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Gemini Saga vs Bass

Gemini Saga makes his blog debut. He’s immensely powerful and can blow up Galaxies. He also travels faster than light and has many other impressive abilities. It was just his bad luck that he had to fight someone like Bass. Bass is an invincible being of power who cannot be defeated by any being in all of media. His Get Ability assures this. Not to mention he already has invincible power. Bass will never be defeated. Bass wins.


201 thoughts on “Gemini Saga vs Bass”

  1. Dude, you forgot to list his abilities -.-
    you make him sound completely weak compared to how strong he really is.
    Galaxian Explosion
    The ultimate technique of Gemini Saga. Saga burn his cosmos to it’s max and with this attack he can destroy objects be it physical or non-physical, he can destroy souls with and he can also destroy illusions. This attack was said to have a force of exploding galaxy it means the power of this attack will be like exploding galaxy. Saga can use this attack in many poses, he can catch the opponents and use the attack without moving his hand.

    Another Dimension
    This attack allows Gemini Saga to cut space-time and twist them, he can send his opponent to a different dimension/world and if the dimension was closed there is no hope to return to the real world instead he will be swimming in the endless sea of stars and planets. With this attack Saga can send the souls also to another dimension he can also consume projectiles and and energy balls or anything similar to that.

    The Demon Emperor Fist, this attack only the Pope of the sanctuary can use it, Saga being able to use the attack means he reached the level of the Grand Pope, the strongest saint among Athena’s Saints. This attack enables Saga to control his opponent the way he like, and if the opponent was hit by it he will not regain their senses unless they kill someone. Usin this attack allows Saga to hit the brain of the opponents and destroy the nervous system and paralyzing the opponent body.


    7th Sense
    One cannot gain the 7th sense by training or burnning his spirite or increasing his Ki or whatever, one cannot get that sense by emotions.The 7th sense grant various abilities, for example with the seventh sense one can move at the speed of light, one can see the lightning, with the 7th sense even if one lost his eyesight he can see, if he lost hearing he still can hear, if he lost touch he still can feel, if he lost his all 5 sense the 7th sense they can use the senses they have lost. Even if one lost his brain and his 6th sense still with the 7th sense he can think, talk…etc With the 7th sense one can talk to another telepathy, born his cosmos infinitly…etc The 7th senses also allow the owner of the sense to heal himself, it boost the saint power, strength, cosmo, life-energy and the speed as well.

    Saga can move at the speed of light but probably can move faster than the light. Saga being a Gold Saint have the ability to do a 100,000,000 hit per second. Saga when he was a child and without his Gold Cloth or burning his cosmo was able to move at the speed of light.

    Senses Removing
    Saga have the ability to remove the senses of his opponent, with a simple flash of light the opponent will lose a sense of his 5 senses. Saga being able to hit the opponent at the speed of light will allow him to remove the opponent’s 5 sense in second.

    Psychic Powers
    Saga have some psychic powers, for example he can call his Gold Cloth even if it was far away, he can call his cloth using the teleportion technique, meaning the cloth will appear infront of Saga from nowhere. Saga have the ability to control his cloth at the speed of light. Saga can use his cloth to even use his own attacks such as his light speed attacks or Another Dimension…etc Saga have telepathy, he can talk to people using that telepathy, he can paralyze or stop the movements of the opponent using that kind of power.

    Saga can create illusions and unrealistic images, he was popular for Gemini’s Eternal Maze illusion, even if one have the speed of light he will be running endlessly in the eternal maze of the gemini. On the other hand Saga have the ability to see behind illusions and even destroy them easily without a problem. Saga’s illusions allow him to control his own armor, meaning if the armor was attacked he will not be effected instead the opponents attacks will go through his body, yet he can attack using the illusion.

    1. The match would have been too long if I added all that. but now that it’s in the comments everyone can see it 🙂 I still got his basic abilities down right 😛 So I’m guessing you’re going for Gemini. No worries your other requests haven’t backfired (BTW Have you looked at all of your matches that I’ve put up?)

      1. Oh boy, it has been maybe 7 years since I introduced Gemini Saga to your blog. I’m glad to see it is still being updated. I miss these debates.

  2. no i havent. i think i forgot alot of them 😛 can u give me a list of em? and yes i am voting for Gemini
    and this one hasnt backfired either. no one really understands what would happen. if i had an animation production like you did (Yes ive seen one of your Youtube videos) i would make a match.

    1. Glad you’ve seen em. Brings back memories 🙂 Well here are the ones I’ve done so far, note that you still have around 5-8 in the vault that will be coming soon.

      But trust me…..Bass takes this match 😛

  3. 😀 i see Link is More Badass then you thought huh? 🙂 all your followers think so 😛
    Victory! Over Orochimaru!
    right now he is way ahead in the lead 🙂 does that count as a win?

    1. Link is pretty awesome. He’s a lot better than most Nintendo characters 🙂 He is winning in the votes, but he’s still lost the match. Ever see my Records? I list where every single character on the blog is ranked 😀 Check it out 🙂

  4. dude.. .that is YOU OPINION!!! 😦
    It should not rely on yours. it relies on the followers opinion.
    if not then what the heck is the point of the blog?
    you couls say Yoshi was stronger then One-above-all
    and have 1000 people disagree, and then put it on the list as another los for One-above-all.
    let the people’s voice be heard or you will not make any followers.

    1. Well yeah. I say who I think would win. Then the folowers try to convince me otherwise or support the decision 🙂 The point of the blog is to be the biggest/best Debating blog ever. BTW Yoshi can beat One Above All 😀 I do listen to my followers though 🙂

  5. …dude… now you are crazy
    and I am one of your followers. I say Link is better then Orochimaru. so do more then 60% of your followers. if you do listen to them, then Give Link this victory. and I have a favor. can you take down the match between Gemini Saga and Bass?..
    not cause im scared or embarassed in any way.. but I want Gemini to fight his way to bass 🙂
    so first, I want Gemini,
    to battle everyone bass has beat
    in order 😛 (well that doesnt really matter)
    if he does come out without a single loss, then he will grow in popularity,
    and get more votes
    and maybe win 🙂
    im just sayin give Gemini a fighting chance. not many people know about him so if he grows in popularity, the votes will at least double! so please, ASAP, remove that match for another time.

    1. I know your a follower and I listen to your input. I’m not sure about 60% of my followers agreeing with you (Since 90% never even comment or vote) But I still don’t think Link will win. I will keep an open mind about it though 🙂 Sorry, but once a match is up it can’t be taken down 😦 Don’t worry Gemini Saga will get his share of fights. That’s a lot of requests btw 0-0 You sure about that? Trust me, it’s happened before where someone gave tons of requests, but got bored later on. How about request a couple at a time? Also Bass fought some pretty heavy hitters! Plus you have some more requests in the vault

  6. okay, you have a point. I want Gemini to only face the Toughest of the enemies Bass has beated. forget yoshi, mario, luigi, Kightman, spikeman, etc. one at a time. Only the toughest. maybe just one a day. or less. maybe weekly? Dunno but I know Gemini is either Equally as good as Bass, or better.
    Bass has the “get ability”
    which allows him to come back from the dead, and add his opponents power to his own.
    Gemini has the 7th sense
    this allows him to burn off his Infinite Cosmos to Double his power instantaniously.
    He can walk thru the worlds of the dead and living very swiftly and easily.
    Basically, Gemini also has “get ability” just, it is split into 2 different abilties.
    since both of these characters can come back and get stronger, there needs to be a stipulation, or else this will end in a Tie. it will go on forever.
    Sure. go ahead and do the oher more interesting requests first 🙂
    maybe there should be some Kind of tournament!!
    yeah!! 😀
    could you do something like that?? make everyone fight one another, 1 on 1. the winner moves on 😀
    omg this would get you soo many more followers! 🙂 and you should add some more characters! 🙂 here i thought of some.
    all of the Fantastic 4(sepparately)
    (Maybe a Horde of zombies? if that’s possible. like 1 mil.)

