Flash (Barry) vs Sonic

Flash (Barry) is definitely a fast speedster, but in the end he’s not fast enough to take down Sonic! Sonic is known as the fastest thing around for a reason! With one well placed slide Sonic can speed his way to victory. The Flash (Barry) is a skilled fighter, but not nearly as skilled. Sonic wins.

32 thoughts on “Flash (Barry) vs Sonic

  1. The flash is easily much faster than sonic, even in his super form. The flash has better combat experience thanks to his fights with the greatest dc martial artists like batman and deathstroke. I don’t think the flash would be able to overcome super sonic’s strength and durability. But he can definitely out match him in speed and hand to hand combat.

    • I don’t know about that. I’ll agree that it’s a close match in terms of speed, but I’d give him the edge. Hand to hand is a bit iffy, but Flash has never really looked good in that area. He fights with some great fighters, but I’ve never seen him learn anything. We’ve seen Sonic prove how good he is when he appeared in Brawl

  2. Brawl doesn’t really help sonic as the Wii fit trainer is able to beat Bowser, so all characters are either drastically amped up or nerfed down. Unless it’s captain falcon you should only use the games the character was originally from.

    • Well, I don’t use it as a way to powerscale, but to witness hand to hand is all right. It shows that Sonic knows basic taijutsu and he can throw a mean kick or a quick punch. At super speed, both fighters will likely be trying quick manuevers and I believe that Sonic is better equipped to handle it

  3. Sonic the fighters showed more of Sonics skills. His form of combat is mainly swift, repeated kicks, using his immense speed to gain an edge over stronger but slower enemies. But when sonic fights someone with equal speed, like shadow, he will then try to overpower them with strong attacks, which didn’t work in his fight with shadow. Then he falls back and takes the fight somewhere else, which is what does in nearly every fight. Flash prefers to confuse enemies with his lightning fast, silent speed. When fighting someone of equal speed, like superman, he will use his unique ability to steal kinetic energy and make fast enemies slow. If he can’t do so, he will fall back, but instead of taking the fight somewhere else, he will keep going faster and faster until he is just under light speed and use the infinite mass punch, which hits with the force of a supernova.

    • Sonic The Fighters definitely did do a good job of showing his abilities. Still, that strategy for Flash only works if he’s able to reach speeds that are much faster than Sonic’s and I’m not sure if he has it in him. Sonic can definitely endure a lot of the Flash’s attacks and he can counter with his own speed blitz. Their fighting styles are similar, but I’m confident that Sonic would be superior in a hand to hand battle

  4. Base sonic’s top speed in the games was 7,500 mph. Super sonic is 1000x faster. So that’s 7,500,000. Hyper sonic is again 1000x faster. So that’s 7,500,000,000. The speed of light is 670,616,629 mph. Sonic’s top speed in the games is about 11.5x faster than light. In dc, there five different speed barriers. The sound barrier, light barrier, time barrier, dimensional barrier, and the speed force barrier. The flash has gone past the speed force barrier to trap superboy prime. The flash was going millions of times faster than light. The flash can easily speedblitz sonic. Sonic has never really fought enemies that were skilled in martial arts. There’s a difference in fighting really fast and actually having skill. Batman is easily more skilled in hand to hand combat than sonic, but definitely isn’t physically stronger or faster. The flash has the speed and skill to defeat sonic.

    • Yes, but that’s from the original games. Sonic claimed that he was faster than light in his base form in Sonic Rush Adventure. Sonic’s also gotten other forms like Darkspine Sonic that have helped tip the playing field. Sonic’s not an expert in hand to hand combat, but he’s very proficient at it. The Flash is good as well, but I’ve never seen him use any hand to hand hits that were impressive and I have to believe that Sonic is better in that area.

      • When a character merely “claims” that he can do something, it’s not supposed to be counted on the blog. That’s why the One Above All always loses. So why do you believe that Raditz was faster than light, and Sonic is also in his base form, as a result of character claims?

      • True, those claims are taken with a grain of salt. That being said, context also helps. When Cell stated that he could take out the Solar System, it was a total fact because his ki levels proved to the heroes that he could do so. Raditz managing to speedblitz Goku and Piccolo like that pretty much proved his claim. Sonic has not done anything concrete to prove this, but he has definitely gotten significantly stronger/faster. Eggman’s original vehicle used to be able to outrun him, but not anymore. Moreover, Sonic was able to defeat Perfect Chaos in his base form when it took a very tough battle in his Super Sonic state to win the first round. Finally, shown feats can sometimes match written feats.

