Megaman vs Protoman

Protoman is definitely a super strong navi! He’s showed many times in the past that he can take on Megaman and even defeat him at some points! At his best Protoman is well over Mach 5 and is probably faster than light! Of course Megaman is no pushover either, with one Hubstyle blast he could probably take out the planet!

So both of these guys are extremely powerful and shouldn’t be messed with. I’m leaning on Megaman in this fight. He’s been shown to be faster and stronger than Protoman when the chips were down. Megaman’s just stronger in the end. Megaman wins.

6 thoughts on “Megaman vs Protoman

  1. I vote for Protoman. when I watched the Megaman show, Megaman always needed help to win. Protoman has a stronger personality and is very sure of himself.

    • Megaman does need help a lot, but that’s partially why he wins. I count all power ups, thus Megaman has access to forms like Proto Soul which Protoman doesn’t have. Also in the manga Megaman is far superior to Protoman in speed and power. The manga is what holds the most ground in this case since they are much stronger there. Megaman’s a casual planet buster and faster than light for example. Protoman lost to Megaman in one shot at one point when they fought. He was able to deadlock against Megaman in normal form, but any other would obliterate him

  2. I think megaman would win. Even though protoman is fast, megaman is faster. He is also a lot more durable. Proto man couldn’t keep up with bass for that long, but megaman tanked bass for an impressive amount of time. Also, if they are both base, they are about the same, but in peak, megaman is much, much more powerful.

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