he still thought that bass wins.

    • I’m pretty proud of that thread. That being said, I’m sure that I would have debated it better had it taken place currently. Ah well, what can ya do right? At least we can all agree that Bass wins 🙂

      • *looks at your avi*

        Sure, it’s not like you have any huge bias or something like that. There’s no way your personal likes and dislikes would affect your decisions.

      • Whoa, it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve seen you around! It’s safe to say that we are all bias for something. We are only human after all. So, whether you deny it or not, there will always be something that affects our decisions aside from facts. I do my best to stay impartial though and to honor my 100% accuracy policy.

  13. Hey DReager1!!! Haven’t been on the blog for a WHILE now. I took a break for summer. Just looked at latest comment and clicked. We’ll anyway don’t have a debate about this fight just wanted to let you know that I am back debuting and here. 😄

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