Godzilla vs Sasuke

This is a tribute to Destroy All Monsters. Godzilla may be big, but in the end he just didn’t use his size to his advantage. In that movie he didn’t look so great, and Sasuke could have beaten him with one attack. Sasuke’s just that good. Sasuke also has the legendary sharingan. Sasuke wins.

2 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Sasuke

  1. Beaten him with one attack? GODZILLA IS A TAILED BEAST WITHOUT EXTRA TAILS!!!! SASUKE IS JUST ONE NINJA WHO HASN’T EVEN UNLOCKED THE POWERS OF HIS SHARINGAN YET! Mangekyo Sharingan, the hypnotic power to control a Tailed Beast. Sasuke doesn’t have that for 1.
    Sasuke is weak compared to Godzilla. Godzilla could solo the whole Uchiha clan of he wanted.

    One shot-ing Godzilla… you’re as high as a kite!

    • Now you’re getting a bit far! Sasuke is an S class fighter who’s pretty much unbeatable! One fireball jutsu should weaken Godzilla enough for the Chidori to finish him. He’s 100 times faster than Godzilla and would crush him with ease. Cmon, Sasuke’s an Uchiha!! One Chidori should finish this.

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