    1. Yeah, otherwise your requests would have lasted over 2 years (Which is a scary thought D=) Thing is, Bass would get his 7th Sense ability added to his Get Ability meaning he’d surpass Gemini and take the win 🙂 Expect a request fight up today 😀

      Tournament? Well I could kind of do that, but I’m not sure in the way you mean. I could theoretically do it, but you’d have to request 2 fights I guess, and once I’ve done them request the winners to fight. It could work. Okay as for the requests

      Deadpool vs Gemini Saga Accepted
      Apocalypse vs Gemini Saga Accepted
      Rhino vs Gemini Saga Accepted
      Scorpian vs Gemini Saga Accepted
      Generic Zombie vs Gemini Saga Accepted (Sorry only 1)
      Human Torch vs Gemini Saga Accepted
      Thing vs Gemini Saga Accepted
      Invisible Woman vs Gemini Saga Accepted
      Mr Fantastic vs Gemini Saga Accepted

      Also I already have over 2000 characters 😦

      Also don’t worry, I do one of your requests nearly every day. Sadly, none tomorrow because I’m doing an Avengers special and all spots will be taken. Saturday you may get 2 though 😀

  7. ha cool 😛
    well you could make a Post and say “tournament! first 100 fighters enter!” and people will put 100 fighters in 😛 hopefully that will work.
    and no 🙂 that is the trick to the 7th sense. Look back on its info.”One cannot gain the 7th sense by training or burnning his spirite or increasing his Ki or whatever, one cannot get that sense by emotions.” you can not use the 7th sense if you are not a Golden Saint or the Pope himself. 😛 i was thinking about that too 😛
    lol i was thinking that those new people could be included in the tournament, not go against Gemini, but oh well 😛 that is just another 9 wins for him 😀 dang i wish you…wait… instead of a zombie.. waht about an infection? ???? vs zombie infection. would that work?

    1. Well a tournament could be interesting. I have done some arc which is pretty similar. Basically a group of say 7 people fight each other until everyone’s fought everyone.

      Well The 7th Sense can’t be gotten naturally, but the Get Ability has no limits. There hasn’t ever been something it couldn’t absorb. It would get the 7th Sense 🙂 Then Bass would be unstoppable 😀

      Infection? I don’t think that works, unless you’re talking about a character. Sorry, but Zombies are good too…..right 😥

      I’ll see what I can do for a tournament. You know you could suggest one if you do the complicated way 🙂

  8. what complicated way? 😛
    and you said, and i quote “There hasn’t ever been something it couldn’t absorb.” well this cannot be obtained. It is a Sacred Power ONLY for Gold Saints. now if Bass was Secretly a Gold Saint then by all means take the power. but Gemini is the Only Gold Saint that has this ability. as you quoted “There hasn’t ever been something it couldn’t absorb.” well there has not been an ability that has taken 7th sense. you cannot learn it, you cannot steal it, copy it… no wait… I take that back 🙂 By all means Take 7th sense 🙂 but honestly there isnt anything you can do with it. It increases the SAINT’S powers 🙂 check it in the 7th sense part of his abilities.””The 7th senses also allow the Golden Ranked Saint to heal himself, boost the saints power, strength, cosmo, life-energy and the speed as well. “”
    So, by all means 🙂 take it. you are only making Gemini Much Stronger.

    1. It sounds more complicated then it is, but basically first you’d request

      Mario vs Link
      Pit vs Samus

      Then when I do the match and winners are picked you do

      —– vs ——

      Then you’ve done a tournament 😆

      Trust me, it’d absorb it and work for Bass 😛 It absorbed Hubstyle which was only for Megaman, the chosen warrior. It couldn’t work for anyone else 😆 But it worked for Bass anyway 🙂 So he’d get this too and it’d power him up until he won 😀 That’s why he’s unbeatable 😀

  9. haha sure thing 🙂 ((Btw how old r u? im 15)
    listen. Let me ask this. Can Goku increase his power by Burning cosmos? or upping his power level? everyone has different ways of powering up, and if you were to possibly IN ANY WAY Take 7th sense, you would have to be a Gold Saint. so, you would litterally be ripped appart by Many Cerberus’s. that is the punishment that the 10th all the way to the 6th Gold Saint got. they all Tried to Kill the Pope to get the 7th sense, and they all failed. if you try to get the 7th sense, you would have to battle Gemini Saga for it, and then the Pope again. only then will you get the 7th Sense. oh, and remember in 5 flashes of light, Bass loses all his senses. so all Gemini has to do is Blink, and laugh as Bass tries to find him. after this, he Greatly increases his power to at least x10 of his normal capacity, turning his armor into Bright Gold instead of his normal dark Purple. after this, he just possesses Bass and throws him into a different dimension. Megaman is in the same story as Bass so it obviously worked for him. He has not taken a One-Of-A-Kind Power from anyone else from a different storyline. So Gemini Would Tank this one.

    1. I’m in the leet year of the Backyard Football with the crossing out of the 2 and 3 digit and lower 1 by the power of D I would give a straight answer, but I have many enemies 😎

      Goku couldn’t, but he has no Get Ability 😎 Maybe Bass would be ripped apart, but then he’d come back immune to that 🙂 Just cuz Megaman and Bass are in the same franchise doesn’t change it. It was still a One of a kind power and Bass got it 😀 Also Bass would get out of the dimension and his senses would come back once he died so that plan would never work twice. So in the end Bass wins this one easy 😎

  10. I…still dont know how old you are… O.o
    Bass would not come back with his senses. and even if Gemini gets killed somehow, he can adapt with 7th sense and come back stronger. this is basically putting Bass against an older version of Bass.
    hey, since we are arguing about this, how about we compromise? you can name one power only, to take away from Gemini, and i Shall take one from Bass. deal? both the powers can not be gained back, or stolen, or copied.

    1. Well, I may as well say. 16 😎 Bass would get his sensed back because of the Get Ability 🙂 Gemini may come back, but he’d never match Bass’s power and thus he would lose. We can’t just take powers =) Let’s just go with Bass pwnage for now 🙂

  11. For now? whats that mean?
    and we can to take powers. i dont see any reason not.
    You say he wil never match Bass’s powers, when in fact, he can double his own. i have even shown you the math.
    1000 is Gemini’s powers and 800 is Bass’s powers.
    Gemini kills bass. Bass comes back with added power.
    so, Gemini doubles his strength.
    again, same thing.
    8000> 7800
    and again
    on and on and on. Bass cannot surpass Gemini’s powers. ha, and you say “Gemini may come back, but he’d never match Bass’s power and thus he would lose” when Bass cannot get 1 point more then Gemini.

    1. You’re forgetting that about Bass absorbing 7th Sense so it’d be

      Gemini 1000 Bass 800
      Gemini destroys Bass. Bass absorbs his power and 7th ability. Doubleing his power after adding. Gemini doubles as well. So it’s


      Gemini Doubles and Bass doubles


      See. Gemini cannot surpass Bass. Gemini wouldn't get even 1 point above Bass 😀 He'd be thousands behind eventually 😎 This is why Bass is unstoppable 😀

  12. he cant absorb 7th sense. that is the trick to it. if you are part of the story, Own a magical suit of Golden armor, Killed THE Pope, have infinite Cosmos, then you cannot take it! even if you could, and that was possible, then Gemini just wouldnt Kill Bass! that way he could not Take 7th sense because he was not killed by 7th sense! last time i did my research, Bass is always just brutally injured, and always has a body that he comes to. and he has never died. so he has never Came back. if he is completely killed, then it is game over. remember Gemini can adapt to his enemies too. oh and you forgot HE CAN CONTROL BASS. AND PARALYZE HIM. oh, and make him lose all of his Senses. Bass is laying on the floor, paralyzed. what does he do then? please tell me this.
    btw Someone Intellegent wanted someone to go against Bass and you said no. Why is this?

    1. Bass vs Sigma right? High Aboves can’t fight each other as per blog rules 😀

      Bass can absorb 7th Sense because he can absorb anything. He also doesn’t need a body to come back. Manga proved this 🙂 He can try to control Bass, but Bass has high resistance against that and would likely break free. Even without his senses Bass is formidable and would keep on fighting. Paralyzeing wouldn’t work for long. So Bass still wins this match 😀

  13. Paralyzing wouldnt work for long
    Bas has high resistance against Genrou (paralysis)
    Likely Break free
    Bass is formidable without his senses
    all of these, are Opinions. These have not been proven.
    Genrou is a technique that DESTROYS the nervous system. the only way for Bass to gain it back is To be completely destroyed. and since he cannot preform suicide, for he is Paralyzed, he is just laying there, motionless, still in full control of his senses. well not for long. Btw Gemini can use his armor to use his abilities and attacks as well. soeven if Bass took 7th sense. check this new math out
    2000 (Gemini WITH the Armor) 800 (Bass)
    Gemini kills Bass.
    Bass comes back and doubles his power using 7th sense.
    Gemini doubles his power, AND his suit doubles his power.
    again. lets see the results.
    again? sure.
    here. let me put it in words.
    Gemini doubles his power of 2000 to 4000. then his suit doubles it to 8000.he kills Bass, and then Gemini doubles it to 16000, and his suit doubles it to 32000. kills Bass again. and again. and again.
    He may have the 7th sense, But he does not know how to use it. and in any case he does use it, this is the best scenario.

