Hiei vs Goten

This is a tribute to Broly Second Coming. When Goku, Gohan, and Goten’s Kamehameha’s don’t work you know that something cheesy will happen. Overall Goten didn’t look so great and can’t win this one. Hiei wins.

Hmmmm, this match is pretty close, but SSJ3 Gotenks is tough. I’m giving it to him. Goten wins.

2 thoughts on “Hiei vs Goten

  1. Goten needs trunks in order to become gotenks. It’s suppose to be a one one one fight. Cannon goten can only go up to ssj1.

    • Composite includes fusion forms. It may seem a little iffy, but it’s cool since both fighters can take control. Either way, just having Super Saiyan 1 should be enough to deal some heavy damage

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