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Godzilla vs Jaden

This is a tribute to Terror of Mecha Godzilla. Godzilla didn’t do so great in this film. While he pwned Titanosaurus a lot when it came down to fighting Mecha Godzilla he couldn’t crack it. Jaden has an awesome deck and can take down anyone who gets in his way. He’s unbeatable. Jaden wins.

6 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Jaden”

  1. Untrue. Gozilla has taken down far worse than the Elemental Heroes before. Jaden isn’t even the best duelist in his own series.

    1. I dunno, I think Flame Wingman could take down Godzilla. Godzilla’s just not fast enough to hit a lot of these guys. How would he catch Burstitrix? (Probably didn’t spell it right, but she’s the fire elemental hero)

      1. Flame Wingman is tough! He has the massive speed advantage over Godzilla and is a powerful fighter! All duel monsters are counted as alive on the blog. And Jaden has a lot of those! His mirror force would protect him

      2. Flame Wingman uses fire as his weapon; Godzilla is immune to fire… do the math!!!!
        He can also only use Mirror Force once and even if he has other traps, it’s never going to be enough. NEVER!

      3. But Jaden has his elemental hero Neos! Plus dozens and dozens of other cards. They could overwhelm Godzilla with sheer numbers! Jaden also has his Neo Spacians which are pretty tough and has a lot of fusion cards. Thanks to the manga he also has the legendary Terra Firma!

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