    Too bad Bass Doesnt have the magical invincible armor as Gemini Does.
    he can come back, much stronger.
    he has infinite power.
    if you do not think he is a high above, then explain why please.

    1. Those weren’t opinions. They’re facts. Bass is a pretty strong being who is invincible and can do anything. Destroying the nervous system is cool….when you have one! Bass is made out of data and doesn’t have anything. Inside of him is data…see what I mean 🙂 Because of that more reason why Gemini can’t take him down. He can’t paralyze him for long because Bass’s data would reassemble and become immune 🙂 Your calcs are also off btw. Bass gets Gemini’s powers and Then Doubles! So it’d be

      2000 Gemini 800 Bass
      Doubleing twice for Gemini and Bass getting his power plus doubleing


      Gemini has a slight edge right? Not for long 😀 Bass can shoot off all of his power into one blast! Making it that much more destructive. Because of that Gemini would be destroyed. If not, Bass just comes back and repeats the process. So…..Bass wins this match handily

  14. yeah getting Gemini’s powers, NOT the armors! 😛
    so it would be 8000> 3600.
    even if Bass can shoot all his power into one blast, Gemini can easily open a dimension and the blast will go right through. and if it manages to hit him, his armor acts as a portal, in one side, does not hurt Gemini, and out the back. the armor and Gemini are left undamaged. Even Bass’s Data can be effected by a virus.
    and tell me why he is not a High above. i cant see a reason for him not to be one.

    1. 8000>5600 You mean 🙂 The blast may not take him out, but then he’d wide open for a direct attack 😀 Bass’s data can’t be hit with a virus because of the Ultimate Program. It automatically adapts to any virus 😀 Well “High Aboves” are characters that are so cool they can’t lose on the blog 🙂 Bass is the King of the High Aboves since he can’t lose 😀 He’s not because I don’t like him enough to be one. I’m not really accepting any new high aboves

  15. lol fine then, be that way! lol. and no, he will not. i told you he doesnt even have to move out of the way. he cant be open for an atac kbecause nothing can hit him, except another gold saint or the queen herself.
    no i do not mean 8000>5600
    look, it takes 1000, not 2000. it cannot absorb the armor’s power. because the armor is not a living thing. even if ultimate program can adapt to any virus, who says it has enough time to adapt? an instakill virus, or a virus that temporaraily disables your (Get ability) 🙂 that would just be the end of Bass. its such a shame tho that he always has to rely on his (get ability)

    1. He can be hit. No such thing as only a certain character being able to be hurt by a specific character. Bass can take him down. Bass is very experienced in swordplay and hand to hand. The armor gives the power to Gemini, thus Bass gets it as well. Bass’s ability adapts in the time it takes his cybernetics to move around. The Get Ability cannot be disabled. Bass doesn’t need to rely on his Get Ability 🙂 You do know he’s invincible right 😆

  16. if he was truely invincible, he would not need the Get ability to come back to life stronger. invincibility means you are infinitely strong, and cannot die, to where Bass dies and comes back stronger. technically he is not invincible. oh and Gemini can trap him in his Endless Maze illusion where Bass is strapped in an..well.. endless maze. cannot be destroyed either 😛

    1. Let me put it this way. If you were invincible, would you know you were invincible? Just because nobody can beat Bass right now doesn’t mean that someone won’t surpass him right? So the Get Ability is a good ability to have just in case. Bass doesn’t fall for illusions forever. He’s leave 🙂

  17. and this is the time that someone Surpasses Bass. it doesnt matter if you fall for the illusion or not you would not be able to leave it. 😛 hell that would get soo annoying its like, bass finally gets out, then Gemini traps him again and its like “WTF man?? I JUST got out of yoru freakin’ trap!” lmao

    1. Nobody will ever surpass him 🙂 Bass can leave by reassembling his data in another location. Also his Get Ability would learn it all. So eventually he’d have it memorized 😀

  18. he could memorize it perfectly, but he would realize there is no escape no exit. and you said, and I quote “Just because nobody can beat Bass right now doesn’t mean that someone won’t surpass him right?” now you are saying no one will surpass him? make ur mind up. and the illusion is not in a place, but inside the mind.

    1. Then he makes an escape! You don’t think a 4 Ton Mega Nuke could break through it? I was saying that as an example why having a Get Ability’s not a bad idea. I know that nobody would surpass him. The illusion is in the mind!? Then it’s toast, Bass’s data would know it was an illusion and knock it off. Then Bass pwns 🙂

  19. no not really. first Bass cannot even hit Gemini, look back at his stats and stuff. second, nothing can excape from the endless maze illusion because then it triggers the Senses removal ability. Bass DOES have senses, and they can be removed. this battle will last trillions of years. both Gemini and Bass are “invincible” beings that can both come back stronger.
    listen closely.
    i will be willing to give this match up, IF!
    if me and you can compromise and say that Gemini and Bass are both equal in abilities and power.
    what do you say? compromise?

    1. Your logic’s a bit flawed there. Bass escapes the illusion because his data would sense that nothing was there. Thus ending the illusion. You can’t stop Data from seeing and thinking. The Battle wouldn’t take Trillions of Years. A day at most, but Bass takes this match. I can’t say that Gemini is Bass’s equal because he isn’t. Bass is invincible 🙂

  20. so, is, Gemini. he is invincible. and the illusion IS there. its in the mind and it is physical at the same time. the only way to wake up was to complete it. and if this Bass thing was made out of data, then it would be electrical. it would need power. it cannot create its own power of course because, its like a solar powered light bulb. it wont work. if he truely is made out of data, then you can honestly tell me that he was birthed from a computer? and if he is electrical, then his weakness would just be glass. glass or anything else that is not conductive. imagine, we are electric beings. glass is like walls to us. we cannot see through them so, all Gemini has to do is make the maze out of glass. he could not excape. Tell me the advantages Bass has that Gemini does not. and im guessing you are not open for discussion on compromising this?

    1. Gemini isn’t invincible. Because you said Virgo Shakka was stronger did you not? Then Gemini isn’t. You don’t understand, Bass would make an energy eruption and totally fry the illusion. It would collapse. Bass’s advantages are

      1. Darkness Overload
      2. Get Ability
      3. Earthbreaker

      I can compromise that Bass wins and not stomps but that’s about it 😉

  21. Darkness Overload is not as strong as Galactian blast.:P
    Get ability= 7th sense+Come back from the dead.
    What is earthbreaker? is it as strong as a galaxy exploding?
    btw you did say you include ALL forms of fusion right?
    and remember tht Gemini does not put much effort into his Galactian blast. he does it without moving his hands.
    Bass might be able to destroy the illusion, but that was just a mind trick. it was simple. Virgo Shakka is technically not STRONGER in a case, but he has more abilities. they both are Gold Saints in which, in the present, Gemini IS the Pope.the strongest. oh and Gemini has the power to make a copy of his enemies, and even turn himself into one. so, its Bass vs Gemini + Bass+ bass+ bass+ bass and so on and so on. 🙂
    im asking again. didnt you say you accept all fusions, right?

    1. Darkness Overload will become stronger once Get Ability kicks in
      Get Ability>>>>>7th Sense
      Earthbreaker is stronger (Once Get Ability kicks in)
      I only count fusions that have happened

      Bass still breaks the illusion though 🙂 Gemini may have the edge in illusion stuff, but Bass wins with raw power and speed 🙂

  22. raw power? Gemini not only can double his power, but he can multiply it by ten, one hundred, even a Googolplex. if you dont know what that is, imagine Googol, times googol, times googol, times googol, again and again and again Googol times. btw googol is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    Pretty large number huh? 1 with 100 0’s following it. im pretty sure Bass cannot do that, and Darkness Overload and EarthBreaker get stronger ONCE GET ABILITY kicks in. Gemini wont kill Bass. so Get ability wont kick in.
    and yes 🙂 a certain fusion has happened. and it (according to your rules) is legal to use 🙂 but im sure Gemini can handle this without doing that.

