Ryoma vs Captain America

This is a tribute to Captain America the classic film. Captain America looked as good as I thought he would, so he has to lose to Ryoma. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 With the power cosmic Captain America takes this win. Captain America wins.

16 thoughts on “Ryoma vs Captain America

  1. Cap’s shield will block anything ryoma has to throw at him. He is more durable and skilled in a fight than ryoma.

    • Ryoma would simply hit a tennis ball right through Cap’s shield. I had Ryoma take down Thor after all. There is virtually no fighter who can take down the Prince of Tennis. Ryoma’s reaction times are also greater than Cap’s so he would win in a hand to hand fight

  2. He is a tennis player. Not a fighter. He has never shown feats that would put him on captain america’s level.

    • His shield has taken blasts from those guys. Cap has maybe endured a Cyclops blast, but that’s about it. The manga gives effects because it’s due. One guy can rip open black holes with his tennis racket…and he’s the guy that Ryoma just saved! Silver Surfer’s blasts are tough, but it wouldn’t match up to one of Ryoma’s killer attacks at this point. Captain America certainly isn’t fast enough to dodge Ryoma’s attacks and he wouldn’t be able to endure them. His shield would be destroyed and then it would be game over

  3. Silver surfer can already make black holes of his own. Cap has once held and used mjoliner. He’s survived way worse than what ryoma can dish out. He’s battled an angry hulk, world breaker hulk, and has even beat iron man. Ryoma can take a beating, but cap has had his entire face melted before. That alone proves cap can take ryoma out.

    • Cap using Mjolnir is not a feat because Thor allowed it + he was worthy. So, it’s not like it would weigh a whole lot. If you mean that he can use it in the fight, then definitely. Still, he doesn’t have the power to use it to 100% potential and Ryoma could block hits from it with his racket. Cap getting his face melted sounds pretty tragic and I personally think that the scene should never have happened. Either way, Ryoma’s survived getting hit numerous times with high speed tennis balls. I don’t believe that Captain America could match that kind of endurance. Cap has taken on the Hulk in the past, but it was a mix of plot hax and the fact that the Hulk is just too slow for his own good. Ryoma has been shown to toss the ball in the air and then stop time. That’s a pretty lethal ability since time stays stopped until the ball lands. Pretty impressive eh?

  4. Mjoliner weighs 1 million tons. Ryoma’s racket will shatter along with his body if he tried to block it. The time stop ability is just an effect put in to exaggerate the speed. If that really was an ability, then all Pokemon can manipulate time since it seems like it when ever they attack.

    • Captain America’s physical strength isn’t as great as Thor’s so the weight won’t be as much of a factor. This is also ignoring the fact that Ryoma is a selfless/worthy hero so lifting Mjolnir is within reason as well. Pokemon don’t stop time except for a few of them and it’s a completely different effect. Only two characters in the Prince of Tennis series can do this and at least one of them wasn’t the fastest character out there. It’s an actual technique and it shows why they are so skilled

  5. Did you ever see the alternate ending to Master of Disguise? Pistachio Disguisey disguised himself as Captain America to take down Devlin Bowman.
    “Hey. What’s with the italian accent, Cap-i-tan America?”
    “Well-a you see, America is a big-a pot of-a melting-a people.”
    That was a much better ending…

  6. The weight of mjolnir doesn’t matter in lifting it since it’s all about worthiness. But it does matter in ryoma’s case because he will be hit by it. Let’s assume cap will swing mjolnir as if it were a bat. The average major league baseball player swing is between 76.6 mph and 80.1 mph. So let’s cap will swing the hammer at 77 mph. This is where mass becomes a very important factor. You see, the equation for the force an object exerts is mass x acceleration. Mjolnir has a mass of 1,000,000 metric tons. 1,000,000 x 77 = 77,000,000. Cap will be hitting ryoma’s racket (or face) with 77,000,000 tons of force (or 77 megatons). To put that in perspective, the tsar bombs which is the most powerful nuclear bomb in the world and is also hundreds of times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, is only 50 megatons. Cap will not only be destroying ryoma, he will completely obliterate all of Japan. Therefore captain America wins. There is no way you can prove ryoma will win.

    • Cap may obliterate Japan, but the blast wouldn’t get through Ryoma’s racket. His racket has been shown to be virtually indestructible and only once has it been damaged if I recall correctly. (Lava ball burned through it) Ryoma can definitely block the hammer and I’m still not sure about the weight. From the second that it deems Cap worthy and he’s holding it, then it’s lost a lot of weight. Otherwise, merely tapping someone with Mjolnir would destroy the opponent and we’ve seen Thor hit many street level opponents. Poor Iceman would only be a memory if the hammer always weighed that much. I believe that the 1,000,000 metric tons is how much it weighs if you are not worthy and that’s why there are few characters who can lift it against Thor’s will. We also can’t forget that Ryoma is extremely fast and the hammer won’t be hitting him unless he wishes it. He once dodged a tennis ball that was going back and forth between two bullies by walking right through it with his racket by his side. Finally….this was all before he obtained Perfect Mode.

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