Goku vs Naruto

This is a tribute to Naruto Shippuden Bonds. Naruto got pwned and thrown around the whole time so he loses this round. Goku has the Kamehameha wave and with it he could blow Naruto away easily. Naruto just doesn’t have enough skills to win. Goku wins.

14 thoughts on “Goku vs Naruto

  1. it is imposible!!!!! you have posted that sasuke can beat goku!! AAAAND we all know naruto beats sasuke!!! So he beats goku tooo

  2. All right I personally think you should have added more detail to this all right he has kamahehah but naruto has the resangan (I don’t care if I spelled resangan wrong) he also has the rasen-shuriken and tailed beast bombs and he has nine tails charkra mode. I’m saying you have to add a lot more detail to these

    • Yeah, my battles can be a bit short sometimes. I’ll put this on my list to extend a bit. Though, those attacks wouldn’t really be able to do anything against Goku’s legendary kamehameha. He’s just too powerful. He’s a solar system buster and massively FTL

      • Um so amari wouldn’t go anything neither would destroying every single cell in his body. Oh how about sage mode when goku is gathering energy he’d just turn into a frog and no It doesn’t matter how strong you are you can’t resist it. And once you become a frog you can’t stop being a frog. It’s not like jirya’s seal that turn you into a frog for a little bit too. I know goku would win but it’s not true none of those attacks work also guess what goku dies every other boss so just think about that

      • Goku’s will power would resist the whole frog thing. Naruto’s attacks are indeed formidable, but I don’t think that they will really be dealing any damage to Goku when he’s in his more powerful forms. His defensive capabilities are far too great

      • Goku threw a frog didn’t turn into one. How is throwing a frog helping you will power???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????

      • It doesn’t really help, but at least we know that Goku knows what he’s doing. It’s all about will power. If Goku doesn’t want to be a frog, then he won’t be a frog

    • Right! Also, even if he turned into a frog, he could still kill Naruto in that form. Remember, when he was fighting Buu he was turned into a candy and he was fine, infact harder to hit!!

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