    1. But the Get Abiliry would add his power to Bass and Bass would destroy him before he could think to increase his power 🙂 So Bass takes the win. Gemini would be forced to destroy Bass or die by his hand 🙂 Sounds like the fusion’s legit then, but it won’t be enough 😆

  23. okay, you say that Bass will destroy Gemini before he even thinks of multiplying his power? i told you before and im saying it again. BASS CANNOT EVEN HIT GEMINI. any projectile launched at Gemini will either pass right through him or go off in another dimension. and if Bass tries to come upclose, then the one million punch attack will come into play. Gemini can also multiply his speed, agility, defense, intelegence, attack, and strategics by Googolplex.
    i know Gemini does not need to fuse.. but if you wont even accept that then i will tell of the legendary moment.
    ***If the Gold Saints with two equivalent forces waging a struggle, the battle is so fierce, that ends up lasting forever. In this confrontation, which is called the “War of a Thousand Days,” they can both die or fight forever without a winner. The Gold Saints dominate a legendary technique known as Athena Exclamation, where 3 Gold Saints join their Cosmo to form a single blow. This power is so immense that it releases an energy similar to the explosion that gave birth to the universe, the Big Bang. When Two Athena Exclamation collide, they will not only double or multiply, but increase infinitely.***

    1. At the point that Bass would destroy him before he could think, I’m saying when the Get Ability activates and Bass’s power goes above Gemini’s for an instant. So Bass would be fast enough to punch Gemini to death. But did Gemini ever do that? Because otherwise it doesn’t count. Either way then Bass absorbs their infinite power and wins. Face it, there’s no way that Bass can lose 🙂

  24. I somehow, like this much better 🙂

    However, the most powerful and destructive technique for this class of Saints is the one that can be referred as the “sacrifice of the Gold Saints.” In it, the twelve Gold Saints raise their Cosmo and release an energy as strong as launching a force of ten million universes and different dimensions at the foe, causing in automatic defeat. All who come in contact with this energy, including the Gold Saints themselves, die.

    1. So they’re doomed 🙂 Once Bass absorbs it and fire is back they’ll die, because if they’re hit they die 🙂 Finally got you! 😉 It was a good debate while it lasted 😀

      1. absorb it? if you try, Then Bass will DIE. if it touches him or he has any kind of contact, he will utterly and severely DIE.

      2. if he tries to absorb it, he will die. the Get ability that he has relied on and that has saved his life, is the ability that will kill him. If Bass tries to absorb it, he will die. there is no blocking, dodging, controling, or absorbing the “Sacrifice of the Gold Saints”

  25. It does count because he has done it. it has been preformed. because after doing so, Athena brings every sacrificed Gold Saint back to life. You cannot punch Gemini to death, for he is always burning infinite cosmos. if Bass goes above Gemini for an instant, before Bass could even think of attacking Gemini, he would open a rip in a dimension that either shields him for about 1 millionth of a second, and at that point he multiplies his power again. as Bass uses the Get ability, it is obvious that he will go in for an attack and at that moment, he will open a dimension and trap Bass as he races to get Gemini.

    1. Well if he did it, it counts 🙂 I’m not sure you totally understand. After Get Ability Bass will be superior to Gemini in every single way! Faster, Stronger, etc. So Bass would destroy him before Gemini could react. Or just put him in one of those Neverending illusions 😉 Either way Bass wins this match 🙂

      1. if you do not include that whatever touches this, absorbs this, controls this with physical or phychic powers, WILL DIE. if you do not include this and say that the Get ability will absorb it, then you are cheating. you are disabling the SOGS ability

      2. I’m not disabling the ability. I’m just saying it wouldn’t destroy the Get Ability. Many have tried, but it’s unbreakable. If it were a data attack it’d have more of a chance, but it’d still fail 🙂

      3. i still stand my word. in Gemini’s universe the SOGS cannot be absorbed. and it kills everything no matter what.
        in Bass’s world, he can absorb anything he wants.
        but you are saying that the SOGS in this battle is different then in the manga?
        these 2 powers are like high aboves they cant really go against each other.

      4. But Bass cannot be destroyed. He’s power incarnate! The SOGS is still the same as in the manga, but it won’t be able to take down Bass. Bass isn’t just a High Above, he’s the King of the High Aboves! His power and coolness still shock me to this day! Bass’s speed is also incredible. After rereading the manga I doubt there are any faster. Plus Bass can use bugs on Gemini to corrupt him and blow him up while slowing him down

      5. i agree completely other then the bugs. he can just destroy the data because data can be destroyed.

  26. look, you are allowing the Power of Get ability from your series to take full effect, but not The SOGS?*Sacrifice of Golden saints* in it, anything that touches it will die. and that has to stay an effect. or else that is called C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G

    1. Some abilities are just better than others. Like Kamehameha>>>>Tri Beam. So Get Abillity >>>>>Sacrifice. It’s just that simple 🙂 The whole anything that touches it dies is just relevant in Saint Seiya world. In other worlds there are beings who are too strong to die to that. No cheating here 🙂

  27. what???? in the saint Seiya world??? well then Get ability CAN be disabled, because it cannot in the Megaman world, bass CAN get paralyzed because he cannot in Megaman world, bass’s Get ability DOES have limits because it does not in Megaman world. we are not fighting in Megaman world but in a place where no one has the advantage. so the SOGS kills everything it touches. Keep that, or I will eventually convince your followers that the Get ability does have limits. if not, then you are implying that they are fighting in Megaman world, in which Bass has the advantage, and should be disqualified.

    1. That doesn’t make any sense 🙂 Bass’s Get Ability is invincible in All worlds 🙂 The followers will never believe that the Get Ability has limits because it has none. Bass is invincible and stuff. SOGS can’t defeat him 🙂

  28. omg… listen
    nothing in the MEGAMAN WORLD has beat Get ability
    Gemini is far superior then Bass on every level.
    there is just too much power. Gemini will kill Bass thousands and thousands of times every single time he comes back before his Get ability can activate. no matter how many times Bass comes back, Gemini can also come back if BASS COULD EVEN HIT HIM ONCE. which he cant, let alone kill him. Bass relies on adding his opponents power to his own, while Gemini relies nothing of the sort. he could just multiply his own power by 0.4 and it would easily surpass Bass’s new power. The Get ability has no end to you, because you have never, ever faced an opponent that had so much power. while you keep saying that the Get ability has no limits, I am still saying the SOGS has no limits either. but you wont count that! may I ask why? The SOGS has no limits, the Get ability has no limits. hows that sound? better? but you will never be mature enough to count the SOGS power. you will always say that Bass will absorb it and survive when, you and I know that if he does try, he will Die. along With all the Gold Saints. but Athena can bring them back to life.

    1. Bass is superior to Gemini in every way 🙂 Gemini would only destroy him once and then Bass would come back too powerful for Gemini. His power is already increased by the Get Ability THE MOMENT he comes back. So Gemini couldn’t hit him first. Bass oneshots him at that point. Bass can absorb it, I’m simply mature enough to know that the SOGS power is nothing to the Get Ability. Get Ability has no limits, but SOGS does have some. It helps that Bass is the strongest character in all of media 🙂

  29. wow..
    see? i knew it. In Megaman world, the Get ability does not have limits. In the Saint Seiya world the SOGS has no limits. we are not in either world, but you still say that the Get ablity does not have limits and the SOGS does?? you, sir, are sadly mistaken. Either both of them have no limits, or they both have limits. make your decision. one of those 2. anything else you say will be very immature, disrespectful to the SOGS, and unworthy and unruley to your followers.

    1. I’m rarely mistaken about these things. It’s just how it goes. Why can’t you accept that SOGS has limits and Get Ability has none? I always try to respect abilities and my followers, but I have to stay mature and just state the facts 🙂 Bass wins 😆

      1. I do not have to accept that because it is not true. if the Discription of the Get Ability is unchanged, then the discription of the SOGS is unchanged. it kills, everything, it, touches. EVERYTHING. illusions, to planets, galaxies, black holes, knowledge, DATA, indestructible beings, forces, such as gravity and friction, EVERYTHING IS DESTROYED AND KILLED. I want you to do me a favor. find the definition of the SOGS and post it on here. then Find the definition of the Get ability and post where you found it, on here. then look at the descriptions, and tell me, that SOGS has limits. it does not say ANYWHERE that the SOGS kills everything except data. go ahead and do that favor, and I will be for a reply.