        For example, a narrator says that Superman’s heat vision can destroy a galaxy and it’s basically proven in every which way. On the other hand, Goku shoots a giant Kamehameha that destroys SS10 Broly. I can already say that his Kamehameha is infinitely stronger than Superman’s heat vision even though they don’t explicitely state that it could bust a Galaxy. It’s why I always say that Yusuke’s Spirit Gun is a planet buster and that Pikachu is a Planet Buster

  5. Okay. Let me recalculate sonics speed with his top speed in base form as light speed. As you know, the speed of light is 670,616,629. Multiply that by 1000 because of super sonic, and again because of hyper sonic, and we get 670,616,629,000,000 mph. The distance of a light year in miles is 5,878,625,373,183.61. So if we divide Sonics top speed by that and if I did my math right, sonic should be going 115 light years per hour. To break the time barrier with speed alone, you must go significantly faster than light. So it’s safe to say sonic can break the time barrier and possibly even the dimensional barrier! But there’s still the speed force barrier. There is no official measurement for how fast that is, but we do know that it is far beyond the dimensional barrier. But fear not, as I will make my own calculation. You see, quantum interactions are 10,000x the speed of light. The quantum barrier is another name for the dimensional barrier. So if we take light speed and multiply it by 10,000 we get 6,706,166,290,000. Sonics speed is 670,616,629,000,000, so he can break the dimensional barrier. Since the dimensional barrier is 10,000x the speed of light, let’s assume the speed force is 10,000 times faster than the dimensional barrier. So we multiply 6,706,166,290,000 by 10,000 we get the scientific equation 6.70616629e + 16. Sonics speed is nowhere near the speed force, and the flash broke it. So the flash is faster than sonic. Keep in mind that this calculation was all done by me, I didn’t copy it from another page. And until there is an official measurement for the speed force. My calculation is true, at least I think so. And I forget to mention. The flash was in mortal kombat vs dc and was seen fighting people like Liu Kang, Raiden, and Scorpion. So he should be better at hand to hand combat. Man this post was long.

    • I agree with UntedBear. Flash could beat Sonic in close-combat, and they have about the same battle xp. Overall, Flash wins. Facts>>>>>>>>>>>>>opinions, ALL of time.

      • I dunno. Facts are definitely impressive so I won’t really deny that completely, but I don’t believe that Flash is better than Sonic in close combat fighting

    • That is very impressive, but we have to consider how powerful Sonic’s ultimate form is. Since it is composite, he gets the Master Emerald + 7 Chaos Emeralds + 7 Sol Emeralds, which is a lot of power. In that form, I’m confident that he would be able to outspeed Sonic. As for the Flash fighting those guys, that wouldn’t help because he could overwhelm them with his speed. To be more specific, it helps, but only to the extent that Brawl and The Fighters helped Sonic. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it makes him better than Sonic in that area though.

  6. Sonic’s ultimate form is hyper sonic. He has never used the sol emeralds and it has been stated before that blaze is the only one that can use them.

    • Since it’s composite, Sonic can absorb the powers from the Emeralds and Master Emerald and Rings at the same time, which would make him a lot stronger than Hyper. I’m not sure about Blaze being the only one to use it since Shadow has used Chaos Control with the Sol Emeralds. Although, it did burst into flames. Although, Sonic hasn’t used them in the past so I suppose that we won’t throw them into the calculation

    • Yes, but that’s when they’re alone. What I’m saying is that he would harness those powers at the same time, which would increase his fighting abilities to an unprecedented level. Imagine how powerful he would be with the 7 Chaos Emeralds, 7 World Rings, and the Master Emerald. Nobody could stop him!

  7. How so? I mean, you already have insanely powerful characters like train, vegeta, and bass on the blog. It would be awesome to have fan characters like super Mario bros z and final fantasy sonic on the blog as well. You can just have a separate character that uses fan created abilities. You can make your own if you want to. Maybe one fan character can be as powerful as bass!

    • Right, but where would it end? An author could quickly say that his character is invincible and give him every ability ever. It’s seriously happened in the past and it would just make things tough. Nah, I don’t really think I want to add in fan characters, but I’m always open to hypothetical fights of course. It’s fun to talk about Mario from SMBZ taking on someone from Dead Fantasy (Real characters, but fan interpretations of their strength) or something like that

    • Well, I’m definitely up for debating about them hypothetically, but I still can’t really include fan abilities. Fun fact, originally they were included, but they were removed after about a year. Still, they were on the blog at one point

  8. The flash can easily beat sonic, Barry we could run at the speed of sound sonic can go sonic but can he be break the sound barrier?

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