Spiderman vs Deadpool

Spiderman and Deadpool are like 2 sides of the same coin. They’re both wise crackers (Though Deadpool’s the only one I find funny) and they both have powers beyond what most people dream of. Spiderman has the Phoenix Force and Captain Universe, but Deadpool has Thor’s abilities.

Their costumes are also pretty similar and they’ve always felt like rivals. Too bad they don’t fight more. I have to give it to Spiderman in this match, Captain Universe and Phoenix aren’t too be messed with. Spiderman wins.

12 thoughts on “Spiderman vs Deadpool

  1. mmhm it seems like something i would reccomend :O
    i did recommend something with deadpool tho… cant remember what it was..
    btw how is Ghost Rider vs Hellboy sounding?

    • True, but Spiderman’s gotten so many power ups in the comics it’s scary. Captain Universe, Phoenix Force, Ironman, Symbiote, Hulk…the list goes on. Of course Mjolnir and Deadpool’s abilities still deserve their props

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