      2. But it is true 🙂 It’s not the descripton, I’m just telling you how it is. Not sure about Summaries, but Get Ability has no limits. It’s invincible and stuff. Like how Bass is invincible and stuff

      3. well? where are the discriptions? go find them for yourself or I will. I want you to read this ability, and then read the Get ability.

      4. I’ve seen the descriptions 🙂 Here they are

        Get Ability: This is Bass’s most important and essential ability. Like the classic Bass, Bass can absorb the abilities of defeated foes. He used this to survives and gains every abilities of defeated foes, including Life Aura, Gospel, Alpha, Dark Soul and Cybeasts. It is assumed that Bass uses this in Rockman EXE Stream, to obtain MegaMan’s ultimate program to defeat Nebula Grey, and later it is implied that he used this ability to absorb Nebula Grey’s power at the end of Stream. In the anime, he has no such program as he merely feeds on any data program for the purpose of his missing Ultimate Program.

        Basically it’s invincible and stuff. I would have posted the other one, but you beat me to it 🙂

  30. The combined Bass GS (Gospel Cross) challenges Megaman in battle in the Secret Area – upon losing once again, he realizes his friendship with Megaman and it is believed that the deletes himself, only to be duplicated many times over.
    for one, Megaman BEAT Bass, so that battle was faulty.
    Bass was a robot master created from MEGAMAN”S design.
    he is just a clone.
    Get Ability : Not actually used in battle. Like the Classic Megaman, Bass can absorb the abilities of defeated foes. He used this to gain the Life Aura ability and to absorb the Guardian program in the 3rd game (though it provided no benefit). Bass uses this in the movie to obtain Megaman’s ultimate program to defeat Nebula Grey.
    Bass absorbes the abilities of DEFEATED FOES!!
    he would have to kill Gemini first to absorb his power. duh 😛 oh and it does not say it is limitless.

    Life Aura :A self-regenerating aura that Bass adopted. It has a formidable defense that Serenade lacks. 100-200[MAX]. This aura was in Megaman Battle Network 1,2,and 3.Only certain attacks equal or higher than the number of the aura can remove it transiently. He obtained this ability after the Life Virus was deleted in the first game. He then used his ‘Get Ability ‘ to absorb it and use it as his own.
    this CAN BE DESTROYED. it says with equal or higher power.
    ***However, the most powerful and destructive technique for this class of Saints is the one that can be referred as the “sacrifice of the Gold Saints.” In it, the twelve Gold Saints raise their Cosmo and release an energy as strong as millions of Universes and Dimensions colliding. All who come in contact with this energy, including the Gold Saints themselves, die.***
    look it up buddy. get your followers to comment. I want to see what their opinion of what you are doing is.
    btw no where in the manga or on the internet does it say Bass can come back from nothing. He is Data, but he cannot form data out of thin air. he CAN be killed and he is not invincible. the Get ability does not state that it has no limits, and if it did, it would have said so. oh and Bass has been paralyzed before, when the Doctor, er should I say Mechanic, replaced him with another copy of himself.

    1. See!? Bass is invincible!? The Get Ability has far more abilities. He doesn’t have to destroy his opponent btw 🙂 That’s only in the games 😀 The Life Aura is nearly invincible and Gemini couldn’t break it more than once 🙂 I have looked it up, but still not enough to take down Bass. Sadly I have no way of contacting my followers except through emails and stuff. I could mention it at Factpile Topia. Bass comes back from nothing in the manga, read it my friend. Trust me on this, Get Ability has no limits and after seeing them side by side I have to go with Bass on this one 😉

  31. A showing of Bass’s immense power!

    Bass.EXE: You are nothing…

    (Bass.EXE’s cape billows in the air as he gives off an intense energy field.)

    Bass.EXE: Little boy… How did you get in here…?

    Lan Hikari: What!?

    MegaMan.EXE: This surge… If I get any closer, it’ll blow me away!

    Lan Hikari: Grrr…! This is more than just a Navi! Careful, MegaMan!

    Bass.EXE: …? …You…scum… You defeated Zero… Now, that’s interesting. How powerful are you worms…?

    Lan Hikari: He’s attacking!? MegaMan. Battle routine! Set!

    MegaMan.EXE: Execute!

    (MegaMan.EXE and Bass.EXE engage battle. Because Bass.EXE is so powerful, he is invincible and cannot be harmed, so MegaMan.EXE has endure the barrage of attacks until Bass stops.)

    Bass.EXE: …How did you withstand my attack… Now I know why Zero lost to you… Interesting… I think I’ll actually try this time…

    MegaMan.EXE: It’s no good, Lan! He’s too powerful!

    Lan Hikari: Argh!

    Bass.EXE: …Nah… Not this time…

    Lan Hikari: !?

    Bass.EXE: It won’t be long until judgment day… You’d better be ready…

    Heh, proves he’s invincible am i rite!?

  32. no? he took a hit, and lived. so?
    it says it all over the internet, in the manga, and everywhere else. that is where you are wrong.
    technically there is no such thing as nearly invincible. it is either invincible, or not. and Bass could not get it back because Gemini does not have that ability, so he wont get it back if he does manage to kill Bass.
    in the manga, he can teleport. BIG difference then coming back from the dead.
    it says on the internet that Bass and Megaman fought, and Megaman won. several times.
    so that battle with megaman was wrong. js.
    I want you to show me a link to all of the Get abilitie’s abilities. i want you to show me a place that says he can take the abilities of foes he has NOT DEFEATED YET. show me this and we can stop all this now.

    1. I’m never wrong 🙂 Read this and the next few pages (Or the whole series)

      Bass absorbs his power just by being knocked to the ground 🙂 Bass and his Get Ability are invincible 🙂 Bass has come back from the dead in the manga and since when does he teleport? You’re mixing something up. Bass pretty much always beats Megaman Jsyk. So since I showed the link you concede defeat right?

  33. okay it says that Megaman won, but then Bass got back up stronger. so you are right about taking powers when he is knocked down. but it still is not automatic. in the past, Megaman beat bass several times in which, this manga shows Bass winning. by teleporting I meant moving his data from one place to another. oh and taking someone elses power does not restore his own life points. he needs to feed on Data to increase his real life points. I do understand the power of Bass, but you arent getting the consept of the SOGS. imagine that 3 Golden Saints use Athena’s Blast, and it is as powerful as the Big Bang itself. there are 12 Golden Saints. that is equivilant to 8 big bangs.
    thatis 4 big bangs
    + the fact that they destroy themselves in the process, and the force of all 4 put together is as strong as doubling itself.
    If you can honestly say that Bass can survive a blast of 8 Big Bangs, WITHOUT absorbing it or blocking it, then he does, in fact, win.
    BTW what was the strongest blast Bass XX has ever taken? and lived?

    1. It is automatic. I count everything so manga is just as canon as games for me 🙂 I guess you can call it teleporting. No, when he gets the powers he goes back to full health 🙂 You’re starting to get Bass’s power, but you underestimate SOGS. Of course Bass can survive it, because he reflects it. All energy blasts are automatically reflected back at the opponent. In other words…..Bass wins this match 🙂 Strongest blast tanked? Planet Busting at least

      1. by the way i cant believe there are actually 60 votes for Gemini Saga XD
        yeah Bass is winning in the vote, but only by 16 😛
        no i would not/could not spam Gemini. that is undignified, unloyal,, dishonest, and is known as cheating 🙂 also cant you see who voted for who? to make sure I did not spam?

      2. Nothing wrong with repeat voting 😀 It’s something that needs to be done sometimes. You can keep voting for a long time 🙂 It doesn’t let me check who voted, but it’s all good. Spamming is cool, just keep on voting 🙂 Bass’s lead has gotten bigger since then though 🙂

      3. wait what?? thats cheating! you just spammed Basses side to cheat! 😡
        not cool man. Gemini Earned those votes while you probably stood there, spamming to keep up. honestly why dont you just let the followers vote and THEN decide the winner? instead of deciding the winner BEFORE the followers vote? wouldnt that be a good idea? yes. because if you do that before they vote it is your opinion. just vote once for yourself, and then after about a week, decide who wins due to the votes.
        i cant believe you spammed.

