Spawn vs Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider has his motorcycle and has been doing pretty good on the blog. Of course in the end all heroes lose one day. For Ghost Rider it’s to Spawn. Spawn is an impressive fighter with abilities that outrank Ghost Rider’s. Spawn wins.

Update 04/21/2018 Ghost Rider would have enough strength and defense to take down Spawn in this round. Spawn is powerful but he simply wouldn’t be able to endure enough hits to win this fight. Ghost Rider wins.


2 thoughts on “Spawn vs Ghost Rider

  1. You do realize Ghost Rider has the strength to match World Breaker Hulk with the durability to match right? Oh and there’s the Penance Stare. Still, it’s a difficult match and I can see Spawn coming out on top.

    • This definitely is a tough round. As you pointed out Ghost Rider did look really good in that Hulk event. Honestly it definitely could go either way. I think Ghost Rider may have the edge so I am updating the match now. Good catch on pointing this match out.

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