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Batman vs Joker

Possibly the greatest rivalry in all of media. Joker and Batman have been fighting for decades. Soon they it will have been a century. These two will never stop fighting. Joker will keep trying to drive Batman mad and Batman will keep trying to not destroy him.

In the end they will keep going on forever. Even if one of them dies the other will keep on going. There is no way to finish a rivalry like this one. The best thing to do is to live. Joker has a lot of tricks up his sleeve like Guns, Bombs, Dynamite, and poison gas.

He also knows some good hand to hand skills and has been shown to keep up with Batman at times. Of course in the end Batman’s hand to hand skills are superior to Joker’s and his gadgets are better. Who needs a gun when you can have a Batarang?

Batman also has, A GL Ring, Sound Powers, Flight, Hi Tech Gadgets, and a lot of robots. Batman also has his genius, but it’s cancelled out thanks to Joker’s insane genius. This battle is always close, but Batman wins thanks to all of the various power ups he’s gotten over the years.

If he’s desperate he can always whip out the old Zebra Suit. Of course that’s not to say that Batman would have lost if we weren’t counting power ups. Without them he’d still defeat the Joker, but it would have been a lot closer. Joker is now 0-4, but we all know that someone of Joker’s impressive abilities won’t stay there for long. He Is the Crown Prince of Crime. Batman wins.


10 thoughts on “Batman vs Joker”

      1. Right, but reality warping alone should not be enough to defeat the Spectre. I think the writer gave the Joker too much credit there.

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