      4. It’s not cheating. Both sides have been spammed a lot! So, might as well help your character get the win 🙂 I decide before the votes because then you guys get to try and convince me otherwise 😮 Isn’t it epic like that 😕 Spamming is a way of life, nearly all of my followers have spammed about something or other

      5. you should know.. that it isnt right. i did not, and i will not spam for Gemini. he can win this fairly,

  34. Planet busting? that is severely weak compared to the SOGS. remember 3 Golden saints create a force of the Big Bang without dying. the big bang “technically” created the entire universe that we know today. it created all the planets and galaxies and dimensions. and it is still expanding as we speak. imagine 8 of these. 1 is enough to overpower a planet busting attack. you simply cannot reflect the SOGS because if it touches you or you interact with it (reflecting is an ablity that you use against it) it will kill Bass. Even if the SOGS did not kill everything it touches, the Golden Saints would all be Dead anyways so reflecting it is pointless. just as canon? whats that mean? and i read on the link I posted that Bass (used to or does now) relies on feeding on data. and by underestimate i think you mean overexaggerating and no i am not overexaggerating the SOGS power. when was the last time Bass took a UNIVERSE to the face and lived? never. my point proven. and you said the Get ability could activate when he was thrown to the ground. ALL OVER THE INTERNET the Get ability is described as a power that absorbs abilities from DEFEATED enemies. it says it in many links. even the one you made.
    see? this is from you.
    I’ve seen the descriptions Here they are

    Get Ability: This is Bass’s most important and essential ability. Like the classic Bass, Bass can absorb the abilities of defeated foes. He used this to survives and gains every abilities of defeated foes, including Life Aura, Gospel, Alpha, Dark Soul and Cybeasts.

    1. Planet Busting is only from what has been shown. Bass could survive far more powerful blasts 🙂 Like I said the SOGS is irrelevant because all blasts are reflected 🙂 So Bass clobbers Gemini with this new knowledge. Bass’s reflection doesn’t mean that he has to touch the blast so it’d reflected. I never exaggerate 🙂 Bass never takes a universe blast to the face because he’s too fast and powerful and reflects beams 🙂 Did you even look at the link I posted? I proved that he gets powers from when he hit the ground. Look at my post again and click on the link.

  35. i did. i saw that. and i told you you dont need to touch it, if you INTERACT with it (also reflecting it) you will die. it is not a blast, more of a destructive sword. oh? he is too fast? when has he ever traveled past more then 5 universes at once, faster then the SOGS can be launched?
    you only have proof of him tanking a planet blast, nothing more.
    you have no idea what Bass’s limits are. just because he can come back and absorb abilities from defeated opponents doesnt make him invincible. if he were to stand still, and take a SOGS head first, he would die. any interaction with it and he will die. oh and i told you multiple times, Gemini and al lthe other Gold Saints can be brought back to life, by Athena. so who would win? Gemini is an infinite being with infinite cosmos and power, Bass steals others abilities and power. they BOTH COME BACK TO LIFE.
    how would you tell who would win?

    1. The reflection still works because Bass doesn’t even have to be that close to it to reflect it. Bass has no limits 🙂 His opponent doesn’t have to be defeated for him to absorb it 🙂 Even if he did die Get Ability 😀 No Athena in this match so he can’t come back 😉 Plus none of the other Saints are here so the blast wouldn’t be quite as powerful 😉 So in the end Bass wins 🙂

    2. what? you said all fusions. they all fuse cosmos and one being blasts the SOGS. there is no Athena? I think you forgot that Athena is a Gold Saint herself. so when The SOGS is activated, Athena does not die, and brings back Gemini and the others. that and Gemini also made an eternal deal with Hades to live forever so, he can walk though the living world and the dead. the Get ability can only be used when you are ALIVE! it never says that he has been killed, then used the Get ability to bring himself back to life. it cannot be reflected because there isnt anything that is reflective. it cannot be reflected. if you interact with it, you DIE.
      gosh how many times do i need to say that?
      if you are even touched by this blast, you die. if you look at the thing, you will die. if you notice it’s appearance, you, will, die. any interaction with it and you will die. Bass cant simply just reflect 8 universes being hurled at him. never, in any Manga, in any Media, in any show or comic, has Bass, or anyone else, reflected, tanked, dodged, or absorbed the SOGS. it is IMPOSSIBLE. there is no arguing with that fact. because it is, indeed a fact. you say that it has limits when it does not. Then do not blame me for saying Get ability and Bass himself do have limits.

      1. Read volume 11 of Megaman NT Warrior. Bass is destroyed, but revives years later…YEARS LATER! That’s how good he is 🙂 Athena is a seperate character and thus doesn’t count. Same with the blast. Only Gemini’s part of the blast counts, but the rest doesn’t. Character Fusions are different than attack fusions. Also the fact that he’s banished from Hades doesn’t matter in this fight because if he dies he falls into the blog lower ranks so it’s different 😉 Many things can be reflected, but if it cannot then Bass comes back with that ability and beats Gemini 🙂 So Bass wins 🙂

  36. so.. Gemini CAN come back due to his ability to walk thru the world of the dead, and the living very easily… but you wont count that either??
    then if Bass gets destroyed, he cant come back!!
    because that is completely unfair to Gemini.
    first it IS a character fusion.
    goku is a completely sepparate character yet you counted him in Link vs Vegeta!!
    that is complete bullsh*t quite honestly.
    they ALL fuse together, and make one being called the Pegasus God Armored Saint. LOOK IT UP! He dies, making all the gold saints that fused into him die as well whenever the SOGS is used.
    so you are honestly going to expect me to just lay back
    while you say Gemini cannot come back, but Bass can??
    do you REALLY think what you are doing is fair? answer me honestly.

    1. From what you said it sounded like Gemini was suffering from the Lobo or Thanos Syndrome. That he died, but his soul goes up and down and all around. If Athena has to revive him he needs help right? Bass doesn’t need help 🙂 Gogeta is totally legit. They fused. So Pegasus God Armored Saint is a fusion? Send me the link because I can’t find him. If he is a fusion he counts. So all in all I’d say the fight’s fair. It’s just sad for Gemini that BAss wins

  37. he does not need help from Athena. and no he does not suffer from any syndrome. he can travel from the living and the dead realm with a body. I got confused with the pegasus thing, there is actually a saint whom is known as the strongest who is called the Pegasus Armor God Saint. Got that Mixed up. there isnt a name for the being, but..
    just imagine this. Golden Saints are made up of Cosmos.
    the 12 Golden Saints fuse there cosmos, which in turn fusing themselves.
    okay let me state these facts.
    Gemini can come back from the dead
    Bass can come back from the dead
    Gemini can produce infinite power
    Bass can steal infinite power
    Gemini has an ability that shoots Infinite power
    Bass can reflect light beams
    Gemini can increase every single one of his stats
    Bass can use Get ability to adopt
    Gemini can multiply his power extremely rapidly
    Bass can adopt extremely rapidly
    Gemini has 100,000 punch/per/sec. ratio
    Bass travels faster then light speed
    I would honestly say that Gemini can match every ability Bass has.
    oh and dont put up Virgo Shaka. or not just yet.the only golden saint that should be up is Gemini Saga, and i really wanted him to fight other people. ANYWAYS.
    what would you say Bass has that Gemini does not?

    1. Have you heard of the syndrome? It’s basically when someone can’t die because they are refused admittance into hell or wherever you go in that series. It sounds like he has it. I thought you said Athena had to revive him after SOGS? If so then he’s toast 😎 No name for the fusion? That’s starting to sound a bit tricky. MAN, why’d you have to say the Virgo Shaka thing now? I was just about to post it 😮 Ah well. I’ll post another one of your requests.

      Gemini’s abilities may be pretty good, but he lacks the Get Ability. Thanks to that Bass would surpass Gemini for an instant and that’s all he’d need to finish him 🙂

  38. okay you know what? I can either argue with you for a year or just get over it. Sure, Gemini lost i guess. but against someone you say cannot die.
    even tho
    Gemini can multiply his powers to go above his enemies
    the SOGS cannot be reflected, absorbed, or dodged
    Gemini can come back to life
    Bass has only tanked a planet buster
    Gemini can launch 8 universes at Bass and utterly kill him
    Gemini can knock Bass senseless, litterally getting rid of his senses.
    Gemini is much faster then Bass
    Bass basically has to fight 2 Gemini’s because of his armor.
    Excluding ALL OF THAT STUFF, I will admit that Gemini would lose. oh and as Pope, Virgo cant touch him. btw you can put up Virgo Shakka, just ot against Bass or Gemini. how about another one of your best people? not in the manga series tho.

    1. Well your Bass vs Virgo is already in the pile and has to come up at some point. Requests can’t be taken back, but I’ll put it at the bottom of the pile. Still Bass wins. Here’s why all of your points don’t work

      “Gemini can multiply his powers to go above his enemies”

      Doesn’t work because the first time Bass uses his Get Ability he’ll surpass Gemini. And in that moment he’s faster, stronger, and he can beat him.

      All of the other points are null and void because of that 🙂 Well it was a good match

  39. well yes he is faster and stronger AT THAT MOMENT. of course he will try to come in and attack him, right? black hole sucks him in a dimension. if he does not come in and try to attack, then Gemini will multiply his power right away.which, at that moment, makes Gemini Stronger, and faster, and he can beat Bass.

    1. He dodges because at that point he’s faster and stronger than Gemini. The Black Hole wouldn’t even suck him in. That’s why Bass wins 🙂

  40. dodges? he surrounds Bass inside a black hole. so he is either ripped appart, or sent to another dimension. then Gemini closes it and he has to blast his way out. at that time, he will multiply his power by Googolplex. which is enough to take even Bass down.
    what would Bass be without his Get ability? please tell me this and I will tell you what Gemini would be without his _________ ability(you tell me)

    1. Bass would already be at a level that the Black Hole wouldn’t affect him. He has a barrier that absorbs the brunt of pretty much any attack. Without the Get Ability Bass would be an invincible being who could not be defeated 🙂

  41. okay explain to me how the battle would take place, but dont use the Get ability. without Getting stronger, Bass would die, over and over again, and could not damage the OP Saint.

  42. Bass’s bugs? he now relies on bugs? the sheer power of Gemini would kill those puny insects before they even touched him. NEXT. so bugs failed. anything else? oh and Gemini can tank anything Bass can throw at him.

    1. Not living bugs! Data bugs. They go inside of Gemini and destroy him. He can’t stop them. Bugs Suceed, but next Bass uses a Super Punch. Gemini dodges, but is sliced by a Hell Roller 🙂

  43. the hell roller goes thru his armor, and out the back. Gemini and the armor is undamaged. Data bugs? seriously? the only Data bug anyone ever knows of are viruses and glitches. btw with 7th sense (look it up bucko) he can instantly heal any part of his body. AND, he can live, WITHOUT HIS HEAD! yeah i just went there 😛

    1. The bugs disrupt everything. He wouldn’t be able to think, much less use an ability 🙂 The Hell Roller would chop him in half because it’ll explode!!!

  44. oh yeah?
    Bass is made up of Data
    Gemini Saga is made up of cosmos.
    just as Bass cannot be paralyzed
    Gemini cannot get paralyzed, or disrupted
    and he would just open a rip in a dimension for the hell roller to go thru. and even if he took it head on, and it did cut him in half, right there you could have 2 Gemini’s. since he can heal any part of his body, and if it was close to half, he can split hismelf cellularly. (like a cell) that or he could just heal himself back together. remember he can still live without his head.
    oh and his phychic powers can force Bass to repeatedly kill himself. which would be funny to watch. and dont you dare say “Bass can break free of his phychic powers” because im saying right now, He cant.

  45. okay thanks for the heads up. how about this. we leave this subject alone for now, and if Gemini can win against everyone you put him up agianst, everyone Bass has beat, then we need to compromise that they are both equally strong. it might take a while tho so, ima go check this thing out.

    1. Forget a while! It’d take months…even a year! Also even if Gemini beats everyone Bass beat it would just mean he’s second best. I guess I’ll see ya around then 🙂

  46. alright that is still amazing. Technically, Gemini is Killable, but Bass is not. making Gemini the real #1. it is possible to beat Gemini, but not Bass. basically, its like Gemini is someone who got to round 100 on a zombie game. Bass is someone who cheated to round 250. so technically he has gotten farther. but by cheating. he can cheat past any number of rounds he wants, while Gemini does it the right way. Gemini is killable, making him a fair warrior. it is possible for him to lose. Bass however, always comes back, in this case, he cant ever lose. which to me doesnt seem any fun when u put him in a match cause its in everyones head “yeah yeah Bass wins.”

    1. That’s why Bass is teh best! He can’t lose 🙂 Glad you’ve accepted it. So maybe Gemini will make it to the top spot the “right” way. I’ll keep his matches coming 🙂 Though the Bass part still isnt cheating 😛

  47. lol.. fine it technically is not cheating
    but he does have an advantage. kinda like God mode in games. and sweet 😛 can u do me a favor and inform me of any other matches you put up that you heard from me?

      1. Heh heh, let’s just say that Scorpion’s no ordinary foe! He has Super Strength, Speed, Defense, and other stuff 🙂 Another 2 of your matches are up btw 🙂

  48. why thank you 😀 and I wont. my bro was like super excited lmao. so, lemme ask you this 🙂 how far are you planning to take Gemini Saga? im sure he can go head to head with Bass longer then anyone else can 😛

    1. Well, Gemini has 4 matches left 🙂 That’ll leave him with a pretty great record. After that he may not fight for a while unless… give him some more matches 🙂 But no worries, you have plenty of matches left for other characters 🙂 It is true that Gemini is one of the strongest beings in media 😀 I really need to start reading Saint Seiya, but it’s hard to find. I could read it online, but I prefer to have the actual manga in my hands 🙂

  49. 4 matches? lol I can name alot of guys he can go against. Megaman, Hitler (oh yeah him :D) Darth vader, Vegeta, Cell, anyone 😛
    btw how about Wall-E vs the Box ghost?
    one from the Wall-E series and one from the Danny Phantom series. (i dunno about the ghost but my bro told me about him. he sounds weak enough to get defeated by wall-E’s Laser lol)

    1. Which Megaman? Classic or one of the other 4? Either way

      Gemini Saga vs Megaman Accepted
      Gemini Saga vs Dark Vader Accepted
      Gemini Saga vs Vegeta Accepted….things could get ugly
      Gemini Saga vs Cell accepted
      Box Ghost vs Wall E accepted (I have to say that Wall E seems doomed)

      Well always glad to hear of some new batches 🙂 Expect them up soon 🙂 None were up today because I did a Mother’s Day special 🙂

    1. Mothra? Just want to make sure. If so,

      Bulma vs Mothra

      Sounds like a good Mother’s Day match. Sadly the blogging day has ended, but I’ll still be posting it soon 🙂 Can’t let a good rhyme go to waste!

  50. haha yeah XD well it was just an idea. bulma came to me and the closest thing i could think of was motha. which we all know bulma’s power level is off the charts compared to motha, and her temper wont allow her to lose 🙂

    1. Heh Heh, you know who Mothra is right? She’s a moth that can move faster than light and blows up stuff! Bulma’s tough, but can she win? I’m not so sure….

  51. lol Dude, i was messing with you. but you should totally make bulma win. im sure alot of your followers will have a laugh and enjoy a good joke. bulma vs Motha.
    (btw motha cant move the speed of light ive seen the movies lol..)
    this is bulma’s blog debute. and she starts off victorious. no supprise, because of bulma’s superior power level and vicious attitude. motha is an easy win.
    just put that! 😀 people will have a good laugh and you might even gain some followers! 😀 how about
    i will tell all my friends at where I work about this page and ask them to join, if you put this up 😀

    1. Ermmm….Mothra Can move at the speed of light. Did you see the Mothra films?

      Though it’s only shown in Rebirth of Mothra III so it’s a little known fact 🙂

      Also this isn’t Bulma’s blog debut…..

      She’s fought and lost twice in the past

      It would be fun to have Bulma beat Mothra, but I can’t. Some may think I was serious or something. I have to keep up my 100% accuracy policy 🙂

  52. lol.. man, she cant travel the speed of light, i seen the movies. she is a moth, but she does have amazing powers. and it is a joke for a mother lol. bulma gets a supprising win. maybe not really, but if you put it your followers will have a nice laugh 😀

  53. okay okay whatever you say. i have seen godzilla vs mothra and mothra wasnt that fast. hey what is up with Gon? he is a kid, but he can destroy a mountain with a single punch? what is his strongest ability? this interests me.

    1. Mothra only got the ability in the Rebirth of Mothra Trilogy. Among around 10 other power ups including, underwater abilities, Thunder strikes, Time Travel, and a lot of other stuff. Gon’s strongest ability is the Jan Jan Ken. Basically it can destroy mountains, make earthquakes, and stuff. He’s not one of the stronger shounen guys (Naruto, Ichigo) but he’s still a pretty tough kid and has fought over 260 times on the blog 😮

  54. lol wow. i was looking at his fight record, and i stopped after a few minutes of straight wins. well if that is his strongest ability, is it possible for him to be destroyed?

    1. To be destroyed? Easily! He’s not even as tough as Naruto. Here’s the deal, Gon surrounds himself with energy which protects him from many fighters. Like Roll or other Megaman guys may have trouble, but some of the stronger ones like Megaman and Protoman would probably be able to take him. Gon’s specialty is attack power, his defense isn’t quite as good. Still Gon’s a pretty well rounded fighter which is why someone requested those 260 fights for him 🙂

  55. wow. well he is a well known fighter. A Good match against Gemini should raise his popularity up a bit 🙂

  56. of course! 😛 can you tell me what makes Sasuke the strongest in his series? if he truely is the strongest I want to see what his power is and maybe ask for a request 😛

    1. Gemini Saga vs Gon Accepted!

      Well Sasuke has the sharingan, which is basically unbeatable! Here’s the rest of his abilities

      Also have you checked out the Rankings yet?

      Because that’s where Gemini’s going soon 🙂 Depending on his record is where he’ll be spotted. The next Records is coming in a month or 2. Fair waning if you do that Sasuke request, all undefeated characters in the rankings can’t lose…..and I’m serious in that they CAN’T lose. So you may want to rethink this 😉

  57. so they cant lose? sasuke has not been beat yet? well… does he rely on his body? or can he come back from matter like Bass can?

    1. Here’s the deal man. Out of the billions of characters in media a select number were chosen that in the blog they can’t lose. Even if it defies all logic they just can’t lose. So I’m just saying you may not want to do a request against one of them. Sasuke may need his body, but it hasn’t been shown yet

  58. okay so sasuke is one of those chosen that defies all physics and always wins? alright, so thats why Bass cannot go against him or any other “High Above”
    well id rather have Gemini remain one of those who can be beaten 😛
    who is the strongest character that can be beat in your blog? er, which one has the highest win streak, and the lowest lose streak, without the lose streak being 0?

  59. I meant 1 character. lets say his winning steak is 250 and his loss count is 1. i was just asking for the toughest characters that CAN be beat. is vegeta one of those people?

    1. Vegeta is someone who can’t be defeated. I’m not sure about Streaks because there’s no easy way to check those. Best win% is Gon tho. You could look up my profiles section. There I list all the wins and losses in orders 🙂

  60. then Gemini cant beat Vegeta? Cell could beat Vegeta in his perfect form remember? and cell claims he can destroy a galaxy. Gemini can launch a blow as strong as the big bang (not referring to the SOGS, but where 3 Gold Saints fuse together) would that be enough to destroy Vegeta? if not then i really would not like a match against a high above. that is really just pointless.

  61. ha yay! and please take them out I would really appreciate that. hey aint there a pink dude on DBZ? like hes, well pink but he is extremely powerful? has he ever been in this blog? that might be fun 😛

  62. regenerated? oh yeah he can do that too. and the only way to beat him is completely destroying his body? 🙂 and to get this straight, he HAS been beaten before/or he is beatable right?

  63. well then 🙂
    I realize Buu is constantly creating power, and is extremely powerful
    as Vegeta has it, Gemini has his own Big Bang attack.
    and ive seen Vegeta vs Buu, you said with one Big Bang attack he wins so,
    If Gemini went against a power house, speed runner, regenerating monster as Buu and won, his blog rating would shoot throug hthe roof right? 🙂
    chances of Gemini winning: id have to say 75% – 80%. what would your opinion be in that match?

    1. Correct 🙂 His rating is currently pretty high so it’s should stay high with another win….of course one loss can take away even like .2-300 away from his score 😮 I can’t really give my opinion because it’d be kinda cheating. If you know who will win it defeats the purpose right? I will say that the match will be cool I just can’t say who’d win 🙂

  64. you are right 🙂 well I recommend a match for Gemini vs Buu.
    dont forget, Gemini can heal himself instantaniously, and he can live without a head, paralyze his opponents, trap them in endless mazes, even control their bodies. 😛 just a reminder 😀

  65. haha sweet 😛 i just wouldnt like it if the only reason Gemini losesis because of a high above 😛 that sucks.

  66. I shall 😛 and I have resubscribed 😀 btw what did you mean “you have many enemies”? lol from quite a while ago

    1. You resubbed? Not sure if it went through. Hasn’t popped up….well since you are now you can see all teh awesome fights 🙂 Well let’s just say I’m infamous on Factpile 😉 For more info on my enemies check out Last Man Standing Round 1, Bass vs Dark Schneider, DC vs DBZ, Dalek vs DBZ etc. I’m pretty big over there 🙂

    1. Shadow can’t be beat. Here are all of the unbeatable characters. Yeah, Factpile’s cool. You ever make an account at Factpile?

      1st Bass 110-0

      2nd Vegeta 46-0

      3rd Sasuke 44-0

      4th Mephiles 35-0

      5th Shadow 25-0

      6th Hiei 24-0
      6th Metal Sonic 24-0
      6th Kaiba 24-0

      7th Mukuro 23-0
      7th Jaden 23-0
      7th Bakura 23-0
      7th Byakuya 23-0
      7th Deadpool 23-0
      7th Ryoma 23-0

      8th Broly 22-0
      8th Kazuya 22-0
      8th Train 22-0

      9th Sigma 21-0
      9th Sephiroth 21-0
      9th Zane 21-0

      10th Bly 20-0
      10th Zoro 20-0
      10th Atlas 20-0
      10th Alucard 20-0
      10th Kaguro 20-0
      10th Riku 20-0
      10th Diaboromon 20-0
      10th Ren 20-0
      10th Vile 20-0
      10th Kanda 20-0
      10th Hikaru 20-0
      10th Hibari 20-0
      10th Zeke 20-0
      10th Skeith 20-0
      10th Scar 20-0
      10th Grimmjow 20-0

      11th Zaraki 19-0

      So avoid those and it’s all good 🙂

  67. alright most of them i do not know anyways 😛 wait Broly? waht about Goku vs Broly? didnt Goku alone defeat him? and then in the future, Gohan? and what about Gogeta SSJ4? couldnt that beat him?

    1. Cools, check em out. All of my “high aboves” got there because I thought they were cool 😛 Goku only beat him with plot hax. None can withstand the wrath of Broly 🙄 jk, but Broly is unbeatable 🙂

  68. yeah in the blog 😛 but you know that vegeta completely and utterly dominates Broly for real. lol hey do you happen to play CoD: Black Ops?

    1. Heh heh. Broly and Vegeta are both undefeatable so it’d never ending 🙂 Sorry, don’t play CoD. I never liked first persons much plus I don’t play games that have blood or are M 🙂

  69. :O
    never liked first person shooters?? no blood nor rated M games?
    well sir, you have missed out on alot of games 😛

  70. well I own Resident evil 4 for ps2 if you are interested 🙂 i got a ps3 so ill just give it to ya

  71. lol… okay whatever you say. hey Black Ops has something that disables blood, and when you do zombies mode, instead of your guns ripping the zombies appart limb from limb, you turn the graphic stuff off and the zombie stays in one piece. 😀

  72. sweet! 🙂 oh yeah i came up with an amazing match last night!
    Doomsday vs abomination.
    they are equal in strengh.
    Doomsday cannot be penatrated
    abomination heals almost instantly.
    abomination also grows stronger when he is mad 🙂
    btw I have a question. what if Bruce Banner was sent to the guilotine? not as the Hulk but as a human. wouldnt it cut his head clean off?

    1. Doomsday vs Abomination Accepted 🙂

      Not sure. Depends how fast Banner can turn into the Hulk. I’d like to say he wouldn’t die 🙂 BTW you never said which Megaman you want to fight Gemini. Classic? Or some other “Megaman”

  73. Classic. I know that if Bass beat Megaman, and Bass has only tanked a planet busting attack, then Gemini would definatally beat him. and maybe classic, i dont know. I want him to fight the same one Bass beat.

    1. ermm……the one that fought Bass was EXE not classic 😛 So okay, I’ll add him in. Welp, time to go play some Samurai Heroes 🙂

      Megaman vs Gemini Saga Accepted

  74. Hey bass can’t lose Dakota you can make your own and then make gemini saga win its his opinion on who’d win and that’s that

  75. lol… please tell me an expample of Dark Megaman’s power. can he easily destroy a galaxy? or tank a universal bust?

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